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  • Review: "Should Be Us" - maryjo

    Pop sensation maryjo has just released her third single of 2024 titled “Should Be Us!” This song delves into seeing an ex with someone else and all the emotions that come along with it. It’s an exploration into the longing of being with someone in your past, despite whatever happened in the relationship. maryjo starts the song off by describing how she usually is when a relationship ends: she cuts ties and never looks back. But now, since she sees her ex with someone else, she wasn’t expecting it and she thinks “[she] had a heart attack.” She kicks off the chorus by saying “that should be us” doing all of the romantic things her ex is doing with their new person. She thought she would be ready for her ex to move on, but she tells them “you know that should be us.” maryjo thought she was doing okay and she “[doesn’t] know why [she’s] hung up on us.” She asks a series of questions about this new girl that has a bit of lingering jealousy. In an interview about the song, maryjo says, “I think a lot of relationships go through this stage after a breakup where someone else just either moved on quicker, or finds someone else sooner, so for me I really wanted to write about that.” “Should Be Us” is a wonderful mix of a classic pop song and a melancholy ballad, which creates a unique pop aesthetic. The song has a basic pop structure, with an acoustic guitar setting the rhythm of the track. Swelling synths give this track an extra layer of emotions, with the pushes and pulls aligning with the strong points of the song. The choruses are big and expansive, with maryjo flexing her impressively powerful vocals. Despite these big moments, the song still feels quite intimate. One of the small touches that I loved about the track is the ever-so-delicate whispers, that can be pretty hard to make out upon first listen. It doesn’t seem like much, but it adds another emotional layer, insinuating that maryjo is singing this song in real time as she feels these emotions. Overall, this track is a well produced pop ballad track that is heartbreaking yet alluring with the sound and the lyrics. maryjo is a 22 year-old singer songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio. She got her first break into the pop music scene being a fan-favorite contestant on Season 19 of American Idol. Singing beautiful renditions of songs from Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Tate McRae, and more, she quickly grew a large audience. In 2021, maryjo released her first single, “Carpet,” which currently has over 2.1 million streams on Spotify alone. She’s had multiple releases since then, including fan favorites such as “I Woke Up.” Currently, she has more than 1.3 million TikTok followers and over 140k listeners on Spotify. Now, maryjo is rejoining Knox on his “I’m So Good At Being Alone Tour,” with shows all across America. It’s clear that maryjo will continue to impress her fans with her captivating vocals and her beautiful songwriting with all of her future releases. Written By Lauren DiGiovanni FOLLOW MARYJO: Instagram | Spotify | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube

  • Review: "Healing" - Joe Bygraves

    In Joe Bygraves' latest release, “Healing,” he has given us a gut-wrenching ballad about trying to move on from a person you loved so deeply. The song makes it clear how difficult and slow the process can be, and tiny steps have to be taken. Bygraves paints the sorrow of heartbreak in a very clear way and how moving on is easier said than done. There are a lot of raw emotions here about how haunted one can be by a past relationship and how this only slows down the healing process. The ballad itself is quite beautiful, Bygraves’ voice can really fill a room and be made to sing a song of this level of emotional transparency. The structure of the song is a simple ballad, with powerful vocals over a gentle piano, however, as the song progresses it does build up on itself. As previously mentioned, the lyrical content is very transparent about the difficulties of moving on. What’s really nice about the lyrics is there is an emphasis on how slow this process can be and how needs to be taken “step by step.” You can surely hear the pain in Bygraves’ voice, and it makes the song feel much more genuine. The bridge does a great job of putting everything at a standstill and giving listeners time to reflect on the story being presented. Joe Bygraves truly has done an excellent job with “Healing” as it both evokes the pain of past experiences and yet still serves as a reminder that moving on is a process that needs to be taken at one’s own pace. Joe Bygraves is an artist from Bedfordshire, UK who has become a rising star in his local music scene. He is inspired by artists like Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and Tom Grennan. In 2020, Bygraves was asked to write and perform an anthem for the We Make Events Movement that represents individuals in the entertainment industry. He has done well for himself, in 2022 he sold out his first headline show at the Craufurd Arms. He has more shows lined up this year including the Bedford River Festival. With “Healing” Joe Bygraves has given us a great insight into the talent he possesses and will be surely exciting to see what he does next, so go ahead and give him a listen. Written By Chantal Charles FOLLOW JOE BYGRAVES: Instagram | Spotify | Website | Facebook | YouTube *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • EP Review: "Do Not Resuscitate" - The Haunt

