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  • Review: "Stars in Another Sky" - Jordyn Sugar

    When you look up at the sky and see the stars, do you imagine what would have, could have, and should have? In her latest release, Jordyn Sugar’s “Stars in Another Sky” is all about taking chances now and living life to its fullest and, most importantly, for yourself. You’ll pass by people who once knew you but are now worlds apart, stars from a completely different sky– your life no longer revolves around them, but yourself. With a soundscape full of passionate vocals and smooth synth, “Stars in Another Sky” is dynamic in both its message and sound. An energetic and upbeat track with a fun, anthemic vibe, this is the kind of song that makes you excited and inspired to live life to its greatest potential, and hopefully encourages anyone who needs that push to start doing so. “ Stars in Another Sky” feels like a callback to the classic dance pop of the 2010s, all high energy and heartfelt lyrics with just enough melancholy to make you think while you dance. What really makes this track are the instrumentals; a strong, fervent synth is threaded throughout the entirety of this track, growing and shrinking along with Sugar’s passionate vocals. It really sets the tone for the lyrics’ message, and creates an energetic soundscape with a lot of fun movement. One part of the song’s composition I really liked was during the chorus. During it, you can hear little overlaid echoes of Sugar’s voice chanting in the background, as if a crowd is cheering the narrator along. While a small touch, its effect is large in making the song feel even more encouraging and inspiring. But if we’re talking about inspiring, then we should look at the lyrics. I adore the songwriting in “Stars in Another Sky”; it has a nice balance between pensiveness and vibrancy, and nowhere is that more relevant than in the first verse, leading into the chorus. Introducing the song, the narrator describes their wishes and wants for life, and slowly the chorus comes along to sing, “Won’t stop ‘cause I’m gonna do it anyway / I’m not gonna live for anyone but me”. I love the transition between introspection into action, and that realization that you should live for yourself and your happiness, excitement, and enjoyment. “Stars in Another Sky” has everything a perfect pop song should have: a phenomenal soundscape, excellent composition, and fantastic lyrics. Toronto-born artist Jordyn Sugar discovered at an early age that music would forever be part of her life. Self-taught in guitar and piano, by May 2020 Sugar posted her first video on TikTok of her singing, and from there she began to amass a large following on social media. She eventually met the former executive producer and talent manager of Celine Dion, Vito Luprano, and the rest is history. Her fantastic stage presence, girl-next-door persona, and brilliant vocals gave her amazing pop star potential. Influenced by pop, rock, and R&B, Sugar’s sounds reflect these genres in her musical stylings as a throwback to the 90s and early millennial female singer-songwriters. Her debut single dropped in 2021, entitled “Leaves Me”, and her 2023 single “Fool of Me” has over 1.5 million streams just on Spotify. “Stars in Another Sky” is currently her latest release, so drop her a follow if you enjoyed the track, and keep your eyes peeled for her next releases! Written By Alexa Leung FOLLOW JORDYN SUGAR: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Concert Review: Cassadee Pope - The Hereditary Tour in Anaheim

