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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"10,000 Dominos (My Best Friend's Breakup Song)" - Tanners

Need a breakout anthem? Maybe you feel stuck in a thought pattern, a relationship, or a situation that simply doesn’t work anymore. Well, do I have the song for you! It’s called ‘10,000 Dominos (My Best Friend’s Breakup Song)’ by Tanners. As the parentheses imply, this song takes the perspective of one of the artist’s best friends, who wrote an emotion-filled letter to her ex. Within the lyrics are sobering realizations about growing up and out of who you used to be. That includes the roles you played in other people’s stories. It's so relatable that she essentially reads your mind!

“I used to wear you like a trophy, 3rd place unsatisfied; I’ve been counting on you to confuse cruelty and love in me.” People-pleasers, this you? Tanners graciously reflects on the experiences in her friend’s relationship and locks on to why it no longer works. It took a mental toll and created a box that was incredibly difficult to leave. Into that, Tanners seamlessly inserts her own emotions, creating an even more compelling narrative. You get these elegant vocals from Tanners that are beautifully layered to create intimacy. Otherworldly synths give the song a dreamy vibe. In the end, the best friend sends their ex off with a hint of thankfulness for their relationship. That’s inspiring in itself!

Tanners (Tanner Peterson) is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter who produces her own psych-pop creations. Her music combines otherworldly sounds with infectious pop hooks. Her work has received support from major music outlets such as FADER and Rolling Stone. When it comes to her live performances, she’s showcased her high-flying energy all over NYC. Her latest release ‘10,000 Dominos (My Best Friend’s Breakup Song)’ is nothing short of a masterpiece. I can’t wait to see what Tanners gives us next!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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