    Dark alt-pop/rock band from Florida, The Haunt have just released their newest EP, "Do Not Resuscitate". With industrial and cenematic themes, this project is aimed to make listeners feel empowered. Starting as a sibling duo, sister and brother Anastasia (lead vocals) and Max Haunt (vocals, guitar and production) have been making music together since a young age. Officially debuting their career in 2017 with their debut single, "All Went Back", they've since been joined by bassist Nat Smallish and drummer Nick Lewert. The Haunt has evolved and they have strengthened their sound to create their most recent era of music, "Do Not Resuscitate". TRACKLIST FML Little Like Hell I Don't Like The Quiet Damage Morally Incompetent On My Grave In 2018, The Haunt released their self-titled debut EP. Just one year later, they broke through with their fan favorite single, "Cigarettes & Feelings" gaining millions of streams. In the next few years, The Haunt would go on to release 4 more EP's, including a collaboration project with pop rock band Silos, titled "Gaslight" which was released earlier this year, and of course most recently, "Do Not Resuscitate". Let's dive into the 6 track collection and see what The Haunt has in store for us this time! FML Kicking off the EP with a strong one, we have "FML" which was released as the leading single in anticipation for this EP. This fiery track is about feeling stuck in an endless loop with someone that is toxic for you. It's that kind of relationship you know isn't good for you, but you can't get yourself to leave. The soundscape radiates anger and resentment; you can literally feel the aggressive nature especially during the heavy and distorted hook. Anastasia uses her voice to execute this intense emotion so well; despite the heaviness of the instrumentation, she doesn't let the music outshine her. Her powerful vocals are reminiscent of pop/rock goddess, Taylor Momsen, lead singer of The Pretty Reckless. Little Like Hell "Little Like Hell" was released as the second single for the EP, just one month after "FML". The story is a continuation of track one, comparing being in that toxic relationship to like being in hell. It's a torture cycle that never seems to end. Co-produced with Grammy nominated and multi-platinum producer and songwriter Kevin Thrasher, this song has more of a pop/punk style with electronic components on the vocals to take things to the next level. This is a jump around your room and dance like no one is watching type of song; especially if you need something to help you get your anger out. I also highly enjoyed the music video for this song, which features the entire band. It's nice to see the chemistry they have together as performers. I Don't Like The Quiet Track 3 is also single number 3, "I Don't Like The Quiet". Just on first listen, I immediately fell in love with this song. It has a nostalgic type of style and groove, like early 2000's pop/rock. It's a song that I would've had on repeat in my middle school emo phase. The song is about the suffering silence that comes with being alone. Whether you broke up or had a fight, there's someone out there who you wish would come home to you. Distractions just aren't enough to take away the yearning feeling. "I Don't Like The Quiet" is a duet and we get to hear Max's vocals throughout. I was so excited when I heard Max start singing, because he has such an addicting, smooth tone. Anastasia kills it in this song, showing off her impressively high range, vocal control and belting abilities. Anastasia and Max's voices blend together perfectly. One of my favorite parts is how the outro goes soft, so you can really feel the hurt behind the lyrics. Damage Next, we have "Damage" which is the fourth and final single that was released before the EP. The Haunt describes "Damage" as a "villain theme song". It's meant to make you feel strong and empowered; like you can do anything. Unbothered, Anastasia sings about how you can try to do your worst, but she can handle the damage. Out of all the songs on the EP, this song leans heaviest towards an electronic rock soundscape with heavy emphasis on synths. It has a beat that is undeniably catchy and a cenematic hook that'll get stuck in your head for days. Morally Incompetent As part of the EP release, The Haunt also released this brand new music video for track 5, "Morally Incompetent" at the same time. This high-energy, athematic song is for all the "outsiders" out there who don't play by societies rules. Featuring a stomp rhythm and a bad ass guitar solo riff, this song was made to be played live. I can already see a whole crowd getting into the beat and screaming the lyrics together. As the song goes on, it continues to build and only goes harder and crazier in the best way possible. On My Grave The final track, we end off on "On My Grave". So far, this is the only non-single song without a music video, but I'm sure there's hope for one in the future! "On My Grave" is a beautiful, haunting pop/rock break up song with lots of reverb and distortion. I would say this is the most emotional, sad song on the EP but that doesn't take away from the power and energy put into the soundscape. Anastasia wrote this song after her first serious breakup, emphasizing that there was a part of her that knew the person wasn't good for her, but she ended up falling for them anyway and go hurt in the end. This EP takes The Haunt to a whole new level. They made it a point to establish this new sound with heavy rock and punk influence, but still keeping some alt-pop elements and even dabbling a bit in electronica. The relationship, dynamic and chemistry that the band has together really shines through in their sound. From complex lyrics to out-of-this world instrumentation, to breath-taking vocals to brilliant production, this EP has everything you could ever want or need as a pop/rock fan. Make sure to follow The Haunt below to keep up to date with them and see if they're coming to a city near you. They'll be in Europe as an opener for Missio in June! Written By Kaitlyn Nicole FOLLOW THE HAUNT: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube | Website *Sponsored Post - Discovered on SubmitHub. A contribution was made to help create this article as part of a promotional campaign.