    Cassadee Pope Hereditary Tour via Cassadee Pope was born for the stage. Her phenomenal voice and infectiously high energy make her a compelling entertainer that keeps fans coming back for more. Personally, I have seen Pope about ten times (I lost count of all my concerts after the pandemic), and each time I am blown away by her talent and charisma. The Hereditary Tour was only the second time I saw Pope as the headliner, making my anticipation even stronger. I attended the opening night of the tour, which corresponded with her new album’s release. Since the show was in the Pacific Time Zone, the project hit streaming sites just moments before Pope hit the stage. Having the honor of being one of the first to hear some of these new songs live — even before I heard the studio recording — was something I will always cherish. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just want to tip your toes in the waters, attending this tour is something you will never regret. Cassadee Pope is a singer-songwriter from West Palm Beach, Florida, now based in Nashville. In 2008, she made her musical debut as the lead vocalist and co-founder of the pop-punk band, Hey Monday . After one full-length album and three EPs, the band went on an indefinite hiatus in 2011. The following year, she released her solo self-titled EP before auditioning for the 3rd season of   The Voice . She joined Blake Shelton ’s team and became the first female winner of the show. The following year, she released her first full-length album  Frame by Frame,  which charted on the top 10 of the Billboard 200  and debuted at number one on Top Country Albums. In 2015, Pope collaborated with Chris Young on his single “Think Of You” from his album, I’m Coming Over . This song became Pope’s first number-one track on the U.S. Country Airplay chart and earned her a Grammy nomination, making her the first The Voice contestant to receive this prestigious status. After parting from her record label, Pope returned to independently releasing music. Hereditary marks her third album as an independent artist. Her discography is extensive, from her pre- and post- The Voice days, ensuring there is truly something for everyone. She is currently on her The Hereditary Tour,  with supporting acts The Foxies and Natalia Taylar on select dates!   She will also be joining Marianas Trench on tour this fall and will be performing with Hey Monday at When We Were Young 2024  in Las Vegas this October and the Emo’s Not Dead Cruise 2025 departing in Miami. Check out her website to find dates near you and purchase tickets or VIP upgrades before they sell out. And make sure you follow her on all social media platforms to stay up to date with all new announcements! Cassadee Pope The Hereditary Tour in Anaheim Pope kicked off the tour with the Hey Monday song, “Homecoming.” This being the first track held special meaning because this new album signifies the singer's return to her roots in pop-punk. Not only was it a track from her original band, but also a subtle nod to her “homecoming” to the genre. The moment the song began, the crowd erupted and everyone around me was singing along. It was such a pure and beautiful moment amongst fans and Pope, displaying their loyalty to her and her appreciation for us. Throughout the night, she sang well-known singles, new songs, deep cuts, and several Hey Monday tracks. In the middle of her set, the band left the stage leaving Pope with her guitar. This set was a fan service to longtime supporters, as she took this time to perform a medley of all four songs from her self-titled EP. Dedicated fans were emotional, and I almost shed a tear. Pope catered to her fans, rather than the general public, making this tour one of the best I have ever attended. Pope not only performed the medley but also sang a cover of “Complicated” by pop-rock queen, Avril Lavigne . She invited The Foxies’s singer Julia Bullock on stage to perform the song with her. The Foxies are a supporting act for a select number of shows on the tour. After writing two song reviews for the band, I was beyond excited to see them on the lineup for this tour. The two singer’s voices beautifully blended, giving fans a taste of a potential future collaboration. Both Pope and Bullock played Belinda in a recent production of Only Hope: A Musical Tribute to A Walk to Remember, so they made a joke of releasing a joint project called “The Belindas.” After watching this performance, this is my formal request to Cassadee and Julie: please, turn this into a reality. Cassadee Pope The Hereditary Tour in Anaheim Alongside the beautiful medley of her first solo project and the handful of Hey Monday tracks, there were many songs that I was not expecting but entirely overjoyed to hear. From the powerful “Piano” to the cheeky “FYI,” Pope sang deep cuts and fan favorites that everyone was ecstatic to hear. Her setlist was filled with original tracks, besides the one Avril cover, showcasing her diverse and mesmerizing discography. Even Pope’s energy was captivating, as she always is live. Her shows are “comfort concerts” for me, guaranteeing that I will have a great time and know every single word. Prior to the show, Pope announced to her followers that she had been in the ER with three bulging discs in her neck. As a result, she wouldn’t be going as hard as she normally does to prevent further injury. Despite this, Pope put on one spectacular show showcasing the passion and effort she always puts in — just with less head banging. I was in awe of her ability to compel the audience with just her voice. It takes an insane amount of natural talent to keep an audience engaged, and Pope did not disappoint. Anyone who has the chance to see her needs to take advantage of this opportunity and buy tickets immediately to see this incredible artist live. If you are able to get tickets, consider purchasing VIP! The VIP upgrade allows you early entry to the venue (where applicable), a signed poster, an acoustic performance of two songs, and a meet & greet with Pope. I purchased these tickets because my husband had not had the opportunity to meet her yet. As always, Pope was the most kind and endearing person. She has a way of making whoever she is talking to feel like the most important person in the room. Being able to reconnect with her after five years was an incredible experience. Her presence both on stage and off the stage is remarkable. She stays true to who she is, inviting her audience to do the same. Whether you are a longtime fan or just getting into her music, Pope has something for everyone. Her fans are all open and inviting, and she has a team that is supportive and friendly, making her one of the best artists to support. Make sure to stream her new album, Hereditary , and buy tickets to the tour now! Written By Karlee Skipper Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube *copyright not intended. Fair use act, section 107.

