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  • Miles Tutor

"Border" - HARIZ

Have you ever felt a total loss of motivation in your life? Was someone building and burning bridges to make you feel this way? If so, the persuading vocals of HARIZ on his new song titled "Border" will help you relate to those times of emotional stress and trying to be able to cope with new changes as an individual. The phrase that is chanted "I'm gonna cross that border." truly hits home in everyone's minds when we think of moving on from past mistakes and trying to reconcile with the new sacrifices that we have to make in order to become happier and healthier in today's world.

This multi-dimensional acoustic-pop blend is very pleasing on the ears as HARIZ beautifully vocalizes the sad boy blues of being down on your luck while maintaining the contrast of emotions that go on with these changes including the happy-go-lucky motivation from the chorus differing from the melancholy yet musical elements of the verses. Most of us have to take that hard-long look in the mirror in order to come to consensus with ourselves and this song has that theme written all over it. The background vocals on the chorus is a very nice touch as well!

Justin Hariz is a Los-Angeles based singer and songwriter who has the main mission of creating music to uplift and provoke people in an emotional way. His energy and extensive knowledge of instrumentation and vocals really moves you in a positive direction. Justin has been learning and making music since 4 years old where he fell in love with the piano. He made a name for himself and grew his platform through his 2017 song titled "OVERBRD" which became a pop hit on multiple streaming platforms. He now has released new singles including "Better to Lie" which has a wonderful acoustic version up on YouTube now that has gained lots of support. Go give him a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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