  • Review: "London" - Emily James

    This song, “London” by Emily James, is a beautiful, escapist ballad all about those feelings you have after a heartbreak where you want to leave and start a new life. With poetic, wistful lyrics, James weaves together a romanticization of leaving everything behind and moving to a new country, where everyone is new and everything you experience is fresh. Maybe you’ll fall in love with someone else, or maybe you’ll just find things to distract you - but you’re hoping to find something that makes you feel better. Slipping between feelings of sadness - with lyrics like “I’ll sipping on champagne, can’t be lonely with champagne” - and bitterness - with lyrics like “queen of giving you too much credit, never quite knew it until I let it go” - Emily James perfectly captures the whole plethora of emotions you go through when you lose someone so instrumental. You chase that fleeting idea that everything will feel better if you just leave everything behind. “London” is an understated, heartfelt ballad that relies on soft vocals and piano melodies to dive deep and strike an emotional chord with listeners. Starting out with just isolated piano, Emily James coaxes you into the song, layering her gentle voice on top for the first verse. The instrumentation builds throughout this piece, slowly adding to the intensity as James guides you toward the bridge. This rise in intensity pairs perfectly with the rise of emotion in the lyrics, reaching a peak in the bridge, with James crooning on top of layers of atmospheric harmonies. All of this drops back for one last rendition of the chorus, returning to the simple piano and vocals before sliding to a smooth close. Overall, this song is a beautiful masterpiece of devastating wistfulness, and has quickly become a new favorite of mine. Emily James is a rising singer/songwriter whose dynamic vocals and eloquent lyricism delve into the emotions that everyone feels but don’t necessarily understand. She sings like she’s having a conversation, creating beauty while also staying very in tune with her listeners and telling each and every story she wants to share. Her first EP, Emily James, came out in 2016, and she’s been gathering fans ever since then. Now, after several more EPs, including The aLtErNaTeS, released earlier this year, she’s gearing up to release The aLtErNaTeS part 2, continuing along the same threads of emotional confession and artistry that’s so characteristic of her. If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, Gracie Abrams, or Lizzy McAlpine, use the links below to check out more of her music! Written By Morgan Fischer FOLLOW Emily James: Instagram | Spotify | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube

  • EP Review: "Ghost Town Road (east)" - Smallpools

    Smallpools, the indie alt-pop and rock trio who have been making music for over a decade together now, have just released their new EP, "Ghost Town Road (east)" which is part one of their upcoming full-length album to be released later this year! Splitting time between Los Angeles, California and Nashville, Tennessee, lead singer Sean Scanlon, guitarist/producer Michael Kamerman, and drummer Beau Kuther have created a sound described as cenematic, anthemic, and nostalgic for this new chapter in their musical journey as a group. TRACKLIST Swayze Night Shift Fake a Happy Face! Motorbike (Wild Ones) Caller ID Smallpools debuted their career together in 2013, hitting it big with their first ever single "Dreaming" which has amassed hundreds of millions of streams and is now RIAA certified gold. Soon they released their first EP, self-titled "Smallpools" and had a number of remixes for their song "Dreaming", including collaborations with names like The Chainsmokers and Charlie XCX. They've been continuously releasing music throughout the years, including three albums, one of which featured cover songs. They've also been spending most of this time touring as openers for bands like Twenty One Pilots, Walk the Moon, and Neon Trees. In anticipation for their upcoming new album, this EP gives us an insight to what is to come and will give us a taste of the newest Smallpools era. Swayze "Swayze" starts off the EP with a bang. This upbeat track sounds like a song on the radio in a classic car, in the most nostalgic way possible. The production is done in a way that purposely makes "Swayze" a recording straight out of the 80's. Filled with synths and electric guitar, this is the perfect song to dance around to in the Summer time, or with the windows down as you drive around too fast in a beach town. Referencing 80's heartthrob actor, Patrick Swayze, Scanlon sings of a love that feels timeless. While the rest of the world moves on, the two of you remain the same. Check out the brand new music video for the song below! Night Shift Released as the leading single 3 months before the EP release, we have track number two, "Night Shift". It's another energetic and nostalgic bop of a song with lyrics that are relatable to most anybody. "Night Shift" is about living life on auto-pilot; you're stuck in a comfortable routine, but you can't help but feel like you want more out of life. We covered "Night Shift" in depth in it's own article, which you can read here! Fake a Happy Face! "Fake a Happy Face" is a single that covers the topic of mental struggles and depression, but captures it in an addicting ethereal soundscape that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. After my first listen, I already had the hook replaying in my mind for the rest of the day. It's a bit of a juxtaposition, because the lyrics are relatable thoughts you have when you're stressed and going back and forth with yourself inside of your head; however, the music itself and the catchy groove make you want to dance. It's a perfect representation of when you want to be happy, but just can't quite get yourself to be. So you try to just pretend in hopes one day things will change and feel different. "Fake a Happy Face!’ is about yearning to escape, to start over, lying in bed with the weight of the world upon you. There are so many mixed emotions that switch on a dime. Everything’s great and everything sucks. ‘Fake a Happy Face!’ and keep on cruising the best you can." - Smallpools Motorbike (Wild Ones) Going back to that heavily nostalgic, 80's car radio sound, we have the single "Motorbike" (Wild Ones). This song seems to tie together with the first track, "Swayze" not only in production style but in story as well. Released as the second single in anticipation for the EP, the lyrics look back on a love and a time that is long gone now, but you still find yourself reminiscing on from time to time. Just like in "Swayze", it was a type of relationship that made the rest of the world disappear. It was fun while it lasted, but now all you have left are those timeless memories. It's another synth and guitar heavy pop-rock bop with layered vocals that'll take you back. Caller ID The final track "Caller ID" is still upbeat, but has more of a gentle tone than the other tracks. It's a refreshing way to end the EP. It has a beautiful chord progression and an instrumentation that you can get lost in. The smooth vocals and catchy hook make for another song to easily get stuck in your head. "Caller ID" is a breakup song about that anxious feeling that comes along with seeing your ex's name pop up on your phone. Especially when you still have feelings, you're wishing that they're calling in hopes of starting over with you; but realistically, you know it's not going to be good. As the calmest track on the EP, it's a great wind-down song after all the hype from the previous tracks. After listening to this EP in it's entirety, I am excited to hear the rest of the album that is to come! Smallpools have established their sound through-and-through, taking nostalgic components and creating something that is their own. It's an exciting era for Smallpools who clearly know how to write hit songs. Every song on this EP fits and flows together like a true work of art. It's a very upbeat collection of tracks that are easy to put on repeat. The lyrics are relatable, the music itself is catchy, the production is creative and it all comes together to create a sonically incredible project. Make sure to follow Smallpools below to keep up to date on when more new music comes out, and to see if they're coming on tour at a city near you! Written By Kaitlyn Nicole FOLLOW SMALLPOOLS: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube *Sponsored Post - Discovered on SubmitHub. A contribution was made to help create this article as part of a promotional campaign.