  • Review: "Sweet Hurricane" - RaRa

    RaRa's latest single, Sweet Hurricane , explores the polarizing fire that arises during the lead up to a lover's quarrel. As she sings "There's something here, I feel it in the air tonight" RaRa artistically conjures up imagery of a metaphorical storm brewing –providing listeners with a sharp rise in anticipation, similar to the on-edge sensation one would get just before an impending hurricane touched down. Love is a catalyst that can invoke a bevy of actions when tensions are high and passion runs deep. RaRa eloquently touches on the raw emotion that comes through during a fight between partners, belting out the line "Come on scream and shout, shout, shout. Go slam the door, why don't you smash a glass or two". Sweet Hurricane is an emotionally charged love ballad that touches on the susceptibility, romantic strife, and overwhelming adoration felt between partners, and is certainly worth a couple dozen listens from fans of high-quality pop music that makes you feel something. From a production standpoint, Sweet Hurricane is ultra polished and smooth from start to finish – providing listeners with a fun listening experience that is filled with intoxicating lyrics one can't help but sing along to. This track gives big Amy Winehouse vibes with its timeless instrumentation and big, electric female vocals that are sure to induce the dropping of jaws from audience members. The powerful percussion within Sweet Hurricane adds a level of dynamism to the song reminiscent of the iconic Big Band arrangements heard within the music of classic 60s era crooners like Aretha Franklin. This is an uber infectious, high-energy tune that is sure to get stuck in your head after just one listen. RaRa, aka Raquel Reno, first began performing live at open mic nights and local jam sessions around her hometown of Cheltnham, UK – before moving to China in 2013 to join a band. Since then, RaRa's vocal talents have taken her to Dubai, and eventually Nashville, where she is currently collaborating with some heavy hitters within the industry. Raquel has gone on to co-write with John Fortis, Paul O'Duffy, Ant Whiting, and is currently working with Grammy winning producer Lawrence 'Boo' Mitchell at Royal Studios in South Memphis. The young starlet's iconic vintage aesthetic stems from her profound love of sixties soul, reflected by her ever-growing collection of classic vinyl. Written By Dan Caddigan FOLLOW RARA: Instagram   | Spotify  | TikTok  | Website  | YouTube *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "Lost Soldier" - Alex Kate

    Singer-songwriter Alex Kate captures the overlooked issue of men's mental health in her new ethereal piece "Lost Soldier." A topic not usually broached in songwriting, Alex Kate delicately touches on the subject by placing it in the context of the world of a magical Neverland. Home to innocent youths and the famous Lost Boys, Neverland is illustrated as a world where time cannot affect its inhabitants—a place of tranquility and peace where the anxieties and troubles of adulthood are nowhere to be seen. Kate uses the idea of Neverland as a metaphor for escapism, a visit to a land where you can be relinquished from a turmoiled state of mind. Kate writes about an inward fragility behind a “fortress of iron,” painfully guarded from others. When writing the song Kate wanted to raise awareness about the high statistical rate of male suicide. The song emphasizes the tendency to internalize emotions due to societal expectations of men always to appear strong and stable. The song unfolds like a military procession, driven by the steady drumbeats, representing a sense of confinement and a lifelong obligation. Kate references “little soldier” repetitively which follows along to a somber drumming pattern, furthering the portrayal of an internal war cry among its male soldiers. The song uses timpani drums to create an earthy oriental sound and features piano and strings for a heavenly feel that glides over each chant and verse. This includes her battle-like rhythmic vocals that pulse and soar over her moving lyrics, adding to the cinematic and soundtrack quality. At different points of “Lost Soldier,” we are met with the hypnotizing sparkle of an 80's influence, contributing to a mystifying and otherworldly sound that highlights the “Neverland-esque” depiction. The steady and soft move of her voice gives a tranquilizing effect, her tone calming. It is as if she is coaxing us from our shells, bidding us to come forward and seek help, to come to a safe place, or in other words, a Neverland. An inspiring artist who has been compared to Kate Bush and Florence and The Machine, Alex Kate renders her music in the form of what she describes as a “cathartic hug.” Her music moves through a nostalgic pop, alternative, and at some points, cinematic wave of 80's pop. Kate uses her music as a tool to honestly share her personal stories in the hopes of reaching others who have gone through similar moments in life. Kate encourages others to pursue their dreams, having once only imagined them but fearing taking the chance. Now that she has, Kate is overwhelmingly thankful, as are we, her listeners, for creating powerful and pulling music. Honest and freeing, her music takes on a warmth and liberating quality that only Kate can exude from a completely appreciatively honest point of view. “Lost Soldier” feels like a breath of fresh air with its mellow melody and open-hearted lyrics, it's a message of support to those who feel lost and afraid. Written By Mia Chavez FOLLOW ALEX KATE: Instagram   | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube   *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "DOUBLE PARKED" - Noah Vernon

