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Best Music Reaction Channels on YouTube

Best Music Reaction Channels on YouTube

If you’re like me, you love to watch others experience your favorite music. There's something exciting about seeing the look on someone's face when they hear an incredible song for the very first time ever. I like to hear other's thoughts, insights and even their critiques on music that I listen to on a daily basis. It's really interesting to see it from someone else's point of view; especially when it's not usually their personal favorite tastes. It's even more fun when you can relate to exactly how they react and feel about a certain artist or song.

Reaction channels on YouTube have become extremely popular over the years, but not all of them are necessarily fulfilling to watch. A lot of the time, they just sit there with a blank stare and there's not much commentary. This list of YouTubers, however, are the complete opposite. These are the best music reaction channels on YouTube who will entertain you with their emotional and enthusiastic reactions as well as their thoughts and comments on the music.

Caitlin Marie Reacts

Caitlin Marie Reacts YouTube Channel
Caitlin Marie via Instagram

Caitlin Marie is a music lover, horror movie fan, and gamer girl from Rhode Island. She started her channel, Caitlin Marie Reacts in 2013. In 2020, she doubled her fanbase within the year going from 100k subscribers to 200k. She reacts to every new mainstream album that comes out; from bigger starts like Taylor Swift to smaller artists like Maisie Peters. What makes Caitlin stand out from the rest, is she gives her honest opinion! She's not afraid she say when she doesn't connect with a certain song or project. She often points out stand out lyrics and discusses them. She's also so relatable and hilarious in her reactions; plus her video editing is to die for. Not only does Caitlin react to music, but she also has a second channel called she's scared, where she reacts to horror movies. Caitlin also plays video games and streams on Twitch! Caitlin is also on Patreon where she posts uncut, unedited versions of her reaction videos (both music and movies) as well as exclusive videos for her devoted supporters!

Chats & Reacts

Chats and Reacts Bonny Rebecca and Emily Hunt YouTube Channel
Bonny and Emily via @chatsandreacts Instagram

Chats & Reacts is a channel made by Australian besties, Bonny Rebecca and Emily Hunt! This adorable duo are known for their full body reactions and dramatic facial expressions. They are both huge pop music fans and are deeply invested Swifties. They react to all the latest mainstream albums, as well as some songs. They also do album rankings. What I love about their videos in particular is how they pause to not only make sure they're understanding the lyrics they've just listened to, but to also stay true to the "chat" part of their channel name. They do a lot of discussion on what they're listening to and that's something you don't get in a lot of other reaction videos! When they love a song, they'll describe it as "offensive" or "illegal" which makes me crack up every time. You can support Chats & Reacts on Instagram and Patreon as well where they have a private discord server and exclusive content!


HTHAZE YouTube Reaction Channel
HTHAZE via Instagram

Hamilton Troye Hayes, a music producer also known as HTHAZE on YouTube, is the perfect reactor if you're looking for a sense of humor. His comments and his editing style always has me rolling on the floor - all the while, he still keeps his thoughts honest and genuine. He reacts to albums and songs; and he doesn't just stay mainstream either. He's a music lover who explores all areas and genres. The effort that he puts into his content doesn't go unnoticed. If you love a full break down, he talks about everything in a song from the lyrics, to the production, to the vocals. If you want a live reaction, he initially streams his reactions on Twitch. If you miss it, you can watch the full, unedited reactions by becoming a supporter on his Patreon!

Tristan Paredes

Tristan Paredes Voice Teacher Coach YouTube Reaction Channel
Tristan Paredes via Instagram

Tristan Paredes is a vocal coach who mostly post song reactions to mainstream pop music on his YouTube Channel! If you're looking for shorter videos and specifically videos about songs, then this is the channel for you. Tristan is hilarious and has the most iconic facial expressions. He also focuses on the vocal side of things, explaining and demonstrating what the artists are doing with their voices. He actually offers voice lessons both online and in Los Angeles which you can sign up for here. If you find that you enjoy Tristan's content and want more, he also has a Patreon where you can find exclusive content and get early access to unreleased videos!

Hannah Bayles

Your Voice Teacher Hannah Bayles YouTube Reaction Channel
Hannah Bayles via Instagram

Hannah Bayles, formerly known as Your Voice Teacher, is a vocal coach who reacts to songs, live performances, and musical theater. She has a fun, quirky personality that catches your attention and makes you want to binge watch everything she's ever posted. She's a great choice if you're not looking to watch hour long reaction videos. She also lets her inner vocal coach come out and explains what she hears the singers doing while reacting to them. Hannah runs a studio called The Vocal Collective where she teaches private lessons, classes and online vocal courses. Just like many reactors, Hannah has a Patreon where you can get extended cuts of her videos!

Reacts by Ash

Ashley Ippolito Reacts by Ash YouTube Channel
Ashley Ippolito via Instagram

Reacts by Ash is just one of the channels by creator Ashley Ippolito, also known as Internet Mom. On Reacts by Ash, Ashley focuses on music; mostly album reactions but there are a variety of other videos as well. She has such a fun personality that makes you want to be her best friend. She's hilariously entertaining and very relatable in her reactions. Not only does she react to music, but she reacts to movies and tv shows as well, specifically on her ur internet mom ash channel. If that's still not enough, you can follow her personal channel where she posts vlogs and a wide variety of random videos!

Two Gay Matts

Matt Steele and Matt Palmer Two Gay Matts Podcast YouTube Reaction Channel
Matt Steele and Matt Palmer via @twogaymatts Instagram

Two Gay Matts is a Podcast and YouTube Channel consisting of bestie duo Matt Steele and Matt Palmer. Both music lovers at heart, Matt Palmer is a Pop Singer/Songwriter and Matt Steele is a Musical Theatre lover. Together, they spend their time chatting about all things music and pop culture as well as reacting to the latest trending albums and songs. Their loveable personalities and enthusiastic friendship dynamic are to die for. They give their honest opinions and have infectious auras that keep you coming back for more content. Speaking of more content, you can support them even more by becoming a Patreon member where you can get exclusive, uncut videos and access to their discord server!


DarrielandAshton Darriel and Ashton YouTube Reaction Channel
Darriel and Ashton via YouTube

DarrielandAshton is a music reaction channel on YouTube consisting of the two friends, you guessed it, Darriel and Ashton! Only starting their channel just 10 months ago, they already have managed to gain over 115k subscribers due to their incredible personalities and by keeping their reactions real. Knowing that they having a growing fanbase, they've started to upload more consistently which includes both reactions to albums and reactions to songs - mostly within the mainstream music world. Just like many, you can be supportive of Darriel and Ashton by following their Instagram page and becoming a member on their Patreon where you can join live watch parties and get early access plus exclusive content!

Which channel are you most excited to dive into? Do you love reaction channels as much as we do? Follow us on our socials below and let us know your thoughts!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole

*copyright not intended. Fair use act, section 107.


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