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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"4Walls" by Kelly Floyd

Have you ever felt out of place and don’t know where you belong? There’s a song called ‘4Walls’ by Kelly Floyd that I think would be perfect for you! It’s about searching for stability, both physically and emotionally. It also recalls important lessons that the artist learned through moving around frequently in a short time. “Kept the tears to myself...nothing pans out like they say.” Unexpected changes can leave you feeling lost, but you’re not alone! This song is like a warm embrace that validates any loneliness and bewilderment you may feel!

“In 2009 they taught me about lines that some people don’t wanna connect; then 2020 turns and whole world learns that nobody can make it alone.” The verses are quick autobiographical snapshots, beautifully captured at just the right moment. Floyd’s luscious, hypnotic voice has an invigorating energy that’s only strengthened by the accompanying bass guitar and drums. Soft vocal harmonies in the bridge gently nudge us toward self-acceptance by unpacking the past. It’s absolutely enchanting!

Kelly Floyd’s independent artistry stems from her love of journaling. At age 8, she kept journals that contained drawings with a few words written below to help capture a specific moment in time. At one point, she realized that the entries needed to come off the page. That’s when she began using her love of storytelling to create music. By turning journal entries into songs, she’s found a ravishing way of turning confusing times of change into strength. ‘4Walls’ is only Kelly Floyd’s second single and she’s already mastered her style of writing! Expect even greater things from this marvelous artist!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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