    Noah Vernon’s newest EP, THIS EP TOOK FIVE YEARS, was certainly worth all five with the piece of artistry and talent that was created. The first track, “DOUBLE PARKED”, is an interesting song with a storyline centering around Vernon’s mental health and struggles in life. The soundscape itself is led by a pulsating drum beat layered under electronic guitar chords, stripping away to acoustic guitars at moments throughout the track to drive home Vernon’s lyrics. His style is similar to that of Kid Laroi and ROLE MODEL, with slightly less rap and slightly more emotional and hard hitting words. Vernon doesn’t list specific grievances in his life, more of an overall frustration at his current path. His opening verse details the feeling of searching your entire life for your place in the world, and still struggling to find it despite all efforts. His title is a reference to his feeling of being trapped in his struggles, and not having a way out of these frustrations. His real heartbreaking lines come in the second half of the chorus, where he sings, “And it all just feels like / falling on the bathroom floor / Double text and hope for something / Wonder why everything that feels good / Is always gonna cut us sometimes”. Emotional and such a relatable feeling, Vernon’s voice perfectly relays the sadness and frustration of these events. Noah Vernon is an Australian singer-songwriter from Melbourne, who has been immersed in the world of music since a young age. He has multiple singles on streaming platforms, along with his newest aforementioned EP, and has amassed almost 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. He blends genres together seamlessly to create his unique sound, and listeners love the mix of pop, R&B, and rock. He sings about issues such as mental health and the struggles of finding your way as a young adult. His songwriting abilities put even the most complicated emotions into words. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more music from Vernon. Written By Tessa Maddaloni FOLLOW NOAH VERNON: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Review: "bad sign" (feat. Almost July) - OAKLND

    OAKLND's 'bad sign' is the perfect summer breakup song to replay over and over until we simply have no tears left to cry. Featuring indie-pop artist Almost July, this single works to ease our throbbing heartaches and fresh wounds even though we often tell ourselves "I'm fine". As we put on our headphones, close our eyes, and stare at our ceilings with a variety of emotions, 'bad sign' gives us the urge to sullenly nod our heads up and down to its catchy beat. As soon as the listener begins to feel themselves sink into the sound and lose track of time, the bass kicks in, interrupting our sulking session and snapping us back to reality. Grieving the loss of a relationship, OAKLND and Almost July produce a summer anthem with a catchy, yet melancholic melody of a heart stuck in the past. Despite knowing that the lingering thoughts in our heads are a “bad sign”, our hearts can’t help but get swept up in the sentimental sound of one of summer’s most vulnerably honest breakup songs. From the comforting rhythm to the painfully genuine lyrics, it can be said that 'bad sign' is not your average breakup song. From the very first moment you hit play, the smooth, slow-tempo pace is able to transport the the listener into a state of saddened tranquility. The distant synth paired with the steady bass creates a heavy, lasting vibe that allows the listener's mind to wander and face their unresolved feelings. Throughout the song, OAKLND sings woefully, and when Almost July joins in, the two work together to produce a somber echo with their voices. The raw vocals simulate the voices in our heads that are constantly reminding us that even if something isn't good for us, one can't help but spiral into that emotional distress. Just when we've gotten acclimated to the broken-hearted mood, OAKLND strikes us with a strong bass and impactful energy shift when the song nears its end, hitting close to home. While the lyrics capture the inner turmoil of the lovesick romantic, the instrumental gives us a distraction from the pain of knowing that sometimes things don't work out no matter how much love and time we invest in our partners. OAKLND's 'bad sign' directly confronts our tender feelings but still proves that there is peace to be found in our solitude. OAKLND is a UK-based singer-songwriter that has gradually accumulated fans from all over the world! Coming onto the alt-pop scene just a couple of years ago, the upcoming artist has gained over 5k monthly listeners on Spotify, with one of his most popular singles 'guess ur doing fine' reaching over 135k streams! In other words, we look forward to hearing more "dreamy west coast sad pop" songs from OAKLND in the future. The NYC band, Almost July, has also began to make recent waves in the indie-pop scene with their 2022 single 'not ur type' surpassing 200k streams on Spotify alone! As both artists work to expand their discography, 'bad sign' gives us a sneak peek into their upcoming EP titled 'older'. OAKLND and Almost July steadily boost our anticipation with this recent release, and their growing audiences can't wait to see more collaborations from them in the future! In the meantime, you can listen to their new single, 'older', and keep tabs on both artists by checking out the socials below! Written By Pejah Carr FOLLOW OAKLND: Instagram | Spotify FOLLOW ALMOST JULY: Instagram | Spotify

