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  • Review: "Take A Minute" - Chris Noah

    “Take A Minute” offers that minute, that moment, to contemplate emotions. It’s the honest story of being dishonest with yourself concerning romantic relationships. Though he openly describes the love he holds for this person, it comes with a fear of this intimacy. It’s a refreshing love story that still doesn’t fail to recognize the modern day implications of one. “Take A Minute” feels like a fairy tale prince offering a talking stage. Chris Noah manages to evoke this strange combination through the strength of his emotion, the open way in which he describes it, and the logical way in which he addresses it. To wait this minute, to take a second to catch your breath, it doesn’t make a difference in his feelings and yet it is seemingly required. He explores the illusion of diluted passion found in relationships today by delving into his own passion and making the listener feel it, as well as understand why he thinks he can’t. The song begins with a catchy, organic, guitar. You don’t even notice how low, how dense, these notes are until they seem to fall away into Chris’ light and refreshing voice. The music follows him, quieting and creating a more peaceful harmony behind his singing. His lyrics flow poetically, offering seemingly incohesive imagery that still fits together perfectly. He moves away from this introduction and begins to describe his subject with the summarizing statement of “I don’t want to sound obsessed, if the world’s about to end why am I holding my breath?”. This method of describing his situation is consistent throughout the song. He conflicts himself, his mind and his emotions debating constantly. This line is also featured in his chorus, which occurs a moment later. The music here is even more uplifting, his voice being the focal point of it in a background track layered over his standard singing. His descriptions of wanting to hold back mostly occur here, with the moments in between being full of nothing but adoration for whom he sings to. The song ends with another rendition of the chorus but now, it seems to be interrupted, as if his “minute” is up. Chris Noah is a Riga based artist who was born to a musical family, a singing instructor mother and a musician father. His self-released singles “Fall Through” and “River”, made predictably early on in his life, created his immediate rise to fame. Since these releases his popularity has grown more and more, especially in Latvia where his single “You” became one of the most played songs of the year in 2017. His first EP was nominated for best debut at the Latvian Music Awards and his most recent for Pop Album of the Year at the Latvian Music recording awards. A song from this recent EP “Sunboy” achieved a similar nomination at the same awards, that is for song of the year. “Take A Minute” , his latest release, is on its way to similar success and further, stream it and follow Chris Noah below. Written By Hailey Schap FOLLOW CHRIS NOAH:

  • Review: "Before I Fall Apart" - Elle Coves

    Self-sabotage in relationships can be incredibly challenging because it creates a constant cycle that traps us. The negative thoughts that arise from self-sabotage convince us that we are undeserving of the happiness we find in our relationships. Consequently, we push ourselves away from someone who genuinely wants to be a part of our lives and treats us well. Elle Coves’ single “Before I Fall Apart” reflects this. Engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors is essentially like shooting ourselves in the foot. It leads us to treat ourselves negatively, which in turn keeps us stagnant in life, preventing growth, success, happiness, and other well-deserved experiences. Overcoming self-sabotage requires recognizing our own worth and learning to embrace the positive aspects of our relationships. It involves breaking free from the destructive patterns that slow down our progress and choosing to pursue the healthier and joyful path that we’ve always wanted. Elle's debut single, "Before I Fall Apart," is a summer hit, the kind you'd joyfully blast in your car with the windows down and the wind blowing through your hair on a sunny day. Elle battles with internal doubts and fears while appreciating the beauty of her relationship. She acknowledges its potential and is enjoying the genuine care she receives, but her self-sabotaging tendencies emerge, threatening her happiness. The lyrics reflect her struggle: "I try to run but oh my God I can't escape this feeling. Try to move on, it's back to you that all my roads keep leading. You're all I want, so give me something that I can believe in, before I fall apart." Elle recognizes that these negative doubts are just illusions fabricated by her own mind. Self-sabotage tricks us into believing that we are unworthy of the blessings in our lives, stopping our personal growth and blocking our happiness. However, Elle realizes, and declares, "I know it's all just in my head." Yet, overcoming these behaviors requires time and effort. It becomes a journey towards practicing consistent positive thoughts and believing that the good things that come our way are meant for us. Towards the end of the song, Elle swings back and forth between battling her thoughts and doubting herself and the relationship before it even has the chance to get anywhere, expressing, "Fall apart, right before it even starts. I don't want to break your heart. I don't wanna fall apart." Elle Coves is an 18-year-old pop singer and songwriter born in Germany. At the age of 13, she relocated to Ireland, where she began her songwriting journey. Just a year ago, she completed her education, and a few months ago in February, she had the opportunity to support and tour with Lewis Capaldi. Elle is swiftly establishing herself by consistently investing in her growth as an artist and expanding her audience. Despite "Before I Fall Apart" being her debut single, she has already accomplished impressive things, such as touring alongside artists, headlining her first show at Notting Hill Arts Club, collaborating with the industry's top writers and producers, and surpassing 70,000 streams on Spotify! Stay connected with Elle Coves' journey by following the links below, and don't forget to check out "Before I Fall Apart" out now on all streaming platforms! Written By Sneet Efrem FOLLOW ELLE COVES:

  • Review: "1-800-GOT-STRESS" - Devon Cole

    In the classic Devon Cole fashion, her latest single is an unforgettable alt-pop song that covers meaningful topics through clever lyrics and an infectious production. “1-800-GOT-STRESS” details her struggle with anxiety and how it affects her daily life. The relatable lyrics throughout the track effortlessly depict the helplessness and unrelenting worry that anxiety causes Cole, especially through earlier times before she found positive coping mechanisms. She references these coping mechanisms in the song, such as breathing methods and counting techniques. However, within the track she demonstrates the moment when these mechanisms fail and there is nothing available to help her through the darkness. In the chorus, she immediately reveals the hook with the lyrics: “Is there someone I could call?// 1-800-got stress// Operator, could you drown out all the voices in my head?// I can’t take it any longer// My heart’s beating out my chest// It’s so nice to talk it out with someone other than my friends.” These lyrics illustrate a scene that is all too familiar for those who wrestle with anxiety. When their anxious thoughts overwhelm their minds, they just want somebody who can talk them off the mental ledge—a hotline for their anxiety. They know they could call up their friends, but they do not want to be a burden, even though they know deep down their friends would do anything for them. Cole conveys these anxious thoughts through a cheeky hook and an unforgettable production that is meant to be replayed on a constant loop. “1-800-GOT-STRESS” consists of a catchy melody that perfectly complements Cole’s compelling vocals. The song begins with a bass line that ends the intro with a single note slid down the neck to introduce the first verse. As Cole begins singing, the bass continues while a muted acoustic guitar is strummed alongside the bass, maintaining the same tempo. At the end of the second line, the drum beat kicks in as the production increases. While the bass and drum remain steady in the chorus, a keyboard replaces the acoustic guitar. In the second half of the chorus, the bass emphasizes each number as Cole sings, “I count one, two, three// Trying hard to breathe// But it doesn’t seem like you’re getting me.” In the background, breath sound effects and light claps are added to the beat, symbolizing the coping mechanisms Cole is describing. She sings another round of this with the lyrics, “I count one, two, three// ‘til I fall asleep// ‘Cause it doesn’t seem like you’re getting me.” The chorus ends with background vocals singing “one, two, three” with a reverb effect that represents the anxiety depicted in the song. The addition of each unique effect is an ingenious detail that brilliantly encapsulates the meaning of the song through the creative artistic details. The second verse kicks off with only Cole’s voice, quickly met by the bass and a unique keyboard note between each line. The second half of the verse brings back the original production of the first verse, with an addition of echoing background vocals and an electric guitar. The unique instrumentation of the chorus returns for the second one, and a muted guitar is added to the counting lines. Then in the bridge, there is only a piano and lead vocals to emphasize the clever, yet emotional climax of the song. Toward the end of the bridge, ethereal background vocals and an organ are added to further enhance the whimsical atmosphere. The song switches to the outro which utilizes the chorus instrumentation, but additional vocals are added as the track slowly closes out. “1-800-GOT-STRESS” is an incredibly dynamic track that not only showcases Cole’s unmistakable songwriting ability and her phenomenal vocals, but also her understanding of anxiety and mental health. Devon Cole is a singer-songwriter from Calgary, Canada. She made her debut in 2020 with her single, “July for the Whole Year.” The following year, she released four subsequent sequels which were all featured on her debut EP, Party For One. The project has garnered millions of streams and massive support from several industry tastemakers. In 2022, Cole was signed with Arista Records and released her first single under the label, “W.I.T.C.H.” Prior to officially releasing the song, she performed a snippet of the track on TikTok, where the video earned over 40 million views and became a viral sound on the platform. Recently, Cole received a 2023 Juno Award nomination for Breakthrough Artist of the Year. The talented artist strives to make music that lifts the spirits of listeners and provides them comfort through her lyrics. With her extensive discography of relatable and reflective songs, Cole has already succeeded this goal and continues to release unforgettable tracks. Written By Karlee Skipper FOLLOW DEVON:

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