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Take Your Pick!

We have a few different ways you can submit your music to us!


With SubmitHub Premium Submissions,

we can guarantee you an answer within 48 hours.

This is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to get your music discovered by curators.

Recommended if you're interested in getting a review article!

*We only do reviews on SubmitHub, no interviews.


We can offer you a discount to send your music to hundreds of curators! For only £24.00, with just one submission, you can create a campaign that lasts 45 days and is visible to hundreds of curators including us! 

*We only do review and playlists on Musosoup, no interviews

*Note - Each curator charges their own specific fee, ours is only £3.00.


We can guarantee you an answer within less than a week!

Send your music to curators, labels, managers, radio stations and journalists!


 We highly recommend Groover if you prefer an interview, but we do reviews as well.

RCM_INDIE_COLLECTIVE_logo_png copy 2.png

Pop Passion is a proud member of the RCM Indie Collective! With just one submission, you can send your music to multiple music supporters such as blogs (including us), Podcasts, Playlists and Radio for multiple chances at coverage!

*Note - Each blog, podcast, or playlist charges their own specific fee, ours is only $3.00

Submit Right Here, Right Now

Send us your music with this submission form to be listened to FOR FREE. Mind that getting a feature on our blog isn't free, but we will not charge you without accepting your song for an interview or review first. HOWEVER, being added to our playlist is free, so indicate below what type of coverage you're looking for. Once we approve you song, we will send you a PayPal link requesting the $3.00 for coverage. We offer a $5.00 bundle if you'd like both a review and interview within the same submission. Please don't submit for an interview or review unless you're willing to pay the fee.

Pop Passion Song Submission
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Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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