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  • Review: "Only One on Earth" - Lo Lauren

    Rising pop star Lo Lauren just released her latest single, “Only One on Earth.” The song has a captivating presence with an uplifting sound and has a glittery music video to pair. “Only One on Earth” has an overarching theme of being faced with rejection when you share your feelings with someone. She starts off the song by saying she lost a guy but he wasn’t even hers, since he left after she confessed her feelings. Lo says that she wouldn’t call it love, but she wants to be cared about and thought of. In the chorus of the song, she sings about how she feels that everyone is in a relationship like they’re in a fairytale. She knows that she’s not the only person out there who’s single, but she wants to know “when’s it gonna be [her] turn?” Lo wants to know about all the aspects of being in love, and says she can be their “only one on Earth.” In the second verse, she goes back to the situation with the guy, saying she thought he was a good one when he gave her his coat. Lo thought that was a sign, so she’s criticizing herself for confessing her feelings. She asks herself “why did I mess it up”, and she says that she’s embarrassed. Then in the bridge, she says “I’m a fool waiting for love,” but she says love will come if she could keep it cool. But she wants to know how she can do that and brings it back to the catchy chorus one more time. The production on “Only One on Earth” is best described as modernly elegant. With classic synths and an upbeat feel, this is an incredibly catchy pop song. This song is filled with synths, such as a piano synth and a bass synth, it adds a modern and fun vibe. “Only One on Earth” is that perfect song to grab your hairbrush microphone and dance around in your room. Lo’s vocals are what makes this song truly elegant. She has an incredible voice that perfectly fits the vibe and the lyrics. Speaking of her lyrics, they’re introspective and vivid, and Lo’s songwriting skills are showcased in this song. Her lyrics also have a great cadence, which makes the song addicting to listen to. Breaking down the production, there isn’t too much complication in the tracks. But, the quantity of tracks doesn’t always mean a quality production. “Only One on Earth” is certainly a pop anthem that is wonderfully unique. Although it may seem like Lo Lauren is a seasoned pop star, she only has two releases to her name. Lo became a BBC Radio 1 tipped artist with her debut release, “Never The One''. Another BBC presenter also gave her the honor of “Track of the Week,” and was called “Pop perfection.” She’s already amassed over 150k streams on her two releases. Lo cites her inspirations to be Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Gwen Stefani. “Only One on Earth” was written by Lauren Miles, Chris Chordz, and Andreas Hedegaard Mikkelsen and was produced by Andysocialclub and Slwmo. The music video for this song was filmed by Sam Sure and takes place on a deserted Oxford Street in Soho, London. The video perfectly matches the isolated vibe of this song. It’s easy to see that Lo Lauren will continue to raise the bar in pop music. Written By Lauren DiGiovanni FOLLOW Lo Lauren:

  • Review: "The List" - Grace Gachot

    “The List'' is Grace Gachot’s latest release and it is an impactful one. A breakup anthem, “The List '' offers a screamable soundtrack to moving on. Improvement in herself, especially in relation to the ex partner she sings to is its main focus. In the way someone may write out a to-do list, she writes out rules for healing beyond the relationship. And she follows them. In simplifying her own recovery in such a way, she simplifies the impulse to self destruct and the relationship, ex partner, etc. as well. Whether it be out of spite, as her resentments towards her unfaithful ex are made clear, or out of a need to move past her old ways, she expresses a positive change. The catchy, relatable piece is exactly the positive twist needed in breakup songs. The music matches extremely well with the words, with a strong beat that lands behind each letter of the lyrics. Simple, but expertly crafted to be. But, beyond the instrumentals, there is extraordinary range offered in Grace Gachot’s voice. She starts at a base high note, using this when singing items in the list and the sentences coordinated to be straightforward. But, when there is a moment of an extended note or words, a piece of the song which continues beyond the concrete groundwork of the rest, her voice shines. She trails into high and low notes and expresses her talent beautifully. As the song goes on, it becomes more and more electric, featuring advanced audio effects that make it stand out. Over these effects, Gachot sings another rendition of her list quickly and the piece ends. Grace Gachot grew up in Spain and is now London based, focusing on creating music as she has been for years. Her songs focus mainly on her own life and experiences, finding value in vulnerability, and usually relating to fans once she offers it. This is most often in the form of love songs, but not the typical sort. One of her most popular songs for instance, “Beast & His Beauties” released in 2022, offers a twist on the usual romantic story, in which the prince truly was just a beast. The moral to her stories is often to love yourself, even amidst love for another. She’s continued this theme in “The List” which is available now on her Spotify, stream it and follow Grace Gachot below. Written By Hailey Schap FOLLOW GRACE GACHOT:

  • EP Review: "Nighthawks" - Garrett Kato

    Garrett Kato is known for his distinctive singer-songwriter vocals and his soothing melodies, so it comes as no surprise to listeners that is latest project fully embodies the indie-folk style. Nighthawks is a six-track EP containing deep, meaningful tracks about love and loss. Kato not only sings on this project, but he also wrote and produce each track, showcasing his multi-level talent. The EP plays like a musical diary, sharing his personal experiences with the listener and giving them something to cling to when they are experiencing similar moments in their own lives, whether it be love, heartache, anxiety, or depression. With each individual track, he has created a timeless record that fans will be listening to for years. TRACKLIST Slow Motion Losing Touch Changing Never Alone feat. Elina Dumb Nowhere Garrett Kato is a Canadian-Born, Australia-based singer, songwriter, and platinum award winning producer. Since his 2018 debut, he has built an impressive discography, including three LP albums and several standalone singles. During this time, he has garnered a significant fanbase with nearly 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 106 million streams across all platforms worldwide. The singer has performed at sold-out shows with Damien Rice and Ziggy Alberts. He has also worked with several iconic Australian artists including Tones and I, Julia Stone, Riley Pearce, and more. His individual sound is a mix of indie, folk, soft-rock, and alternative, utilizing meaningful moments in his life to craft relatable lyrics. “Slow Motion” Kato kicks off the project with the melancholic track, “Slow Motion.” A soft, acoustic guitar riff introduces the song before the singer’s compelling vocals pick up, signifying the first verse. The lyrics illustrate the inevitable end of a relationship while reminiscing on the good times. Kato confesses that while he knows they are drifting apart and this will only end in a break-up, he wants to hold on as long as he can. There is no bitterness behind his voice or within the words he sings. Nevertheless, this heartache is even more painful because he sees it unfolding in real-time. In the chorus, he sings the poetic hook: “Slow motion heartache// Hate to feel like this// When it feels like this, darling.” With these lines, he reveals the unrelenting sorrow he is experiencing as he watches their love slowly slip away. “Slow Motion” is the perfect track to start the EP with, as it sets the tone for the entire project. Losing Touch” Continuing with the somber atmosphere of the EP, “Losing Touch” explores the reality of growing up and struggling with mental health. The song instantly kicks off with a delicate piano and Kato’s soothing vocals singing the opening line: “Is it just me or am I losing it.” With this simple statement, the audience is introduced to the gloomy tone of the track. As the song progresses, the production introduces additional instruments and becomes more synth-infused, tying together his iconic folk-pop sound. Throughout the track, Kato reminisces on when he was younger and life was simpler, and compares it to the hardships he faces now. The singer confesses that he is not sure who he is supposed to be and he no longer feels like himself. He is experiencing an identity crisis that is making him ponder his life decisions and everything that has brought him to this moment. In the chorus, he sings: “We were just kids out having fun// Cause it’s a lot// Ready or not// Why do we keep losing touch.” These lyrics convey a crucial message through brilliant word play. He utilizes the phrase, “ready or not,” which is commonly used by kids while playing hide-n-seek. Now as an adult, despite feeling like he has lost himself, he needs to make these important decisions—whether he is ready or not. “Losing Touch” is an ingeniously written track that showcases Kato’s infectious vocals and clever songwriting. “Changing” With “Changing,” Kato continues with the narrative about life and his purpose. However, this track has a more positive outlook on the subject. Even the production contains a more lively, optimistic energy while maintaining a classic indie-folk sound. Throughout the song, Kato explores the idea that people are not made to remain stagnant. Instead, regardless of age, people are meant to grow and learn. He accepts the fact that nobody knows exactly what they are supposed to be doing, and most people are just winging it. But that is what makes life so exciting. Change is inevitable. Change is good. With lyrics such as, “Not looking for forgiveness// But I know one day I’ll find my own” and “Feel like there’s something that’s changing in me// Don’t know exactly who I’m supposed to be,” Kato acknowledges that, while he is not perfect and he may never truly find his purpose, this is only a natural part of life. In the end, everything will work out in the way that it is supposed to and he will embrace the changes. With a beautifully composed production, “Changing” is an outstanding track that epitomizes the complexity of humanity—from the good, the bad, and the ugly. “Never Alone feat. Elina” Swedish singer-songwriter, Elina, joins Kato for the touching love song, “Never Alone.” The tender track shares the narrative of a wonderous romance filled with love, comfort, and warmth. Through sweet lyrics, the narrator reassures their partner that through the good times and the bad ones, they will always be there for them. The last line of the chorus reveals the hook: “Know that you will never be alone in the dark.” This wholesome sentiment illustrates the feeling of falling in love with someone who effortlessly makes you feel safe and loved, making “Never Alone” a flawless love song. Furthermore, the soft fingerstyle of the guitar provides an airy, romantic element that fits perfectly on any wedding playlist. Throughout the track, the artists harmonize with one another in a manner that proves their voices were made to collaborate. From the beginning of the first verse, Kato’s vocals lead the song until the end of the chorus, where Elina’s angelic vocals pick up in the background. This introduces her solo in the second verse, before the two artists are heard singing together through the remainder of the song. “Never Alone” is a beautiful track that accentuates the two artists’ individual talents and brings them together for one incredible collaboration. “Dumb” The production throughout “Dumb” has an upbeat, lively energy that fully encapsulates the feeling of summer and sunshine. With the very first note, the listener feels transported to a sunny beach with the warm breeze in their hair. The bouncy energy of the guitar is an instant mood changer, differing from the poignant lyrics from the first three tracks or the delicate production in the previous one. However, the lyrics still convey a more serious message. While keeping it lighthearted, Kato paints the picture of a sincere apology. In the first verse, he alludes to an argument with the one he loves from the night before. One where he said some things he regrets and wishes he could take back. The sentiment of the track is sweet as he continues to put in the effort to make things right by his partner. Additionally, Kato does not take himself too seriously with the cheeky music video. The video contains an amusing plotline and stars fellow artist, Kyle Lionhart. Check out the video below! “Nowhere” Kato ends the EP on a thought-provoking note with the final song, “Nowhere.” The track was written with three brothers, Joseph, Nicholas, and Timothy de la Hoyde, after they had a conversation about the effects of overconsumption of the media. The lyrics are the result of taking a step back from the complex, ever-changing world and being grateful for what you have. “Nowhere” is the perfect reminder for listeners that it is healthy to turn your phone off and be in the present. In the bridge, Kato sings, “Everything all the time// It doesn’t have to be like this// Everyone all the time// Is that why you feel like this?” These lyrics hold a vital message. With the internet always being at our fingertips, something still new to society, it makes it harder for us to disconnect. We constantly feel like we have to be online, staying up to date with the current news and trends. We constantly feel like we have to be available to everyone via text, email, or phone call. Day or night, we feel this constant tug to be on our devices, or else we will be perceived as ignorant and rude. However, Kato tells his listeners that just because this is “the norm” does not make it normal. He urges the audience to purge this need for constant consumption and to take a break from the media. With a production that teeters more on the side of soft rock than folk, “Nowhere” closes out the EP on a unique note, making the track my personal favorite from the project. Through poetic lyricism and indie-folk rock productions, Kato shares his personal experiences with immense candor. From the deep heartache in “Slow Motions” to the self-acceptance in “Changing,” Nighthawks details a vast range of different emotions and thoughts. Furthermore, his duet with Elina highlights the versatility of his vocals and ability to share the spotlight as if they were made for each other. Every track on the project was brilliantly crafted to showcase Kato’s ingenious songwriting and accentuate his outstanding vocals. Within each song, he conveys a level of truth and authenticity that audiences crave, while soothing listeners with his heavenly vocals. Overall, Nighthawks is not only a cathartic release for the artist, but also a platform in which listeners can resonate with each candid lyric, making it a flawless addition to Kato’s remarkable discography. Written By Karlee Skipper FOLLOW GARRETT: Instagram | Website | Facebook | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube *Sponsored Post - Discovered on SubmitHub. 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  • Concert Review: Louden Swain at CREATION Charlotte-Concord

