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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"With A Song" - Mallaigh Ashton

Have you ever made friends with someone who you can sit in silence with and it’s not awkward in any way? The inexplicable peace that comes with that reminds me of ‘With A Song’ by Mallaigh Ashton. Set in a dreamy alt-90s pop energy, you listen as she experiences both faint anxiety and pure excitement in a new relationship. “If I could make you fall in love with a song, then I would write it and sing it to you all night long.” This is a lighthearted story of soulmates; intertwined like melody and harmony!

Ashton does a fantastic job setting up her soothing presence. You have a foundation of fluttery acoustic guitar amplifying the passionate moments of electric guitar. As Ashton’s honey-sweet vocals captivate you, they’re also beautifully drawn out so you can really savor each phrase. “I’m not the first to fall for a changing mind; but you said you liked me from the moment that I spoke.” Her mind is engaged in a table tennis match of thoughts. On one side, the lyrics affirm that this love is mutual. On the other, the chords hint that she’s worried about whether it’s going to last or not. In the end, you'll feel ecstatic as the good vibes win out!

Inspired by 90s alt-pop icons like The Cranberries and modern-day lyricists like Phoebe Bridgers, Mallaigh Ashton brings an eclectic, yet nostalgic energy to her music. The NYC based artist pens poetic lyrics that really get personal. She’s got this Taylor Swift-like versatility that makes her a powerful songstress! With the help of her producer friend Seth Huff, she’s released ‘With A Song’, which is her favorite project to date. Don’t go away! Ashton’s got an EP in the works!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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