  • Review: "Dance Within" - Lisa Humber

    Lisa Humber's new single, "Dance Within" is a beautiful heartfelt piece that touches on the ups and downs of the human mind. We're always full of questions, ever cautious, and fearful of the unknown, but "Dance Within" encourages listeners to let go of our insecurities. It's a song about embracing positivity and self-discovery, despite the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions inside our heads. Society often makes us feel like we need to be on a certain path to succeed. Maybe we feel the need to be like our peers. What we often overlook is that life is what we make it, and joy has no rules. It isn't always easy to see our next move without the veil of anxiety over our eyes, but this song is a lovely little reminder that it's okay to be who we are. "Dance Within" is a gorgeous song musically. It's built simply with vocals and strings at the forefront. These are my favorite kinds of songs to review because they leave so much open for the listener to reflect on. Despite having that luscious cello and organ as a backbone, the song focuses deeply on the vocals. Lisa Humber's voice is allowed room to shine, painting her lyrics with true raw human emotion. Soft piano dots the mix. The occasional crash cymbal rolls as acoustic guitar and mandolin keep the pulse steady. There's no need for loud percussion here. There's no need for over-processing. There's a meaningful connection between the lyrics and the production of the track. They share the same sentiment. Less is more. Lisa Humber is a Toronto-based indie pop musician who discovered her passion for music during the pandemic like so many of us. With a previous career in stage management spanning an impressive two decades and seeing the change in live events, she decided to take the stage herself. She released her debut EP, "The Space Between" in 2022 to overwhelming praise. Her deeply personal way of writing resonates with listeners like a warm hug. It's a breath of fresh air in a world where artists are fighting for fame and attention. Lisa has released two singles already in 2024 beginning with "The Devil's Advocate", an indie rock tune, and now "Dance Within". Both are great songs and if any of this review resonated with you at all, I highly encourage you to check them out yourself! However, Lisa describes her 2024 music journey as a "quadriptych", meaning two more songs are expected this year. For now, unfortunately, we'll have to wait, but until then, "Dance Within" is available on all streaming platforms. Written By Shelbi Baker FOLLOW LISA: Instagram   | Spotify  | Twitter  | Website  | YouTube   *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "All The Ways U Suck" - greenwald

    Sometimes we have an ex that we just can't shake. They constantly call, trying to get back together and can't seem to take a hint. greenwald captures this frustrating scenario perfectly in her new single, "All The Ways U Suck." The track is the artist's second single of 2024, following the release of "Twentysomething" in March. "All The Ways U Suck" is an edgy pop-punk anthem meant to empower those trying to escape a toxic ex that just won't give up. Giving a sneak peek into what's to come from greenwald, "All The Ways U Suck" is part of the artist's upcoming debut EP that is set to release later this year. Channeling her inner Avril Lavigne and Olivia Rodrigo , greenwald gives a not-so-subtle middle finger to her ex with the angsty, pop-punk track that is "All The Ways U Suck." The track features an energetic and excitable soundscape driven by electrifying guitar riffs, spirited drums, and blazing melodies. greenwald delivers the single's hot-tempered lyrics with vibrant and heated vocals, expressing the irritation that comes with dealing with a pesky ex. Matching the vibe the song's sound creates, "All The Ways U Suck" is paired with an equally entertaining music video inspired by the pop-punk aesthetic of the late 90s and early 00s with a modern pop-grunge twist. Kicking off her artist project in 2023, greenwald made her music industry debut with the single "Fighter," later following it with her sophomore release, "Long Distance." She has since received the support of Amazon Music with her songs being featured on playlists like " Brand New Music " and " Fresh Pop ." greenwald has also received airplay on several German radio stations, including Bayern3 , Puls , N-Joy , and egoFM . Ending 2023 with a bang, greenwald was nominated as band of the year by Süddeutsche Zeitung and performed at Olympiahalle in Munich for the Neon Music Festival . Though she's just getting started, greenwald is already an accomplished artist that any pop enthusiast should keep their eye on. Written By Cheyenne Johnson FOLLOW GREENWALD: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | YouTube