    Photo credits: Louden Swain ( Attending CREATION Charlotte-Concord 2023, I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing Louden Swain perform again during their Saturday Night Special concert. The concert took place the evening of 8/19 at the Charlotte-Concord Embassy Suites and was part of a three-day convention. For those unfamiliar with this event, the convention was hosted by Creation Entertainment and brought together fans of the CW’s Supernatural, as well as fans of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles’ other projects. Louden Swain serves as the convention’s house band, providing music and entertainment throughout the weekend. The group consists of frontman and Supernatural star Rob Benedict, guitarist Billy Moran, bassist Michael Borja, and drummer Stephen Norton. Their Saturday Night Special concert is one of the convention’s usual events, bringing out fans for a captivating performance that includes appearances from the convention's celebrity guests. Kicking off the show with explosive energy, Louden Swain opened with “Gimme Some” from their latest album, Feelings and Such. The track showcases the band’s strong indie rock sound, featuring driving guitar riffs and infectious melodies. Keeping the night alive, the band continued to play banger after banger, following the feisty opener with songs like “Comeback Kid” and “January.” Sticking with the concert’s tradition of bringing out celebrity guests, Richard Speight Jr. joined the band on stage to play bass for the song, “Help You.” This track slowed things down a bit, taking time to highlight Rob Benedict's beautiful, twangy vocals and the band's ability to perform a ballad as well as they perform faster tracks. Photo Credits: The Drummer's Journal Bouncing between original songs and covers, Louden Swain spices things up for the fans by bringing out guests to cover tracks from artists like Bon Jovi and Queen. One of the incredible covers included a performance from Creation’s Stephanie Dizon, singing “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes. Gil McKinney soon followed Stephanie’s performance with a cover of “I’m Just Ken” from the new Barbie movie. Not only were McKinney’s vocals incredible for this song, but the cover was also just a fun addition to the band’s already engaging setlist. Another highlight of the show was Jojo Fleites’ performance of “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen. Jojo’s powerful, belting vocals and the song’s upbeat energy got the crowd going crazy, making it a hard act to follow. Bravely coming after Jojo’s flawless performance, Jason Manns joined the band on stage to sing “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Manns’ soulful vocals are always intoxicating to listen to, making this cover a memorable one even after Jojo’s act. Keeping the crowd pumped up, Briana Buckmaster came out to sing “Bed of Roses” by Bon Jovi. Buckmaster’s deep, raspy vocals were a great fit for the song, making the cover a compelling experience. Switching genres up a bit, Richard Speight Jr. came out to perform a cover of “Copperhead Road” by Steve Earle. Speight’s vocal twang put the yee to the haw in this cover, giving us a Southern rock moment that drove the audience wild. Eventually, Mark Sheppard came out to the join the band on drums, performing Louden Swain’s “Next to the Light.” Seeing Sheppard jamming on stage seemed to be a fan-favorite moment during the concert, causing some audience members to give a standing ovation after his entrance. To end the concert, Louden Swain brought all the guest performers back out plus Hayden Lee to perform a cover of “Up On Cripple Creek” by The Band. It was an exhilarating finale for the night, giving fans one last moment to see the celebrity guests perform with the band. Louden Swain’s Saturday Night Special is fan service at its finest, giving fans of the band and Supernatural unforgettable memories to cherish for years to come. If the show is ever in your area, go immediately; it’s an experience you’ll never regret! Written By Cheyenne Johnson Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube *copyright not intended. Fair use act, section 107.

