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  • Rosalyn Sanchez

"Venomous (All The Way Through)" - Riya Gadher

Toxic love can be detrimental. It can leave destruction far more harmful than a calamitous storm, leaving its venomous mark– making it unforgettable. Yet, through all the destruction that is left, all the damage its poison had left behind– toxic love can also be immensely addicting. As time passes, the hurt we’ve gone through will be long diminished and ebbed, and all that we are left with are the feelings of desire, yearning for the love we once experienced despite the superfluous bedlam it might have caused. Akin to ‘forbidden fruit’, we fall into temptation, and before we are even made aware, we are back in the harrowing palms of toxicity, longing for more of its venom. ‘Venomous’ by Riya Gadher is an addictive sound that will leave listeners not only craving for more of Riya’s beautifully gentle voice but also finding themselves resonating with such elaborate lyrics that are cultivated from the deepest sentiments of Riya’s very own heart and ingenious mind.

Masterfully created, ‘Venomous’ is a song that we may all painfully find ourselves connecting to. The sound is infectious, blending between a compelling rhythm and a tempo that is sure to hook its listeners in just the very first few seconds the song even begins, with a skillful sound of piano keys that pull at the strings of our hearts. Riya’s voice is what’s sure to leave us wanting more, innately talented, it acts as a ravishing susurration, echoing throughout our bodies, leaving us with chills– her talent for music is undeniable. The music video takes us through a few different scenes, with Riya being the center of our attention. We watch as she mouths the lyrics to such a raw song, her emotive countenance portraying just how much these lyrics must mean to her, and how much she wants the message of the song to impact her listeners. Whether or not we find ourselves relating to the song, we just can’t help but sense the powerful message the vehement lyrics express. 

Riya Gadher, the talented singer behind ‘Venomous’, is a singer and songwriter based in the United Kingdom. Although she was born and raised in Leicester, she now lives in London. Riya has had a passion for music for quite some time, earning her degree in songwriting and performance. For five years, Riya has been quietly working her way up the ladder, officially debuting her career as a singer in 2023! Riya has also created more catchy tunes, including ’Venomous’ ‘Own Way Home’ and ‘You Take up My Songs’, all with meaningful lyrics that tell a story and showcase Riya's innate talent. She’s an exceptionally young talent with a burning passion that only continues to expand. I can’t wait to hear more of her addicting sound! Follow her socials to stay updated with any new releases and exciting updates!

Written By Rosalyn Sanchez



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