  • Review: "Love is Overrated" - Francesca Everly

    Movies and shows tend to portray the best of love but cut the tape because sometimes it feels like a facade. Love can be so disappointing when it doesn’t turn out like we expect. Francesca Everly released her new single “Love is Overrated,” going over all the rage you have after heartbreak. She takes you right into the moment you start to despise the emotion after giving someone your heart who returned it in shreds. From questioning who you are, distracting nights out, to therapy. Francesca covered every step of the confusing process that is healing. With the mix of guitar riffs, punchy drums and vocal arrangement, you can’t help but jump up and down to this song. “Love is Overrated,” is pop rock single, gathering inspiration from 2000’s pop punk and modern day singer-songwriter styles. Lyrically this song covers the struggles of getting over a relationship, but the track is full of upbeat energy. Francesca made the perfect track to go out and rage dance to or scream in the with your friends. The repetition of “love is overrated” and “I’m so sick of” really put emphasis on how tiring it is to constantly deal with relationship fallouts. Despite the topic this song also brings a rebellious anthem type of vibe. Sometimes we need to get mad and release it until we feel better. Understanding your anger and responding to it is what we all need to do, just like Francesca. Francesca Everly is a London based singer-songwriter. She studied at London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. Her songwriting career began in 2021 when she released her debut single “100 Per 100.” Francesca combines Italian pop and British indie to create a style that feels like her. Lyrically she writes about the emotions we love to avoid and the self reflection that comes with growing up. She has been on the journey of diving deeper into who she is as an artist and paving her own path. Francesca has a unique and catchy sound that leaves you wanting more and I’m so ready to check out her future releases. Written By Emylee Herring FOLLOW FRANCESCA EVERLY: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Review: "Falling" - Ashley Elle

    If there’s one thing I’ll always love, it’s a song about falling in love. The feeling of butterflies you get when you start to fall deeper and deeper in love… I… can’t relate. But, we’re not here to unpack that today. No, we’re going to talk about a song that I think is a strong contender for the perfect love song. “Falling” is the latest single by singer and songwriter, Ashley Elle. I was immediately drawn into the beauty of this song, and the pure, romantic lyrics. I especially love this part in the chorus, “When you touch me like you know me / And I feel you on my body / I’m falling right into” . It’s sensual, yet innocent and beautiful. Upon first listening to this song, I noticed that Elle had a sound very reminiscent of Gracie Abrams and Lizzie McAlpine . Mainly because it’s a mid-tempo, indie love song, and because Elle has a certain gentle breathiness to her voice that I was able to connect with Abrams and McAlpine. However, Elle’s voice is one that I don’t really hear very often. It’s soft, quiet, and yet powerful all at the same time. It’s incredibly unique, and I think it pairs perfectly with the strong, lovestruck lyrics she has written. Not to mention the raw acoustic, nostalgic feel the music itself has. The groove makes you feel like you're floating on the ocean somewhere nice and sunny with the one you love by your side. Between the the meaning of the song and the overall style, it reminded me of "Fallin' For You" by Colbie Caillat in the best, nostalgic way possible. Ashley Elle is a Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter. She has been professionally releasing music since 2021, but was signed back in 2019 to Given Entertainment . You may recognize her from some of her popular hits like “how do you stop loving someone?” and “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy”. On Spotify, her fanbase keeps growing and growing, as she is currently sitting at around 10,000 streams a month. She is currently attending Loyola Marymount University, where she plans to hone in on her craft and expand upon her already impressive talent. I hope everyone goes and gives “Falling” a listen! You can stream is everywhere today! Written By Isabel Mays FOLLOW ASHLEY: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Website  | YouTube

