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  • Chantal Charles

Concert Review: Boygenius - The Tour in Houston

Even as mother nature tries to take over, leave it to Boygenius to stand against the weather and put on an incredible performance. This group of three, consisting of Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker, and Phoebe Bridgers, has been making quite the name for themselves recently, and it’s clear why. The band is currently on tour to promote their debut album, “The Record,” and their sold-out Houston date was certainly a night to remember. While there were setbacks due to Houston’s infamous weather, the boys and staff were able to pull through and put on an incredible performance. A Boygenius concert is certainly a show to remember, especially if you get to experience it with your best friend.

As soon as we arrived at the White Oak Music Hall, the venue for the show, it was pouring with strong winds, and we were met with groups of fans trying to hide from the rain under any form of roof they could find. The show was set to take place outside at the White Oak’s Lawn, so there was a worry about the show possibly being canceled. Due to the thunder, the fans were asked to wait in their vehicles until the storm cleared up. This is when we were told that the show would be pushed back until further notice. Credit should be given to the staff at White Oak Music Hall for their effort to adapt to the harsh situation that took place Thursday. Around 7:40, doors were opened, and people began to be let in. Unfortunately, the opener, Bartees Strange, was unable to perform due to the concert time being set back. At around 8:50, the show finally began, starting with the screen showing the boys performing “Without You Without Them” offstage.

The first song to be sung onstage was “$20,” which is a great track to break the ice and get the audience moving. The way the stage was set up was Phoebe on the left, then Julien center, and then Lucy on her right, while their band was behind them. As individuals, Lucy, Julien, and Phoebe are known for their phenomenal lyricism, so together, Boygenius is a powerhouse, and getting to hear these incredibly transparent songs live is very surreal. By the time we had gotten to “Emily I’m Sorry,” which is a deeply emotional track, tears began to drop from my eyes, and it was hard to stop from then on until the end of the show. It was clear the audience was feeling the same level of intense emotion based on the way everyone’s singing sounded that night. In terms of genres, Boygenius is known to not have super heavy music, so for the middle of the set, it consisted of people swaying and singing along as they stood in awe of the boys’ talent.

There was some light banter on stage, while the boys also thanked the audience for their patience and cooperation with the complications of the weather. When they arrived at the track “Me & My Dog,” the crowd grew in excitement as it is the group's most-known song. After a couple more songs, “Letter to an Old Poet” was played, which is the sequel song to “Me & My Dog” and hearing both on the same night made the experience much more moving. One of my personal favorite moments of the night was hearing “Not Strong Enough” live, and clearly, I wasn’t the only one that felt that way, considering how loud the crowd got at that moment. After the encore, there was only time for one more song so unfortunately “Please Stay” and “Favor” were skipped. Instead, only “Graceland Too” was the final track, and the song had to be restarted twice due to emergencies in the audience and having to get a few people out. Luckily the band noticed and was able to make sure everyone was safe. When the song was finally able to be played in full, it became the perfect end to a memorable night.

Boygenius, a band consisting of three best friends who sing love songs about each other. They’re the perfect band to experience live with your friends, and I was fortunate enough to experience it with my best friend. While the night didn’t go exactly as planned and there were a lot of complications, it was still incredible, and a lot of credit should be given to those who are able to adapt to situations like these. Additionally, the crowd that night was incredibly kind to one another and in situations where people needed help, the audience assisted each other. I haven’t been fortunate enough to see a crowd that kind in a while. Overall, Boygenius’ concert in Houston was one I won’t forget as it truly was a breathtaking experience.

Written By Chantal Charles

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