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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "ANTISOCIAL" - Lorelei Marcell

We're over-dependent on social media. I'm not talking about you specifically or that one person you know that has distanced themselves from everything-- I mean our society, our generations. So, in a new track that speaks about antisocial social media, we can find Lorelei Marcell at the forefront, talking about her struggle with work-life balance, wanting to have privacy, and also wanting to maintain being in the eye of her fans. "ANTISOCIAL" discusses how our social interaction has changed to involve the least social way of talking--through the internet. It's a critique of how social media affects us today; our friendships depend on having one platform to keep up with each other.

With electronic elements and her addictive voice, we can't help but fall into a trance with Lorelei Marcell's newest release, "ANTISOCIAL". She says, "I'm not antisocial, just misunderstood"-- a good representation of how if we're not constantly active on the newest hyped social platforms, we're labeled as antisocial as if there isn't an entire world to explore and be social in. The song starts with a somber sound, but as her vocals slowly intertwine, it brings the feeling up-- leading into an electronically heavy and passionate track that impacts the listener yet still keeps a lingering sadness through the meaning of her words. As a person in the public eye, Marcell is expected to be on social media--sharing every bit of her life with her fans, but that's not what she wants to do. She wants to form genuine connections, but with this antisocial social media, it's hard to do that through a screen. We feed an addiction when we scroll through social media--stabilizing our routine with false depictions of others' lives and missing out on the relationships we used to have with people.

Lorelei Marcell is an iconic pop artist. Building her music from a path of vulnerability and curiosity toward what we consider normal, she provides a refreshing and authentic community for her fans. From outside Philadelphia, brought up in Boston, and now in LA--the talented artist has amassed hundreds of thousands of views and streams on her music, even gaining attention from well-known songwriters. She's brilliant with her pop melodies, harmonizing them with her stunning vocals and bringing captivating tracks begging us to stay for more.

Written by Jane Katryn



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