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  • Vanessa Siebrass

Concert Review: Halocene & No Resolve Co-Headline Tour

Photo: Halocene via Facebook

Kicking off in Columbus, Ohio, on September 7th and concluding in Flint, Michigan, on October 6th, Haloecene and No Resolve's co-headline tour was a high-energy experience to remember. Joined by supporting artists Hooked Like Helen and The Haunt, this was an action-packed whirlwind of activity featuring twenty-two performances. And, on September 29th, on the evening of the Harvest Supermoon, I was honored to partake in the festivities at Lincoln, Nebraska's Cosmic Eye Brewing. Established in 2018 and nestled in the Haymarket, the family-owned brewery and taproom quickly became a local favorite. Ranging from board games to live performances and featuring hoppy, American-style beers, this family-friendly establishment offers something for everyone.

Photo: A snap of Cosmic Eye Brewing (author's collection).

As this performance coincidentally happened to take place on my birthday, I splurged for the VIP experience, and I have absolutely zero regrets about making that investment. The (Halocene) VIP experience included a meet and greet with Brad and Addie (they're huggers, by the way), an acoustic performance, a VIP lanyard, and a signed poster. Addie gave the audience a choice between two songs, and, for the first time in the tour, the Foo Fighters cover won out over the other selection (I can't remember what the other song option was). Addie and Brad were lovely, friendly, and incredibly accommodating to their fans. The couple spent as much time as possible with us before having to prep. The nice part about this is that afterward, we could also see the other bands warming up and doing sound checks, which made for a robust experience.

Video: Halocene VIP Experience 9.29.23 (author's footage).

First on the stage were husband and wife duo Nikki and Jon Stipp of the Ohio-based band Hooked Like Helen. The band's website advises that its sound embodies 'a unique vein of alternative music; dark lyrical themes of childhood trauma and substance abuse are crafted into relatable sing-a-long anthems of hope and resilience.' One of the songs I particularly enjoyed was about Aileen Wuornous, an infamous female serial killer. Nikki's vocals soar on songs like 'I Don't Mind, Dopamine, and OCD.' Hooked Like Helen delivered a solid performance and set the tone for the evening ahead.

Video: Hooked Like Helen 9.29.23 (author's footage).

Next up was the South Florida band, The Haunt. Siblings Maxamlion and Anastasia are joined by Nick Lewert (drums) and Nat Smallish (bass guitar). The Haunt is a band with which I was already familiar, having heard some of their songs prior to the show. I was very excited to see them live; believe me, they did NOT disappoint! The band's sound has been described as 'a swirl of Indie-Pop and Post-Punk with a devilish alchemy that summons both Blues and Beats...' Performing favorites such as 'Ok,' 'Make Me King,' and 'Hook, Line, & Sinker,' The Haunt kept the momentum going. After the show, I had the opportunity to chat with the band members whilst they signed the shirt I purchased. Mark my words - The Haunt is going places, and I encourage you to keep an eye out for this up-and-coming band!

Video: The Haunt 9.29.23 (author's footage).

Third to the stage and taking Cosmic Eye Brewing by storm was none other than Halocene, which was my primary motivation for making the hour-long trek to Lincoln. (If you haven't listened to their album "Maleficent" yet, I highly recommend it!) Husband and wife duo Addie Nicole and Brad Amick were absolutely phenomenal live. Believe me, if you're a fan of Halocene, nothing compares to the opportunity to hear them live. Even though Brad had mentioned during the meet and greet that he was having some trouble with his voice, that did not have any discernable impact on his vocal delivery. At one point, Addie wandered into the crowd, singing directly to the fans, a decision that really heightened the audience's engagement. Featuring songs off of the "Maleficent" album, the band also offered flawless covers of songs such as System of a Down's 'Chop Suey' and Evanescence's 'Bring Me to Life.' The sheer vocal power and energy here made for an incredible performance!

Video: Halocene 9.29.23 (author's footage).

Last but certainly not least was co-headliner No Resolve. Formed in Detroit in 2010, the band features Oscar James Pegorraro (vocals), Jason Hatmaker (guitar), Matty Shea (guitar/keys), and Dennis Patterson (bass). For those like myself who may be unfamiliar with No Resolve, the band's sound is described as 'modern rock with grunge roots, taking influence from bands including Papa Roach and Three Days Grace.' Having never heard of No Resolve, I wasn't quite sure what to imagine my surprise when one of the first songs was a cover of Garth Brooks' 'The Thunder Rolls,' but with an unexpected (to me) rock twist. Also offered were original songs such as 'Never Back Down' and 'Come Back Stronger.' The final tune of the evening, however, was an unexpected and wholesome surprise. However, the presence of the kiddos was suddenly made clear by No Resolves' final song - a rock version of 'How Far I'll Go' from the Disney film Moana. Oscar pulled two little girls up on stage to perform with the band! What a magical moment for them - they will always treasure that memory!

Video: No Resolve featuring special guests 9.29.23 (author's footage).

Honestly, this easily ranks as one of my top three concert experiences for 2023. The venue and atmosphere were fantastic, and I am so happy I was able to be a part of this. If ever you find yourself presented with the opportunity to see any of these bands perform, please do so - you will not be disappointed! For upcoming events, Halocene kicks off its winter Europe Tour with Lauren Babic in Birmingham on December 1st, 2023. To stay updated on the latest tours and projects for Hooked Like Helen, The Haunt, and No Resolve, please check out their respective website links embedded throughout the review or follow them on their socials!

Written By Vanessa Siebrass

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