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Thomas Hiscock

Member Since: April 3rd 2023


Instagram: @nightlights207

Thomas, while young, is a musical veteran, having over seventeen years of diverse experience (and just as many stories to boot)! Beginning with piano lessons and a finite knowledge of art–growth and time molded a radiant bass guitarist, composer, and bandleader, with an intense love and passion for music! Approaching the one-year anniversary of his graduation from Bates College–where he earned a B.A. in Musical Composition, life finds Thomas moving purposefully towards an engaging artistic path. Pursuing performance, music blogging, content writing, and more–these ever-present arrows in Thomas’ creative quiver are strengths... strengths that have gone from passion to profession in exciting fashion! A fierce concert-goer, devoted listener, and (at times) fanatic fan, Thomas’ relationship with music surpasses platforms, styles, and stages... Boasting a deep love for heavy music, Thomas is a proud metalhead, just as happy to start moshpits on either side of the stage! Captivated by jazz, rock, rap, and beyond, music for Thomas is equal parts language... and love!

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