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  • Interview: "Neptune" - Mathieu Saïkaly

    Q: ‘Neptune’ is such an amazing track! Can you share what inspired you to write this song? Mathieu: Thanks! It was the feeling you get before coming apart that inspired me. The moment where you realize that you lose the other, where that person goes further and further from you and you can’t find a way back to them. It’s too late, there’s going to be a storm. A separation is going to happen. This is the last step, the last planet before going out of the solar system. I’m talking about “the other”, but of course it’s also someone that you could find in front of a mirror. Q: What first got you into music? Mathieu: I can’t really say. I’m guessing the wonderful vibrations you feel when you listen to music got to my baby ears and made me want to try to create sounds :). Q: How would you describe your unique sound? Mathieu: I try to search my heart in an honest way, which is not always easy but necessary, and always explore new ways of capturing my feelings the best way possible. I don’t limit myself in terms of sound. If I’m drumming on a table and I like the sound, I’ll use that table. I don’t really care about a clean, neat studio sound if it’s not the best way of translating my emotions. So I guess my sound is true to myself, with all my flaws and assets, and that makes it unique :). Q: What was the experience like filming a video for ‘Neptune’? Mathieu: Actually we kind of improvised the video! I was with Eric De Chazournes, a filmmaker and long time friend of mine, and there was mist that day, and we thought it could represent well the feeling of the song, so we just took the camera, the guitar and let ourselves go. Q: If you could be the opening act for any artist in the world, who would you pick and why? Mathieu: There’s so many, it’s hard to pick one! Q: What advice would you give to an artist that is just starting out? Mathieu: Don’t be afraid to try things. Sometimes it seems like a mountain to climb, but doing it step by step you’ll realize it’s not that overwhelming to put yourself out there. Trying will always bring you something positive. If it works, you’ll grow. If it doesn’t, you’ll learn. And you’ll try again :). Be kind to your mistakes, but always try to outdo yourself. Written By Sarah Curry FOLLOW MATHIEU:

  • "My Best Friend Is My Therapist" - Erica Manzoli

    Feeling disconnected from those closest to you? From the world around you? Lockdown has likely magnified those sentiments. Erica Manzoli’s song ‘My Best Friend Is My Therapist’ discusses the pressures of social media and the impact that isolation had on her self-image. “Taking pics to deal with the emptiness; swiping left on my love.” The numbing effect of screens isn’t talked about enough. Manzoli strikes a match over the void in her heart to give you an emotive song that calls attention to this very feeling. When social media becomes a coping mechanism, it can wear you down. “Broken and bruised...I’m so tired; let me feel anything.” Manzoli’s raspy vocals reflect the frustration she feels as she’s caught in a screen loop. You can imagine yourself lying in bed and asking yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” Even if you know the answer, you may lack the motivation to change your trajectory. Manzoli nails this feeling of helplessness. A subdued accompaniment cements the melancholy mood of the song. You can really connect with Manzoli’s unforgettable story! Erica Manzoli is an emerging singer/songwriter and musician from southeast London. The 21-year-old wrote her debut single ‘My Best Friend Is My Therapist’ from her bedroom. Immersed in her thoughts, she’s penned musical diaries on topics like self-reflection, depersonalization and derealization. Her creations are beautifully evocative and make her quite a mesmerizing artist! She’s got plenty more on the docket for 2022 so stay tuned! Written By Kevin Rodriguez FOLLOW ERICA:

  • "Cyanide" - Ro Nova

    Quick science lesson: Cyanide, the chemical (for those that do not know) is extremely poisonous and inhibits your body's cells from using oxygen. It is also used in the extraction of silver and gold. And I confess, Ro Nova extracted the gold from this electronic pop track. She describes "Cyanide" as her desire to find danger and be kept on the edge. The further explains it is about finding solace is seeking thrills. The deep base beats and vocals reminds me of a track from Billie Eilish. Click here to listen to "Cyanide" The intro of the song starts of with a trumpet sound and then shoots out the blocks with her smooth and laid back vocals. Add the fast beat progression on this pop track and you have a chill vibe going. I do however want to point out that throughout, this song features a really sick beat - exactly what you would expect from the "up-and-coming producer". You don't necessarily have to understand or follow the lyrics, when you have a beat that presents as cool as "Cyanide". The London based Ro has gathered support from tastemakers such as Harriet Rose and James Threlfall (BBC) and outlets such as Hoxton Radio and Visual Atelier 8. She has worked with UK songwriters Fred Again and Kamille, and wrote with the likes of Raye and MNEK. Although 2021 has been a big year for Ro, 2022 is starting off with a lot of excitement following the release of her track, Silver, on New Years Eve. She is also setting out on two European tours with two high profile acts. Written By Nicholas Joubert FOLLOW Ro Nova:

  • Interview: "Funeral" - Stef

    Q: ‘Funeral’ is such a moving song. What inspired you to write it? Stef: Funeral was written after what I would say was my first adult heart break. It came from a very genuine and raw place because it was a genuine question I was wondering - “would he come to my funeral?” I wrote it standing in the kitchen with one of my best friends Rikki Randall, an incredible songwriter. Just a story I had to tell that I’ve found a lot of people resonate with. Q: Did music play an important role in your life growing up? Stef: In a non conventional way yes. I grew up leading worship in the church and very involved in theatre! I started writing my own songs in high school. My dad is a talented guitarist and my moms a really good painter so I always was allowed to express myself creatively. Q: Who would you say are your biggest music influences? Stef: it changes every day. I find myself liking smaller people that haven’t popped off yet! I really like dua lipa, maybe not necessarily drawing inspo for the music itself I just think she’s such a good performer and I look up to her a lot. Of course the classics like Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, Kacey Musgraves, and Frank Ocean. Smaller artists like Caroline Polacheck, spill tab, wet, Dijon it’s always changing. Q: If you could have dinner with any artist in the world, dead or alive, who would you pick and why? Stef: I feel like I don’t have a great answer for this! Alive Dua Lipa, Drake, Frank Ocean, Cher, but like 70s Cher. Actually I would transport all of us back to the 70s. Q: You have such great fashion sense! What do you think has been the best decade so far fashion-wise? Stef: I have been obsessed with 90s archive fashion since 2017-2018 when Bella hadid started to wear 90s Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Robert Cavalli, etc. I am excited for the brand Diesel right now its having a come back and everything is so cool. Q: Do you have advice for anyone out there who wants to start making their own music? Stef: Write as much as possible and really try to find what you like and what you want to say. Be with yourself you will figure it out. Written By Sarah Curry FOLLOW STEF:

  • "she's all i wanna be" (Vevo Live Performance) - Tate McRae

    If you’re like me, then there are times where you felt that you weren’t good enough. The thought is like a steamroller crushing your spirit. When that happens, it’s almost as if you’re competing against other people or even yourself for affection. You might start thinking “I wish I was that person” or “this person has a much better life than me.” The Vevo live performance of ‘she’s all I wanna be’ by Tate McRae speaks volumes on this relatable experience. It’s a breathtaking narrative of jealousy and heartbreak. This version of the song starts off with an elegant and intimate piano accompaniment. McRae’s voice springboards off this perfectly to become an ethereal powerhouse. “She’s got everything I don’t have; how could I ever compete with that?” The way she allows her voice to break adds so much character to her impassioned message. As she immerses herself in the moment, you get chills as you watch her whole body express an awe-inspiring vulnerability underneath. Effortless and bursting with emotion, this performance is the ideal car screaming ballad to soothe your aching heart! Alberta pop artist Tate McRae is also a trained dancer. At just 13, she was featured as the first Canadian finalist on the 13th season of So You Think You Can Dance. In 2020, after her song ‘you broke me first’ went viral on TikTok, she quickly rose to international fame. What makes her music so captivating is how she puts 100% of her emotions into every lyric she sings. Currently having more than 24 million monthly listeners on Spotify, McRae’s redefining what it means to truly connect with an audience in the digital age! Written By Kevin Rodriguez FOLLOW TATE:

  • Interview: "Conflicted" by Jesse Brady

    Q: “Conflicted” is such a great, catchy song! What inspired you to write this song? Jesse: Thank you! It was inspired by indecisiveness, how feelings and knowledge interact, and may pull you in different directions, especially when your head is leading you one way, and your heart another. Q: I’m such a fan of your lyrics and how you tell a story with your music! Can you share a bit about your songwriting process? Jesse: Telling a story with my music is something that I strive to do when I write. It's therapeutic for me to write about my experiences or observations, while also aiming to entertain the listener. I try to step into their shoes and see if my song is coming across. I allow the lyrics to inform the melody, and the melody to inform the lyrics. I try to capture a moment or a feeling in a song as truly as I can. Q: What is your favorite song of all time? You can only pick one! Jesse: That's a tough question! If I had to pick one, I'd pick "Desperado," by the Eagles. Q: Who are some of your biggest music influences? Jesse: Bob Dylan's intuitive songwriting style and unconventional rhymes has always inspired me. Radiohead inspires as well with their emotional sound, and Johnny Cash impresses me with his storytelling. Q: What made you want to pursue a career in music? Jesse: I've always loved art, writing, singing, and performing in particular. Writing songs is my way of expressing my feelings and life experiences and sharing them with others. Q: What’s coming next for you? Jesse: "Conflicted," was entirely self-produced, but I'm heading into the studio next week to record with actual players, which I'm really excited about. I plan on releasing more music and video content, and performing around Nashville. Written By Sarah Curry FOLLOW JESSE:

  • "Daydreamer" - Heidrunna

    Imagine you're watching a movie from the 80's. It starts with a young teenager holding books as she's walking home from school. She's in a cheery and bright suburban neighborhood where there's sidewalks, trees and waving neighbors. She's wearing baggy jean shorts, a stripped shirt and white crew socks. She walks with a pep in her step as she says hello to everyone she passes. Each fingernail is painted a different color and her glasses are as big as her face - and there's always a song playing. I imagine that song to be 'Daydreamer' by Heidrunna. 'Daydreamer' gives us that 80's nostalgic feel with it's joyful mixture of synths, as well a funky disco vibe with it's slapping bass. This song just makes you feel happy and makes you wish you were that girl in the 80's movie. Heidrunna has such a lovely and light voice it's almost like being sung to by a bird. I'd highly suggest putting earphones in, sitting the passenger seat of a car with the window down, close your eyes and let the wind blow your hair back while you listen to this magical song. Heidrunna is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Iceland, who is now residing in South London. She attended Paul McCartney's School of Music in Liverpool where she studied and perfected her songwriting and performing as well as guitar and piano. Her incredible voice is described as 'dreamy, melancholic and sophisticated'. Her debut album 'Melodramatic' is set to release this April 21st. Written By Kaitlyn Nicole FOLLOW HEIDRUNNA:

  • "Humankind" - Glimmer of Blooms

    You know when it's a warm Spring day, the breeze is at the perfect speed and you can hear it ruffling through the trees, and you think to yourself "I'd love to just lay in the middle of a meadow right now, breath in the fresh air, and take in the sun with my eyes closed like I'm in a movie." This is what I think of when I listen to 'Humankind' by Glimmer of Blooms. This song is the epitome of relaxation. Listening to the sweet sounds of the light and airy instrumentation, mixed with Glimmer of Blooms sweet and calming voice, is guaranteed to make all your anxieties vanish. I'd describe the sound of this song as heavenly. It's peaceful, joyful and beautiful all at the same time. This song has the power to make you feel liked everything is going to be okay. If you had a bad day today, take a moment to put on your headphones, lay down and listen to this song. Let the bright mixture of sounds carry you away to a place of pure bliss. Glimmer of Blooms is an artist from Vienna, Austria. He is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and a producer. He describes his sound as "chill out tunes which tend to recall memories and feelings." I think we can totally agree with that! He is unlike any other artist as he pours his heart and soul to create what he describes as "uncommon" music, which will bring you the peace you've been searching for. Written By Kaitlyn Nicole FOLLOW GLIMMER OF BLOOMS:

  • "Stars Still Dying" - Clea Anaïs

    ‘Stars Still Dying’ by Clea Anaïs has the energy of a pop song, but the words of a love letter to their father who passed away. When you lose someone, it’s like you’re “resting in the pain you’re living.” That’s totally okay! Grief is like a chameleon. You never know what emotions will come out. This song helps you to feel everything that’s welled up inside of you. It’s also a beautiful way to express love and appreciation for the people in your life, even after they’re gone. A nice dose of saxophone gives the song a jazzy, nostalgic groove that pairs well with some incredibly heart-rending lyrics. “The first breath is arresting, we don’t all come full circle at the turn of time.” This melancholy tone blends well with Anaïs’s elegant, uplifting vocals. Together, they take you through the layers of emotions associated with grief! Dreamy drumbeats are like soothing pain relievers for your soul. You’ll definitely want to unwind in the serenity of the moment! It’s a great time to grab a seat by the fireplace and just VIBE. The multi-ethnic Canadian artist has worked with numerous groups as part of the award-winning Alternative band RALEIGH. Now pursuing a solo career, they’re dedicated to writing emotionally intelligent works that showcase all the areas of their artistry. Their genre-defying, evocative creations allow listeners to take a moment to rejuvenate their aching spirits. ‘Stars Still Dying’ is Anaïs's third single and it's now available for streaming! Be on the lookout for their much anticipated solo album! Written By Kevin Rodriguez FOLLOW CLEA:


    Have you ever had the biggest crush on someone who never gave you the chance because they didn't want to take the time to get to know the real you? They just based their judgement off of what others have told them, or by mistakes you've made in the past. This is exactly the scenario that inspired KILLBOY to write 'LOVERBOY'. The song is from the perspective of someone who is trying to convince someone they love that they aren't this terrible person they perceive them to be, but still only loves one person who won't give them the time of day. "I know you think I'm just a loverboy, but I don't really want no other boy, just you." The song begins with a raw acoustic guitar that carries throughout the whole song. The beat is classic HipHop and hard not to get into. KILLBOY's vocals are intoxicating and the lyrics pull you in, captivating you for the entirety of the song. Her rhythm is impeccable and you can't help but want to put her on repeat. KILLBOY's talent and star quality are almost indescribable. She's a phenomenal songwriter and knows how to put her feelings into the perfect words that pretty much anyone could understand or relate to. KILLBOY is a not only singer/songwriter, but she's also a multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer who creates her music single-handedly. Simply put, KILLBOY just really loves music. She wasted no time following her dreams and being exactly who she's always wanted to be. Her bubbly personality, purple hair and power to connect with her audience is sure to get her far. Written By Kaitlyn Nicole FOLLOW KILLBOY:

  • Interview: "Standstill" - Floor 44

    Q: Congrats on the release of ‘Standstill’! Can you tell us what this song is about? Floor 44: Thank you very much! Firstly we like the idea that a song, or any piece of art, can have many different meanings. And the true meaning of the song is whatever the listener makes of it. That being said the song portrays stubborn love. But it ideally focuses on all our bad habits and how they are part of us and how we so easily let it rule our hearts in times of weakness.That concept played a major key in the whole idea of 'Standstill'. It was written to describe this certain antagonist character who makes us do things that we know are wrong. Q: What first got you into music? Floor 44: Hearing Bryan Adams on my dad's old boombox Q: If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would you pick and why? Floor 44: Rogers Centre in Toronto. We saw Coldplay play live there and since then that has been the dream. Q: What artists would you love to collab with? Floor 44: The one and only Jon Bon Jovi Q: What is your favorite song of all time? You can only pick one! Floor 44: That is a very tough one! Maybe Life on Mars? by David Bowie or Message in a bottle by The Police Q: What are your plans for your musical journey? Floor 44: We hope to play live more! With the COVID-19 Pandemic easing around the world we hope that that brings more opportunity to play our music live in front of a crowd. The road of a musical career is a winding one, the most you can do is learn from your experience and love what you do. Written By Sarah Curry FOLLOW FLOOR 44:

  • "next to ur body" - Malina Stark

    Hesitant to make the first move? Whether it’s on the topic of dating, career, finances or your personal life, taking the first step can seem like a colossal adversary. Take a moment and ask yourself, “What do YOU want?” That’s exactly what ‘next to ur body’ by Malina Stark motivates you to do; to state your intentions clearly! Stark’s message is directed more specifically toward women, whom she emboldens to trust their instincts and reveal how they feel when they want something. The pressure to hold your thoughts in can be overwhelming. This song captures just how revitalizing it is to get them off your chest! Stark’s passionate voice takes on a seductive tone, allowing her desire for romance to come into sharp focus. Spicy guitar strums and an electrifying bass mimic the benefits of taking risks to satisfy your desires. “I want your body right on my body; I wanna be your sweet temptation.” Stark’s candid narrative tells you to be honest with yourself about what you want. Then, she takes you right to the moment when she achieves her goal, as if she’s manifesting the ideal outcome. Like Stark, when you turn your concentrated thoughts into action, that’s when you discover your real power! No wonder the melody is so attractive! Singer-songwriter Malina Stark was born and raised in Germany. Her passion for music took root in her childhood, with piano lessons and choral singing at the forefront. Her catchy melodies and authentic lyrics speak on life experiences about love, heartache and coming of age. If you enjoyed this sample of Stark’s work, I highly recommend checking out her lighthearted ballad ‘Heaven’ which earned her a win at the German Songwriting Awards! Written By Kevin Rodriguez FOLLOW MALINA:

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