  • Review: "flames" - myah

    myah’s new single “flames” is a sad heartbreak pop song that is about a relationship that is spiraling out of control. Imagine desperately trying and doing all you can to try to save a relationship, but it is not working at all despite you putting in all of the effort. “flames” focuses on realizing that the end of the relationship is coming to a near. myah is willing to let everything come crashing down with her despite her toxic relationship. She does not care about the repercussions. myah knows she tried her best to do her part with attempting to make the relationship work. myah feels the pressure and responsibility with having to save her partner from himself as she expresses this concern in the chorus of her song. “flames” is a solid listen for anyone who is on the verge of a breakup. I always appreciate it when a sad pop song has the rawness and realness that myah put into “flames”. You can hear it in her voice and lyrics throughout the song. myah does an excellent job with her lyricism when she compare the relationship to a volcano waiting to erupt at any moment. The lyrics in the song gravitate you towards liking the song more. I found myself more invested in the song as I continued to relate to myah’s lyrics. Singing wise, I enjoyed myah’s lead and background vocals. They perfectly capture her pleading to her partner to come back to their senses. The song does a fantastic job of using crescendos. The verses are quiet and mellow. The choruses are loud and dramatic. The sudden changes in volume throughout the song are a good way to keep the listener emotionally in tune with the music. myah is a rising pop star that has been uploading songs to Spotify since 2019. “flames” is a testament to the bright future she has in the pop genre with her clever lyrics and great vocals. Although “flames” is myah’s recent song, there are other amazing songs she has in her catalog that deserves attention as well. Those songs include “everything”, “notice me”, and “hurricane”. Her discography is an example of the range and versatility of myah has to offer to the scene. If you are interested in seeing her perform live, myah will be on stage at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, California on September 5 at 7:30. Make sure to follow myah on all socials to keep up with her musical journey. Written By Major Taylor FOLLOW myah: Instagram   | Spotify   | TikTok | Facebook  | YouTube *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "Mindset" - Only The Poets

    Only The Poets gives us a song that scratches deeper than the surface. The song "Mindset" allows us to discover how it feels to fall for someone who alters your mindset. We get the chance to explore what it might be like to love someone who helps open us up to new things. The song says, "Lost in my vices / But you changed my mindset / Now my mind is set on you." From my own personal experiences I can relate and connect deeper to these lyrics because I've had a relationship where I've experienced similar things. I think it's a common feeling most people have the privilege of experiencing. Towards the end of the song it says, "Thought love was dying / But you changed my mindset / Now my mind is set on you." There's an overflow of emotion and passion regarding the way the artists feel about the person they have this connection with. The song "Mindset" is very upbeat, which makes the message of the song hold even more power. The mood is something that can only be described as hopeful and awestruck; the artists are completely encapsulated by this relationship they get to be a part of. The music itself incorporates a large amount of synth sounds and a fair amount of guitar. This works well within the song because it helps keep the upbeat tone of the piece. When we add the vocals, it adds a softer feel to the song which helps melt all of the pieces into a well constructed and cohesive piece of music. Altogether, the listener gets to soak all of these elements in while also letting the music work through them. Only The Poets are breaking down walls within the alt pop genre of music following their international chart success, 'One More Night'. The song 'Mindset' comes shortly after their hectic tour, which included support spots for Tom Grennan and YUNGBLUD, they will be performing at the Reading & Leeds Festival in August as well. When asked about their influences within the musical realm they said, "We've taken a lot of our influences from stuff we're listening to now intertwined with Brit-pop and experimented with vocal layers and harmonies. At the back our minds we're constantly thinking about how these songs will sound live. We really wanted to go for that big, expansive stadium filler sound." Only The Poets have built themselves from the ground up from playing house parties, to pubs, to selling out 1,600 capacity venues in Europe. If they keep building their fanbase, they'll be sold out in no time. Make sure to jump on the fan wagon now! Written By Destiny Rundquist FOLLOW Only The Poets: Instagram | Spotify

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