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  • Megan Cao

"Where Are We Going" - Apollo Rising

“Where Are We Going” is a muted and almost melancholic song about purpose. It’s the perfect song for a late-night drive full of contemplations and soul-searching. This song wonders about the path that we’re all on currently, looking for a goal, for going through the motions, for a purpose. This song is a mellow groove, introspective as the background vocals echo “where are we going”. Does anyone really know where their path will lead? This song dodges this question, but offers that maybe, as long as a destination and goal are in mind, that’s enough; just to make it through the “passing of the seasons”.

Lead vocalist Danick Coutu sings much of the song within a short register, as monotonous as singing can be, creating a bittersweet song about how one doesn’t know the path they’re on, but as long as they know where they’re going, it’s enough. Accompanied by treated backing vocals, the song feels otherworldly, especially when accompanied by the parts right after the chorus. By combining electronic production with drums and the piano, Apollo Rising sets itself apart from normal pop-rock groups, showing they have the mettle to combine their pop indie rock sound with electronica.

Apollo Rising, a duo made up of producer, pianist, and vocalist Danick Coutu and drummer Colvin Gallant, has been making music as far back as 2016. Coutu grew up teaching himself how to play piano, leading him to eventually pursue music with a focus on audio engineering and music production. Growing up in a family of musicians, Gallant picked up the drums and played for a variety of other bands before meeting Coutu and forming Apollo Rising. Citing influences like Twenty One Pilots, Porter Robinson, and Two Door Cinema Club, Apollo Rising is another one to watch in the pop-rock genre as they incorporate their electronica influences.

Written By Megan Cao



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