  • Review: "I Hope It Kills You" - Laila

    Laila gives us this sweet angelic face as the cover art, but it's for a song with the sour title of "I Hope It Kills You”. She's got us intrigued and we’re anxious to hear what she has to say and why she would have that sentiment towards someone. As the opening line of the song literally begins with “God damn”, one can imagine that the treachery that is to be discussed has to be of epic proportions. In a description for the song, Laila disclosed "I Hope It Kills You: your lover leaves you for your best friend. Ouch. You take the high road but still pray that karma does her work. Play this while you cry on the kitchen floor." So, there it is. The bombshell. The gut-wrenching inspiration behind this somber song. Our narrator has just suffered one of the most painful circumstances known to man, being betrayed by your best friend and lover in one fell swoop. “And I hope it kills you.” Of course, Laila doesn’t mean in the literal sense but in their souls. She hopes that it eats away at them, every single day. That they don’t see a moment of peace in their union, that karma does its work, as mentioned earlier. “As you both look back, do you laugh as you watch me bleed?” In this instance, the listener doesn’t really know who to hate more – a friend of the highest regard or your significant other who you thought had all this love and respect for you. It’s the stickiest of situations to lose two people so close to you at the same time and for the same reason and to think of how they’re just happy together with no remorse for what they’ve done. “I got what was left of you, while you took the best of me.” Ah, a relationship where one person gives more than the other and, seemingly, feels more deeply towards the other. That dynamic typically doesn’t end up working out, as the other grows tired of pulling most if not all the weight in the relationship. Laila sings of how the relationship was already troubled, but that loves makes you do crazy things sometimes. You’re blinded by the intense feelings towards that person, or rather the version of them you’ve crafted in your head from the crumbs they’ve supplied you with during your “love”. The lyrics and the pain in Laila’s voice tugs at your heartstrings while the piano seems to nail it all in, intensifying the effects of this tear-inducing song. Laila has crafted a beautiful song and perfected the art of invoking emotions. Laila, whose full name is Laila Kharouba, hails from Ottawa, Ontario and is an actress, singer, and songwriter. She currently has 451 followers on Facebook, 2,811 followers on Instagram, has over 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, is closing in on 6,000 followers on Tik Tok, and has 569 subscribers on YouTube. Having been featured on CTV’s “Your Morning” and Spotify’s “New Music Friday”, Laila is making a splash in the entertainment industry and making sure that everyone knows her name. Her sound is a great blend of beautiful instruments that don’t overpower her voice, which is a wise move as she has a tremendously beautiful tone and grace about her voice. Her vocals are sure to move you in any of her songs that you choose to listen to, whether that be a ballad or a more upbeat offering. I’m certain that Laila has the brightest of futures ahead of her and I look forward to hearing more music from her. If you feel the same, give her a follow on all of her socials below! And, even better, catch her live playing Breaking Sound at Rivoli in Toronto on April 17th!! Written By Keiunna Thompson FOLLOW LAILA: Instagram | Spotify | TikTok| Facebook | YouTube

  • Review: "Sleeping With Anxiety" - Maddy Hicks

    Nothing is worse than not being able to sleep; especially when it's because of something painful on your mind. You're tossing and turning all night because you can't shake the things that keep running around inside of your head. Somehow, time seems to be moving slower than ever in times like these; so not only are you losing sleep, but you're forced to be alone with your thoughts for what feels like eternity. "Sleeping with Anxiety" by Maddy Hicks is a relatable breakup song about the anxious feelings we deal with when thinking about the person you still love but lost being with someone else. "Sleeping With Anxiety" is a raw, emotional and lyric focused pop song that keeps you on your toes. The melody and rhythm literally feel like anxious thoughts racing through your mind. You can feel the sadness in not only the words, but within Maddy's incredible voice. The instrumentation is minimalistic to let the lyrics shine, but it's still such an ear-pleasing mixture of sounds and it fits perfectly with the mood of the song. Like most great breakup songs, "Sleeping With Anxiety" has a bridge that will rip your heart to shreds. Especially the lines, "I hate that I want to call, I hate that I care at all / 3am never ends, yeah here we go again". Maddy Hicks is a singer/songwriter originally from New York, who is now based in Nashville, Tennessee since attending Belmont University in 2018. Focusing on her music career for over a decade now, Maddy released her debut album, "The Bliss You Missed" in 2019 which was more of an acoustic folk style. Since then, Maddy has been shifting more and more into modern pop, releasing her second album "Reclaiming" in 2021 and her third, "Situationships" which just released last year. Maddy's career got a boost in 2022 when her song "Kinda Over It" went viral on TikTok and has now amassed millions of streams. Maddy is still releasing new music, and her new single "Don't Look At Me" comes out April 24th! Make sure to follow Maddy below to keep up to date. Written By Kaitlyn Nicole FOLLOW MADDY: Instagram | Spotify | TikTok | Website | YouTube

