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  • Cheyenne Johnson

10 Underrated Love Songs That Deserve Our Attention This Valentine's Day

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When someone mentions love songs, there are always a few that immediately come to mind. From classics like "Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis to more modern hits like "Love On The Brain" by Rhianna, there are a plethora of popular love songs that people go to for their romantic moments. But what about the love songs we don't hear enough of? What about the love songs some people have never heard? There are so many beautiful, romantic songs that fly under our radars. Here are 10 love songs I believe deserve some extra limelight this Valentine's Day.

10. "Waiting" - Jake Bugg ft. Noah Cyrus

"Waiting" by Jake Bugg and Noah Cyrus gives all the retro vibes, seeming to draw inspiration from 50s and 60s ballads. This song is a pleasant cocktail of blues, jazz, indie rock, and pop, featuring Jake Bugg and Noah Cyrus' sensual voices. The duo share romantic lyrics and deliver them with a softness that creates a tender atmosphere. The slow, rocking rhythm driving the song is perfect for slow dancing, a great choice for a romantic moment. Between Bugg and Cyrus' sultry vocals, their exquisite harmonies, and the lush music accompanying them, this song is criminally underrated and deserves a spot on anyone's Valentine's Day playlist.

9. "I Get To Love You" - Ruelle

This song is one of the most romantic songs I've ever heard. "I Get To Love You" is a song Ruelle wrote as a surprise for her husband. The song was played for their first dance at their wedding and is an honest reflection of her feelings for him. "I Get To Love You" reflects the realization that Ruelle doesn't have to love her husband, she gets to. The song is beautiful and simple, consisting of Ruelle's soft voice, piano, and tender strings. Even if you aren't in love, this stunning song makes falling in love sound so tempting.

8. "When You Fall In Love" - Andrew Ripp

Andrew Ripp captures the beauty of falling in love perfectly with his song, "When You Fall In Love." The song is full of sweet lyrics and optimistic melodies. It contains a simplistic beauty, featuring Ripp's lovely vocals, which are supported by piano and cello. The song highlights some of the sweetest feelings that come with being in love. Ripp sings, "You'll drive all night/Cause you don't wanna miss even one little kiss/And you couldn't sleep anyway," showcasing some of the cute little things people do when they fall in love. Between the lyrics and the way Ripp's voice soars singing the chorus, it's enough to make anyone's heart flutter.

7. "Yours" - Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson gives us another soft, gentle ballad with "Yours." This song is featured on her debut album, Chapter One, and was co-written and produced by Josh Records. "Yours" expresses how Henderson is ready to be in a relationship with someone and is ready to accept the love being offered to her. Henderson's wispy, smokey vocals take us on a journey of learning to love. "Yours" is warm and comforting for anyone who is scared to let themselves fall in love.

6. "Put It All On Me" - Ed Sheeran ft. Ella Mai

Not every love song has to be a ballad. "Put It All On Me" is a peppy, upbeat love anthem from Ed Sheeran and Ella Mai. This song isn't the first to come to mind when thinking about the love songs Ed Sheeran has created. If you were to ask someone which love songs they associate with Ed Sheeran, their responses would probably range from "Thinking Out Loud" to "Dive" to "Perfect." "Put It All On Me" deserves its time in the spotlight as one of Sheeran's best love songs; it sends a positive message about leaning on the person you love and being there for each other. This uplifting pop track is featured on the album, No. 6 Collaborations Project. It brilliantly combines Ed Sheeran's pop aesthetics with Ella Mai's R&B vocals.

5. "Dance With Me" - Phillip Phillips

Phillip Phillips gives us another perfect song on this list to slow dance to with his song, "Dance With Me." This song is a beautiful pop ballad featured on Phillips' album, Collateral. Phillips' tender vocals are supported by a lush combination of strings, piano, guitar, and light percussion. The lyrics are full of sweet moments with Phillips expressing his love for his partner. With poetic lyrics like "I have seen a sunset in the western sky/Ain't nothin' like the brightness in your eyes," it's enough to make anyone swoon.

4. "Unbreakable" - Jamie Scott

Jamie Scott's "Unbreakable" is cute little indie pop ditty. The lyrics of the song reflect a touching love story, where Scott sees the woman he's pining after go through a rough patch. He expresses his innermost desires to protect her and help her pick up the pieces. The lyrics are sweet as he confesses his love for her. "Unbreakable" is primarily indie pop, but with a hint of folk reminiscent of Mumford and Sons. The song features an acoustic guitar-led melody with Scott's earnest vocals.

3. "Strawberry Kisses" - Amber-Simone

London-based singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Amber-Simone gives us the grooviest song on this list. "Strawberry Kisses" is an upbeat, synth-laden track. It features a stunning blend of disco, soul, and pop sounds. "Strawberry Kisses" was released as a single in 2018 and is a playful take on Amber-Simone's gooey feelings for a relationship she was in. With its funky sounds and light-hearted lyrics, "Strawberry Kisses" gives all the feel-good energy and is impossible not to dance along to.

2. "Hunger" - Ross Copperman

Ross Copperman hits us in the alt-pop feels with his love ballad, "Hunger." This song is full of sweet lyrics and reflects the feelings of love setting your soul on fire. The way the song dramatically builds to each chorus makes love feel so epic. It features a rich instrumentation, supporting Ross' passionate vocals and is reminiscent of a power ballad. "Hunger" was released in 2015 and accompanied a romantic dance between Damon and Elena on The Vampire Diaries.

1. "Impossible" - Nothing But Thieves

Words cannot fully express how much I adore this song or this band. "Impossible" is a gorgeous ballad by Nothing But Thieves, featuring Conor Mason's powerful vocals and the band's signature indie sound. The song is a single from Moral Panic and serves as a relief from the dark, pessimistic themes on the album. "Impossible" was released in 2020, a time where the world needed to feel a little more love and hope. The lyrics express finding release in love—whether it be with someone else or through self-love. Between the huge melodies, soaring vocals, and epic soundscape, "Impossible" can ignite even the most lost soul and give us the hope that through love, anything is possible.

Did any of these songs help you "feel the love" this Valentine's Day? Were there any you would've liked to have seen on this list? Follow our socials and let us know what you think!

Written By Cheyenne Johnson

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