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  • Melina Darlas

"Work of Art" - Lisa Pac

Having to face the hardships of life can honestly take a considerable toll on an individual. Depending on the situation, it can leave us feeling empty, broken, and worn down. Something that makes the healing process easier is having your love stand by you. Their words, their presence, and their love eases these hardships that we face. Lisa Pac expresses this sort of relief she feels by being with her love in her new single "Work of Art." This song illustrates how healing powered by love turns past scars into a work of art. Healing is such a painful yet beautiful process, and the beauty can magnify when being supported by love.

"Work of Art" has such an ethereal and electric feel. Between the instrumentals, the lyricism, and Lisa's vocals, there is something very celestial about this melody. Lisa has such a smooth voice that portrays the theme of the song in the perfect tone. The underlying theme of finding beauty in the storms of life is portrayed as art. The lyrics express the story of "painting around her scars," and "coloring her in" to repair the broken parts of her. With this song, Lisa changed the stigma about how dealing with pain in life is such a negative and draining thing to endure. She turned this around and made dealing with the pain something that one can face with their love, making their relationship and themselves even stronger.

Growing up in a musically inclined family, Lisa began her music journey very early in her life. She began writing pieces at age twelve, joined a band in her teen years, and then moved from Austria to London to study at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. After a while, Lisa moved back to her hometown and began creating more music. She released her self-produced single, "What Did You Call Me?" in 2017, and performed at WUK in Vienna beginning in 2018. Since then she has grown her music career through radio play, live performances, and releasing new tracks including her What If ..?! album.

Written By Melina Darlas



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