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With SubmitHub Premium Submissions, we can guarantee you an answer within 72 hours.

This is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to get your music discovered by curators.

- 10/10 Quality Rating

- 100% response rate with over 16,000 total submissions

- All 5 star reviews from artists we've worked with

- Above Average ratings on our feedback

- We're in the "Really Good Bloggers" program


*We do accept a limited amount of standard submissions, but please note that they are held to the same high standard that we have for the premium submissions. Plus, we are not required to provide feedback for you when it's a standard submission.

We can guarantee you an answer within less than a week!

Send your music to curators, labels, managers, radio stations and journalists!

- 100% response rate 

- High sharing rate

Please direct all business inquiries, questions and concerns to

*WE DO NOT ACCEPT EMAIL SUBMISSIONS. Please don't send us your music through email - we won't reply.

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