  • Review: "Heartbeat Wipers" - Lucy Wroe

    On "Heartbeat Wipers," singer-songwriter Lucy Wroe gets introspective. Life post-breakup can be difficult; the emotions that come with it are complex-- often contradictory--emotions that force you to reflect on who you are. It is a ubiquitous, deeply personal experience that Wroe explores in her latest release. "Heartbeat Wipers," is a bedroom pop-inspired ballad that is gently melancholy. With its piano-and-guitar-heavy instrumental and ethereal vocal harmonies, the track is a smooth, soft listen. It is a dreamy head-in-the-clouds experience, sonically, that grounds you with Wroe's heartbreakingly earnest and relatable lyrics. In this latest single, Lucy Wroe creates a track that blends poetic lyricism and gorgeous instrumentation, showcasing what makes her such a compelling and exciting up-and-coming artist. The songwriting process for "Heartbeat Wipers" is a unique one. Collaborating with Philipp Koerver, Wroe combines voice notes, vocals recorded in her bedroom, and sounds from various late-night landscapes to create an ingeniously produced pop track. Every element, from the soothing, opening rain sounds to the heavenly vocal deliveries from Wroe, adds to its grand, enchanting sound. However, what shines the most here is the songwriting. Wroe writes about heartbreak in such a raw, emotionally resonant way. Lines like "Pull the knife that's set in stone / Break through the fold / And bury all the pieces here / to stop them from getting old" are as poetic as they are relatable. "Heartbeat Wipers" is the best kind of breakup song; it's forthcoming and sad yet comforting to listeners who are going through the same scenario. Lucy Wroe is a London-based artist. She made her official debut with the acoustic ballad "There Is an Ocean" in 2020 and has only grown from there. Since then Wroe has released numerous more singles and a few projects, including the EPs Same World in 2022 and WAVES a year later. This has resulted in Wroe having over 5000 streams and growing on Spotify. The singer-songwriter has cited the ballads of Phoebe Bridgers to the experimental pop of Charli XCX as sources of musical inspiration. This range of inspirations showcases what makes Wroe so interesting as an artist; she has a unique ability to blend various soundscapes and aesthetics in a way to make something all of her own, but still accessible. After  "Heartbeat Wipers", Wroe's next output is bound to be exciting and you can listen to it, as well as the rest of her discography on streaming services now. Written By Lauren Nolan FOLLOW LUCY: Instagram | Spotify | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube

  • Review: "Flight Risk" - Francesca Everly

    Francesca Everly gets deep on her dreamy new single, Flight Risk – touching on the importance of self-reflection amidst the chaos of lost love. Everly delves into the human psyche by exploring the self-doubts and insecurities that tend to creep in when dealing with heartache; melodically singing of the "unwanted 9am alarms and 12pm therapy sessions" that seemingly plague someone wrought with depression due to lost romanticism. Flight Risk is a dream pop ballad sure to resonate with anyone besieged by heartbreak and in need of some comforting vocals to tell you that you aren't alone in how you feel. Flight Risk opens with an acoustic guitar progression that establishes a sense of intimacy right from the jump. This bright introduction is immediately followed by Francesca's first verse, which is as equally raw and candid as the guitar; with the initial chorus infusing light percussion and sweet vocal harmonies into the mix. There are subtle layers throughout the production that contribute to the overall whimsical atmosphere of the song – especially the riffing piano lines and distant vocal adlibs. Each layer that gets interposed helps to fill out the instrumentation as Flight Risk progresses. In the second verse enters a lively drum section that dials up the energy of the overall groove and boosts the vibe of the track. The arrangement takes a turn after the second chorus and shifts into a new territory, with an energetic build into a massive climax that leaves the listener's heart pounding. The vast difference in mood during the finale creatively parallels that of the opening and makes for an incredibly dynamic journey for the audience. Francesca Guerra, aka Francesca Everly, is an Italian singer-songwriter and alumni of London's prestigious Institue of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP). Prior to moving to London, Guerra was making music in Rome and working as a sound engineering assistant alongside her mother. The young songstress burst onto the professional scene in 2021 with her debut single 100 per 100 – and has since gone on to release a string of binge-worthy ballads, namely, Pathetic and Summer. Francesca blends Italian Pop with British Indie to create her own soulful RnB sound that's fully laced with emotional lyricism centered on feelings of intimacy and self-reflection. Her goal is simply to make music "that people can relate with their own experiences" in hopes that it will become "the soundtrack of their daily life". Written By Dan Caddigan FOLLOW FRANCESCA EVERLY: Instagram | Spotify | TikTok | Soundcloud | YouTube *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "boy with a view" - PENNY X

    PENNY X’s new single “boy with a view” details the story of her new relationship that is shrouded in confusion and uncertainty. She begins by telling us how it started “I wasn’t looking for love when/the leaves started falling/But your 2 room apartment/felt like a home/Drunk in your kitchen/I’m locked on your lips” setting the tone of the song as romantic, and describing a scene that sounds like it’s taken straight out of a romcom. However, we find out that it’s not quite as perfect as we initially thought. It’s clear that PENNY X has fallen for him, however she can’t pinpoint how he feels. Is he taking the relationship as seriously as she is? Is he ready for more? These are questions that go unanswered through the song. The problem becomes clear in the chorus when she says “Boy with a view/if only you knew/that you look so pretty/lying on top of me/but you’re acting cool/playing by your rules” and she calls him out for being a “fool” for not making up his mind and expressing how he feels directly. Click here to listen to boy with a view! The track is a dreamy six-eight ballad rooted in country, but with a pop sound that allows it to take on a unique identity, not allowing itself to be boxed into a singular genre. With soft piano and guitar accompanying her buttery, silky vocals, the song feels like a daydream, as if we were floating in her thoughts alongside her. The production and the simplicity and raw honesty of the lyrics really reminded me of Kacey Musgraves, but with more of a pop sound. I loved the falsetto she uses on the line “I’m right in front of you” in the chorus. The background vocals also add to the sense of dreaminess created in the song, and the guitar solo towards the end is not overpowering but helps capture the emotionality of the song. The dreamlike state of the song that sounds romantic upon first listening to it and then reveals itself to be much more bittersweet parallels the relationship; a romantic fantasy that is dampened by the confusion of her lover. PENNY X is a Berlin based artist in the alt-pop scene. As of now, she has 16, 501 Spotify listeners. She's released her first music video "back to your dad's" on YouTube. Her musical tastes, shaped by the eclectic sounds of the radio and a teenage fascination with country music, bear the indelible imprint of artists like Taylor Swift. Her country roots really shine in “boy with a view” and is reminiscent of talents like Sierra Ferrell and Kacey Musgraves, as well as more pop leaning artists like Sasha Sloan. This influence can still be heard in their heartfelt songwriting, which resonates with authenticity and emotion. Written By Rachael Bach FOLLOW PENNY X: Instagram | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube

