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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

"Zero" by JUNO

Fun and Funky. Those two words are the best way I could explain 'Zero' by JUNO. We've all had a time in our lives where we let what people say get to us. This song is exactly what we wish we could go back and say to all those haters. This song is the theme song of empowerment. We come to a time in our lives where we realize those haters don't matter. The only thing that matters is how we feel about ourselves. "I'm too expensive for your cheap talk; you can't touch what you can't afford". Think of yourself as the king / queen you are! This is the overall message of 'Zero', all while keeping the music itself playful and fun.

The funky influence on the song makes you want to get up and dance around your room. This song will take any bad day and turn it into a party. Kahlia Brooke's playful and rich vocals send a message - don't take those meanies so seriously! Even in the bridge, the melody of the backup vocals almost sound like mockery - like a child saying "you can't catch me!". The mixture of horns and classic electric guitar add a soulful sound to the music, giving the music an almost old-fashioned feel.

This Australian, Indie-Pop Duo are clearly a great match for each other. 'Zero' is JUNO's debut single but they are no strangers to music. Both Kahlia Brooke and Sam Woods have years of experience and happened to meet each other while playing in a different band together! They soon realized that between both of their extraordinary talents, they could go on to make something incredible together. They've got another single planned so stay tuned!

Written by: Kaitlyn Nicole



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