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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Call Me" - Shoshan Dunamis

‘Call Me’ by Shoshan Dunamis is a sweet love song about being a dependable partner. There’s something so magical about being completely devoted to those you love. You’d do anything for them. “Whatever you need, whatever you want; you can call me love, yeah you can call me up.” Showing you're available and raring to go inspires people. The positivity within this song is like the thrill of riding a rollercoaster. It represents the euphoria of romance!

Time stops as lighthearted piano and bass lines underscore the upbeat melody. As she repeats her eloquent message, she reinforces the idea of a passionate love that’s easily reciprocated. To make things even more compelling, Dunamis’s soulful voice has the richness of dark chocolate. Pair that with the sweetness of the chorus and you’ll be enraptured by the song from start to finish. It’s as if she enchantingly casts a love spell on you!

Shoshan Dunamis is a bundle of joy who encourages others to feel that same joy. The indie artist has always loved to sing. Since 2009, she’s worked as a studio singer and songwriter for various professionals in the music industry. Her first solo album was released under “Sarah-Ann Music” in 2017. In 2019, she took on “Shoshan Dunamis” as her stage name. Her distinct electro-soul/pop sound is driven by an optimistic outlook on life. ‘Call Me’ is the 2nd of 17 songs that the artist is releasing this year! Go follow Dunamis for more of her exquisite work!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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