  • Review: "Made For (feat. RUNN)" - Hoang x nøll

    It’s easy to lose yourself as the world slowly turns, forgetting who you truly are when you’ve become something unrecognizable after chasing down your dreams for so long. Hoang, in collaboration with nøll and featuring RUNN, showcases this exact feeling in “Made For.” Pinpointing the ennui that comes from doubting yourself is hard, but it's even harder to put it into words; in the form of electro-pop and heavy synth, you can instead hear and feel the longing and melancholy of existentialism in “Made For." It’s a comfort, though, to know you’re not the only one struggling with realizing who you are. The beat in “Made For” is so strong, really forming the backbone of the song. It’s a collection of synth and pining strings; there’s a particularly beautiful part of the song that coincides with the lyrics where the strings swell as RUNN sings, “Some days I really don’t know what I’m made for.” The lyrics are yearnful yet somber; “Made For” is all about honing in on that feeling of loss, wondering and wondering what you were made for. There is something searching in the songwriting, reaching out for an intangible thing that we are all trying to grasp at: meaning and self-realization, overcoming your doubts. “Made For” highlights the struggle of this search, “Tell me why I’ve been fighting/If at the end of the day no one knows my name,” but the instrumentals remain upbeat and energetic; in spite of these forlorn lyrics, there is a constant thread of hope that nestles itself in between the somber words of “Made For” and its soundscape. With over 600,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 36 million streams on his single “Million Days,” Vancouver-based producer and DJ Hoang is a force to be reckoned with in the EDM scene. There isn’t one label that applies to Hoang’s style; through blending genres, he’s created a unique soundscape that can only come from his music– an electronica experience like nothing you’ve ever heard of. Since his debut in 2019, Hoang has produced an impressive discography, as well as having toured 15 cities throughout the US in 2022. As for RUNN, this isn’t her first time working with Hoang, being featured on his 2023 single “People Change,” which has over 400,000 streams on Spotify. She similarly has over 600,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, where her music focuses on dance and pop. nøll, too, has worked with RUNN before, being an electronic producer as well. Although, "Made For" is the first single that Hoang, nøll, and RUNN have all collaborated on together, and it is truly a fantastic blend of EDM talents and vocal genius. Written By Alexa Leung FOLLOW HOANG: FOLLOW RUNN: FOLLOW nøll:

  • Review: "All or Nothing" - Izzy T

    “All or Nothing” is a confident sex-positive anthem that is as sultry as it is self-empowering. Self-empowerment and giving into your deepest desires can form in many ways. Sometimes, this can be found from within the pleasure you receive from another person. As you meet another person and can feel your desires entangling you realize new things about yourself. You crave the deep physical sensations from allowing yourself to both receive and give pleasure. These new feelings are as much about yourself and seeking our desire as they are feeling good with someone else. As you make this other person feel good and they do the same for you, you realize you want to put everything into this empowering life. You no longer want to hold back as you know this experience will solidify this newfound confidence. Click here to listen to "All or Nothing"! Izzy T’s single is an alternative rock empowering anthem that has unique yet captivating instrumental and melodic modulations. T’s expressive vocal deliveries put a finely wrapped bow on top of this punk sex-positive single. With every exclamation of empowerment and pleasure-filled detail, her vocals sell you each time. One of the most standout aspects of this single is the abrupt change made for the bridge halfway through. This bridge really embraces the sexy tone of the melodic and lyrical nature of this single. Its sudden start allows the listener to feel and hear more into her mindset and confidence change. The instrumentation has guitar riffs and drumbeats sprinkled throughout it. Every strum and beat exudes sultry passion as T belts out another captivating lyric. Izzy T is a British-Iranian singer-songwriter who has already taken the world by storm with her empowering hits. She has a dedicated fanbase from all over the world due to how widespread her singles become. She has a prominent history and current presence on over 22 radio shows worldwide. Her music has been featured in well-accredited radio show playlists such as Misfits 2.0 and Rock Right Now. One of the most successful aspects of her career has been the various features she has been included in, such as articles from Billboard, Rolling Stone, and BBC Radio 1 airplay. She is well known for her many live performances across the world in venues such as Pride performances and LA’s Hotel Cafe. She has made a name for herself on social media as well and has maintained her dedicated fanbase through this means. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “All or Nothing” a listen! Written By Willow Gray FOLLOW IZZY T: *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "Billboards on Sunset" - Sarah Reeves

    Being in a relationship with someone who fails to appreciate your efforts and the amount of time you invest in trying to bring joy to their life is honestly so draining. It seems as if your efforts just continue to disatisfy them. These types of people in relationships anticipate more, leaving you confused and burned out, wondering if they’re looking for someone or something more extravagant. Maybe like a billboard on Sunset Boulevard? In her latest single, “Billboards on Sunset,” Sarah Reeves expresses her frustration with people like this and how exhausting it is trying to fulfill their ridiculous and confusing desires for happiness. The song starts off with Sarah sharing how unhappy this person is, despite her efforts of trying to make them happy. She uses a metaphor of having multiple drinks without experiencing any lasting effect as a way of illustrating how unsuccessful her efforts have been for them: "Three, four, five drinks in your glass 'till you feel something, but it never lasts." As the song goes on, she shares the different ways she attempted in putting joy into this person's life: “I give you the moon, but you just want the fireworks. You ask for the world and I give you the universe. I give you my all and I will even when it hurts.” This sounds pretty ridiculous, because what more could this person want? She also throws out the idea that this person just may want unrealistic expectations, such as having her flex it for more people to see: “What do you expect? A Billboard on Sunset? Do I gotta flex, so everyone sees it?", and, “I put my lips to your ear and whisper it crystal clear. But you want the world to hear. We're standing face to face, here in a sacred place. But you need a whole parade.” Sarah Reeves is a pop singer and songwriter. At just 18 years old, she had signed her first record deal. For over a decade now, she’s been exploring her own creative expression while also writing songs for other artists, TV and film. To date, she has gathered more than 21.2 million Pandora lifetime streams and 33.3 million Youtube views. She also currently has over 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, with “Tell Me Why” surpassing 9 million streams. “Billboards on Sunset” is 1 of 16 songs that's going to be on Sarah’s upcoming album, “Best Days” which releases September 22nd. Check out “Billboards on Sunset” out now on all streaming platforms! Written By Sneet Efrem FOLLOW SARAH REEVES:

