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Sophia Henry

Member Since: December 8th 2022

Instagram: @soph_henryy

Sophia graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU) studying English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Sophia has always loved writing, whether it be poetry, short stories, or journalism. Journalism ignites a spark in Sophia that she didn’t know about until she joined, The Campus Lantern, where she started as the Arts and Entertainment Assistant and grew to be the Arts and Entertainment Editor. Since then she has found this new role interviewing for Pop Passion Music Blog, something Sophia is beyond excited about! Sophia loves various artists from Billy Joel, to Queen, to any musical! Sophia loves sharing people's stories and believes interviewing people is one of the best ways to learn them. She also believes music is such a powerful thing and is excited to explore each artist’s message. 

Recent Articles by Sophia

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