  • Review: "Whatever (feat. 2 Far Out)" - FELIN

    Delivering a fiery new single, FELIN has released her new song, "Whatever," which features a captivating collaboration with 2 FAR OUT. Shedding light on the inspiration behind the track, FELIN states, "'Whatever' tells the story of a destructive relationship, where passion and devotion collide with the harsh realities of toxicity, pain and mortality. Sometimes the love story just isn’t like in the movies, even if you would want it to be, you know. The song was originally written for FELIN, but when it was done it just felt like it was meant to be a duet. 'Whatever' is an energetic pop punk track and I’m so happy that the rising pop punk stars in 2 FAR OUT wanted to join in on the track." Gritty and aggressive, FELIN feat. 2 FAR OUT packs a punch with their feisty pop-punk duet, "Whatever." The track features face-melting guitar riffs, exhilarating melodies, and spirited drums, creating a perfect, angsty backdrop for the song's bitter narrative. Encompassing the conflicting emotions in the single's lyrics, the singers' edgy vocals cut through the masterfully composed soundscape, showcasing the pent-up frustration that makes "Whatever" a track listeners can scream along to. Channeling the essence of pop-punk icons listeners know and love, FELIN and 2 FAR OUT embrace the legacies of acts like Avril Lavigne and P!nk, formulating a sound that is reminiscent of those artists. Hailing from Stockholm, FELIN is an up-and-coming pop-punk artist that enjoys experimenting and pushing boundaries with sound and visuals. FELIN is the project of Elin Blom, an experienced songwriter and producer who has written for well-known artists like Adam Lambert. Accompanying her on this journey, Blom is surrounded by a creative collective (FELIN Collective), consisting of people who have experience creating music videos for acclaimed acts and have published visuals in magazines like Harper's Bazaar. Having already accomplished much, FELIN has played Rockpalast in Germany as well as several festivals around Europe. FELIN also takes pride in being a strong advocate for equality and feminism, incorporating this into her music. Some of FELIN's popular releases include "Worst Regret," "Heroes & Villains," and "Revolt." Written By Cheyenne Johnson FOLLOW FELIN: Instagram | Spotify | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube

  • Review: "Blink of an Eye" - Jacob Spencer

    Blink of an Eye is the first original song in three years from the Iowa pop singer, Jacob Spencer. The track sees Spencer reminiscing on a lost love whom he accidentally runs into and is hit with the old feels. Spencer opens the song with the line, "Late night out and I see you again/Memories flooding, we didn't want it to end." Personally, I've never run into my ex at the club, but I HAVE seen my old math teacher at the supermarket and if this is anything like that, I relate to Jacob Spencer so hard. (Please return my emails, Mrs. Baldwin.) The second verse sees Spencer putting his foot down and saying, "Maybe, this was all for the best/Sometimes, love just has to be put to rest." In the chorus, Spencer looks back on how fast his relationship was stripped of him while singing, "Just when I thought love would take flight/It all went dark in a blink of an eye." Bro, I felt that. Mrs. Baldwin, if you're reading this, let's get lunch. Jacob Spencer collaborated with the four-time platinum music producer, Rebbel, alongside the Swedish sound engineer, August Green, to make sure Blink of an Eye was a certified hit. It is a melancholic electropop song with production that features a chill guitar riff that brings the relaxation factor and a contrasting drum beat that packs a punch. The synth-led beat drop was a bit more mellow, but there's nothing wrong with that... especially when there are some heavenly distorted vocals mixed in there. Speaking of vocals, I was very impressed with Spencer's. On this track, I was reminded of early 2010s legends like Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone, and Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt. I was brought back to much better times by Spencer's voice. He was hitting some VERY high falsetto notes and I give him major props for that.  The timing of this song's release is perfect because as the weather starts to warm up, many are making their summertime convertible playlists and this one deserves to be at the top. Jacob Spencer posted his song to YouTube, a cover of David Guetta and Justin Bieber's 2U, back in 2017. Since then, he has covered some of the greats like Joshua Bassett, Charlie Puth, Harry Styles, and Big Time Rush. He also has dropped quite a few bangers of his own including 2020's Hard to Let Go and 2021's I Deserve Better. With the release of Blink of an Eye, it seems like Spencer has entered a new, more mature era and has teased it as the first single of his debut EP. This has already become his most-streamed song on Spotify and to celebrate, he just announced the release of the next single, Dear the One That Got Away, which is set to drop on April 26. It seems like we'll be hearing a lot more from Jacob Spencer. Check him out now because I'm sure he's going to blow up in a blink of an eye. Written by Jordan Elliott FOLLOW JACOB SPENCER: Instagram | Spotify | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube

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