  • Review: "Just A Broken Heart" - Connie Talbot

    Broken hearts can be debilitating. They can rip you to shreds and leave you reeling in your bed, surrounded by tear stained pillows and an empty ice cream carton that was full before you took your anger out on it with a spoon. Connie Talbot’s new release, however, has a different view on this matter. Bringing her dark tone and swirling soundscapes, she accepts that broken hearts are beyond painful, but nothing that she can’t get through. Yes it is tough, but her heart still beats, and now her purpose has become to keep it that way. Her lyrics are honest and raw about how horrible the situation is, but she keeps her head afloat and thanks her heart for keeping her alive. Her chorus cuts right to the chase. Talbot sings “I may have a broken heart / But it still works day and night”. She acknowledges her pain, but also that hearts are not made only to love. They are made to support the person they inhabit, and turn the love they once expressed for their other half into love for themself. Now her heart can just focus on her. She continues this idea through the next lyric as well: “Beating in the dark / Just for me, myself and I”. In the second verse, she sings “Taking time, taking time for healing / Now I know, now I know I'm breathing”. This is a similar idea and is striking because she has found something to be thankful about in this situation. At least she’s alive, right? In my opinion, the most hard hitting line is the last of the chorus, and where the title comes from. Talbot sings “I can get it fixed sometime / It's just a broken heart, I'm fine”. She acknowledges that at some point, she will be good as new. Yes it is upsetting, but she knows she will get through it. Connie Talbot took the world by storm in 2007 when she was runner-up of the television series Britain’s Got Talent when she performed “Over the Rainbow” from the Wizard of Oz at only 6 years old. She released an album, also at age, 6 which garnered gold status in the UK and incredibly platinum in south east Asia. She is the youngest artist to achieve this accolade, and it is clear that since then she has grown as an artist and performer. She is now 22 years old, and has almost 550k monthly streamers on Spotify. These listeners clearly love her work and how much she has matured through it. Make sure to follow along the social medias below to stay tuned for more music. Written By Tessa Maddaloni FOLLOW CONNIE TALBOT:

  • Review: "What Got Into You" - Foley

    Innovative pop duo Foley release new single “What Got Into You.” This track tells an all too relatable tale about the constant run of the rumor mill. There’s no greater betrayal than having someone you thought you trusted go around and share the words you believed were confidential. Some people will smile to your face, and stab you in the back. You have to be careful who you share your business with because some folks will choose gossip over loyalty any day. It’s humbling to realize you’d go to the grave with secrets for someone who makes a game out of being the town crier. Growing up is realizing a small circle imbedded in trust is worth much more than fake smiles and mal-intented people who pose as friends. You can know exactly who you are and what you have, or haven’t, done, and a rumor can still get to you. Perception is everything, and no one wants their name or reputation tarnished by untruths. “What Got Into You” is the quintessential track to get over disloyalty and realize you’re better off without someone who lets fame, fortune, and fodder overrule friendship. “What Got Into You” is Foley’s lead single from their highly anticipated album Crowd Pleaser. Their newly released, debut album is a dance pop record that explores deep themes regarding the human experience. Foley is known for their infectious rhythms and crystalline vocals, and this album is no exception. Crowd Pleaser is intentionally reminiscent of living life in your twenties - a mixed bag of emotion and experiences. “What Got Into You” was a collaboration with longtime producer Josh Edwards, and they explored what happens when a rumor gets out of hand and takes on a life of its own. This track is sure to get you on your feet or taking the long way home with the windows down to drown out the inevitable lyric screams. There's a rumor going around that this song will be on repeat, and this time it's true! Foley is a pop duo made up of Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett. The multi-instrumentalist team electrify with their forward-thinking sound. A singular organism in duo form, their boundary pushing formula bears all the gleaming hooks, infectious rhythm patterns and deft arrangements required for success. Their ultimate goal is to bring souls together through their craft. Ash and Gabriel write music that bonds people in their life experiences. Whether someone is in a low or an all-time high, they want people to connect and heal through their music. Foley’s mantra is simple, “to make people feel like they are part of something, regardless of if that thing is huge or tiny, music is about community and coming together.” Foley’s album, Crowd Pleaser, is for all the ups, downs, and little moments in life that make the biggest impact. Written By Grace Chapman FOLLOW FOLEY:

