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  • Karlee Skipper

Concert Review: GAYLE - the scared but trying tour in Los Angeles

Photo: GAYLE via Instagram

GAYLE has had a whirlwind of a year. From going on tour as an opening act for both Taylor Swift in the United States and P!nk in Europe, to writing and performing a song on the Barbie soundtrack, the alt-pop singer has had a phenomenal 2023. In only a couple short years since her debut, GAYLE has accomplished a tremendous amount and has gained a massive following. After the success of the two major tours, she decided to go on her own headlining tour, the scared but trying tour. After being an avid listener for almost two years, writing five song reviews for our blog, and seeing her at the Eras Tour, I immediately jumped on the chance to get tickets to GAYLE’s headlining show in Los Angeles. The concert was a night to remember as I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, followed by watching the natural-born performer and vocalist in her element.

GAYLE performing her latest single, "I Don't Sleep as Good as I Used To"

GAYLE knows how to command a stage with her cheeky personality and authentic relatability. Her personable interactions with fans showcases her adoration and appreciation for the support. She has not let her sudden shot into stardom or opening for two of the biggest stars in the world, change who she is. She is overwhelmingly grateful for every opportunity given to her and to all the people who have helped her along the way. This includes her strong relationship with her band, drummer Andrew Grasso, and lead guitarist, Max Landis. While on stage, the trio showcased their impeccable bond and their innate chemistry with each other. GAYLE assured the audience from the very beginning that it was going to be a chaotic night because the two men had their own microphones. These were not there for background vocals, but so that they could all communicate and be a part of the fun. This was a unique addition that I have never seen outside of group acts, as opposed to a solo act. GAYLE wanted her band to be included, giving them opportunities to introduce songs and rip on each other. This made the show especially intimate and special, as all three members on stage were showing the audience how well they work together and that they are more than just colleagues, but actual friends.

After seeing GAYLE live once before, I knew she was a powerful performer that naturally brings her fiery energy to life on stage. However, seeing her headline her own show was a whole new experience that blew my expectations out of the park. Her remarkable talent shined through every single song, from her original tracks to each outstanding cover. As one of the many covers of the night, GAYLE performed the iconic Arrows’ song, “I Love Rock & Roll,” sung in the style of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. With her powerful vocal range and angsty rasp, the singer absolutely nailed this cover. While she shred on the electric guitar, she did the original song justice while showcasing her individual talent. She left me completely mesmerized as she proved that she was born to rock. Another key moment when I found myself completely captivated by GAYLE was during her song, “Don’t Call Me Pretty.” At the end of the bridge, playback loops were utilized that allowed the singer to harmonize with herself. Each line she sang was recorded and played back, as she sang a different riff, emphasizing her strong vocal ability. I was left standing there with my jaw on the floor as I was completely in awe by her oustanding talent. Throughout each performance, the singer never missed one note while maintaining her high, compelling energy, solidifying herself as one of my favorite performers I have seen live.

GAYLE performing "I Love Rock & Roll" in the style of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

GAYLE interacted with fans in such a down-to-earth and relatable fashion that made the show feel like a casual hang-out with friends. Right before she sang her final song, “abcdefu,” she pointed to someone in the middle of the crowd wearing a squirrel shirt. She told them that she loved watching them all night as they kept the same hype energy throughout the entire show. And, she of course told them she loved their squirrel shirt and said they are now best friends. It's moments like this that represent just how fun loving and authentic GAYLE is. Another incredible moment in the show is when the singer brings out a jacket that she has one fan sign at each show, that will then be hung on her bedroom wall. This was something very unique that I have never seen at another show. Rather than the artist giving something to a fan, she instead has them permanently place themselves on a keepsake that she will cherish forever. In ten, twenty, thirty years down the line, GAYLE will be able to look at this memento and reminisce on her first headlining tour. This is just another sweet reminder that she truly cherishes her fans and sees them as such a light in her life that she will forever hold close to her heart.

Prior to seeing GAYLE take the stage, a handful of fans got to partake in a unique fan experience. Those that paid for VIP were let in first to kickstart their meet and greet. However, right before my best friend met me at my house, I checked GAYLE’s Instagram and saw the most incredible opportunity. She shared that the first fifty people in the general admission line before 6:30 would be let in early for a special meet and greet event sponsored by Adobe, which included a project for an upcoming music video. The moment I got in the car with my friend, I told her what I saw and asked her “can we skip dinner to make sure we get in line?” I have never been happier to go hungry. After our long, yet familiar two-hour drive to Los Angeles, we made it to the venue and ended up being first in line for general admission. After VIP was let in, a team member came out and asked if we wanted passes. Of course, my friend and I said yes, and the four people we befriended in line did as well. Due to the paid VIP opportunity, I had assumed that we would only get a small group photo-op moment. Instead, we each got to meet and talk to GAYLE one-on-one. After we snapped our photo, the fans were allowed to wander the venue to partake in the special fan project. Once everyone in line had their individual moment with GAYLE, she began walking around the talk to each group. It was such a cool experience to be able to have casual conversations with this singer I have supported for so long and watched blossom into complete stardom. Furthermore, one of the first well-known and recognizable names I got to work with through Pop Passion Blog was with GAYLE. So, being able to see her headlining show and meet her was such a surreal, full circle moment that I could not be more grateful for.

If you get the chance to see GAYLE, whether on her own headlining tour or opening for other artists on any future tours, I highly recommend it. Her vocal control and range are outstanding, leaving the audience stunned by the amount of sheer natural talent the singer has. There is never one dull moment in her show, from her mesmerizing performance to her cheeky remarks. She is almost done with the scared but trying tour, with only a handful of dates left. Check out her website linked below to check out if she has any dates near you! And stream her music to prepare yourself for the inevitable world domination tour that GAYLE will one day embark on!

Icon and images: GAYLE via

Written By Karlee Skipper

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