  • Review: "Lost In The Music" - Phoebe Willo

    A year ago, The world was introduced to the sonic prowess of songstress Phoebe Willo. She took our breath away with her debut EP Buy Us More Time. On her EP she showcases her lyrical ability as well as her unique vocal skills. Since this EP Phoebe has released a new track Lost in the Music. A song dedicated to the feeling of getting captivated by your favorite song. Getting lost in a track is so common it's often taken for granted but Phoebe adores the feeling. Lost in the Music is an ode to the serenity of that sentiment. Lost in the Music is just as ethereal as Phoebe's previous work but has an edge that brings the atmosphere to life. It has a slight dance-pop vibe that adds to the overall celestial vibe. Creating this soundscape that is just as immersive as the lyrics themselves. In the lyrics, Phoebe describes the reasons people run to music. Fun, escapism, whatever you can do to just feel good about yourself for the short moments during a good song. That is the point of the track, music is so essential to human life, and the more we get overcome by the sounds of guitar and drums the happier we are. It’s not a fix-all but it's a way to forget about your worries, even for a moment. Lost in the Music sits comfortably in the genre of dream pop. With its dense production and echoing soundscapes you get lost in the atmosphere this coupled with Phoebe’s breathy vocals it’s enough to put anyone in a trance. This is a sound Phoebe relates to most with many of her songs falling under the neo-psychedelia genre but Lost in the Music is impactful in its unique use of dance and subject matter. Phoebe Willo is a singer/songwriter from Brighton. She is a multi-instrumentalist playing ukulele piano and guitar in her music. She launched her music career in September 2022 and has steadily been on the rise since. Sitting at over 130K monthly listeners on Spotify it’s safe to say Phoebe is turning heads in the industry. Like many musicians, she has been involved in music from a very young age but her love has carried her to great heights. Dreampop is a genre that tends to be overlooked in the mainstream but Phoebe may just change soon. Her sound is distinctive and her pen creates gold. Phoebe Willo is an artist to keep an eye on for sure. Written By Kaiana Lee FOLLOW PHOEBE WILLO:

  • Concert Review: Lollapalooza Music Festival 2023 - Chicago

    Lollapalooza is a four-day music festival that takes place in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. This year's lineup featured amazing headlining acts including Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The 1975, and Lana Del Rey. Each day also included a stacked undercard with names like Matt Maltese, Holly Humberstone, Sabrina Carpenter, and Beabadoobee. I had never been to a music festival before, but after much deliberation, my sister and I decided to attend three of the four days to catch a few of our favorite artists deliver their sets at Lollapalooza. It was a bit hectic to travel between stages, and I had to miss a few artists due to schedule conflicts, but overall, it was an amazing time. I saw so many incredible performances from some of the most talented artists out there. On Thursday, we started our festival experience off with Matt Maltese’s set. He sat at his piano and performed on one of the headlining stages, T-Mobile, and had everyone swaying in the sun. He ended with his most well-known song, "As The World Ends," to which everyone increased their volume and energy to join in with. Next, we took a break in the shade, before returning to the T-Mobile stage to watch South Korean girl group, NewJeans, make their US performance debut. They brought high energy and well-choreographed routines to their infectious pop tracks, which had everyone dancing and jumping around. We were all connected and drawn in with tracks such as "New Jeans," "Super Shy," and "ETA." We ended our experience with the much-anticipated Billie Eilish. She walked onto the stage and debuted her new hair look of red roots and a Chicago Bulls jersey with a engaging performance of “Bury A Friend.” She had us jumping, getting low, and dancing for tracks like "Oxytocin," "You Should See Me In A Crown," and "All The Good Girls Go To Hell." But she also brought out her brother and long-time producer, Finneas, for more stripped-back versions of her songs, "TV" and "Your Power." She closed with the powerful "Happier Than Ever" in a moment that brought everyone in the crowd together to scream and cry in a send-off. It was a riveting performance and cemented Billie Eilish as one of the best acts I’ve ever seen live. Friday, we began with the experimental, multi-instrumentalist Sudan Archives on the T-Mobile stage. She wowed the audience with her violinist skills, dance moves, and visual effects. She shocked the crowd in her high-energy performance of “NBPQ (Topless)” by quite literally taking her top off and sharing her titties out. "Home Maker" and "Freakalizer" were two other standout performances. We moved from this stage to a smaller one to see the British pop star, Beabadoobee, bring out a pink electric guitar and bring the crowd together. “See You Soon” and “She Plays Bass” were two tracks on the setlist that I enjoyed immensely. We left her set and went to Sabrina Carpenter, who we had just seen the night before at her exciting Lollapalooza aftershow. She sang several songs from her most recent album emails i can't send, along with an exceptional rendition of "Lay All Your Love On Me" by ABBA, before we left the set early to get a break from the scorching sun. To end the day, we caught Kendrick Lamar headlining on the T-Mobile stage. His set started later than anticipated, but he still had everyone cheering and energized when he finally stepped out on the stage to "The Heart Part 5." His setlist included tracks from across his albums, but we were all the most hype when he performed hit singles like "DNA," "Money Trees," and "HUMBLE." Because of the 15-minute delay in his start, he was able to perform past his allocated time, so many of us walked out the festival to the sound of his last couple songs. Finally, we returned to Lollapalooza on the final day of the festival, Sunday. We started at the Bacardí stage for English artist, Holly Humberstone, who performed a short set with tracks like "Room Service" and "Superbloodmoon." Most of the crowd didn't seem too familiar with her music, but people were still swaying along and nodding their heads as she performed. Then, we moved over to the Bud Light stage to catch Lil Yachty. People danced, screamed -- even a man in a wheelchair was lifted up by the crowd and moved around to the beats. Everyone was most excited for hit tracks, "Minnesota," "iSpy," and "Broccoli." We left his set a little early to maneuver our way over to Maisie Peters. She opened her set with "Body Better," which had most of the crowd dancing and screaming along. She was so interactive with her audience, pointing the mic in our direction and making eye contact. She truly showed off how much of a rockstar she could be with hit singles, "Cate's Brother" and "Not Another Rockstar." Her setlist had range from popular singles to her debut album, You Signed Up For This to a few tracks off her newest album, The Good Witch. To end, we saw Lana Del Rey take the Bud Light Stage, kicking off her performance with "A&W." Her setlist spanned across her albums and career with her most popular songs like "Born To Die," "Summertime Sadness," and "Cherry." She was the epitome of elegance, as she sat atop a piano for her performances of "Norman Fucking Rockwell" and "Arcadia." She had us all dancing for hits "Ride" and "Diet Mountain Dew." She was a fitting close to Lollapalooza 2023. Written By Sydney Gray Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube *copyright not intended. Fair use act, section 107.

  • Review: "Everything" - Ethan Senger

    “Everything” is a dreamy introspective perspective on regret, piecing together what ifs and maybe ifs. Senger is upbeat and reflective, kicking himself for not making all the right decisions, but not tumbling into a pit of despair. His beautiful guitar work, revered by industry tastemakers as virtuosic and brimming with talent, Senger taps into the indie pop-rock boxes, adding his own emotional urgency and contemplation. Senger’s raw emotional punch as he belts his heart out before he ultimately moves on creates a thrilling musical experience. A song from his new EP, Standing Still, “Everything” was built with an army of big names in the industry: produced & mixed by Andy D. Park and mastered by Grammy Award winners Greg Calbi and Steven Fallone of Sterling Sound. But besides the beautiful guitars that many notice, Senger’s charismatic voice combined with his heart-on-his-sleeve lyricality demonstrates his mature artistry in evoking powerful emotions that listeners can’t help but understand and relate to. The beautiful shimmering guitars that drive the song's rhythm are infectious and at an unmatched energy, showing, once again, Senger's masterful guitar work. Ethan Senger is the new wave indie rock equivalent to Springsteen. Born and raised in Atlanta, his talent with guitar is unmatched, and he’s clear to become an icon in the making. Singing and performing shows around seven years old, he wrote and recorded pop-rock fusion tunes in his late teens. After his 2020 self-titled EP, his sophomore EP Standing Still explores the relatable themes of unresolved emotional wounds from childhood, feigned indifference, and stagnancy due to fear of failure from the ever-increasingly worldly distractions of his always-plugged-in generation. Written By Megan Cao FOLLOW ETHAN: *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

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