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  • Karlee Skipper

Concert Review: Jonas Brothers- THE TOUR. Five Albums. One Night in Los Angeles

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The Jonas Brothers have been a worldwide phenomenon for over fifteen years. A phenomenon that younger millennials and older Gen Z grew up with. From gracing our screens as they starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock and their self-titled television show, Jonas, to taking the world by storm with the hit songs, “Burnin’ Up” and “S.O.S.”, these three brothers have had our hearts since we were adolescents. Now as adults, the brothers have created more mature albums that represent who they are as fathers and husbands—music that continues to resonate with fans now. On their current tour, entitled “The Tour,” Kevin, Joe, and Nick guide their fans through each of their five albums. One at a time, every song from every album is sung, whether in its entirety or provided as a snippet in a mash-up. The brothers ensure they evoke a feeling of nostalgia in every one of their listeners. This was my third time seeing the Jonas Brothers live, each time as an adult as I never went to concerts as a kid, no matter how much I wanted to. All three times I have gone with my best friend who is a die-hard Jonas Brothers fan, so even as I may not have known all the words and the backstories of each song, I was fully immersed in Jonas Brothers culture and relived my childhood with the old albums.

The Jonas Brothers have a captivating stage presence that effortlessly hypes up the crowd and radiates positivity and joy to the audience. They make everyone feel welcomed and loved, ensuring that everyone knows their shows are a safe space. They always interact with fans who are close to the stage, making every show unique with the funny comments they make or the endearing conversations they have. Prior to singing their 2007 track, “When You Look Me in The Eyes,” a fan and her husband were seen holding a sign that said the touching love ballad was their first dance song. The boys gave the fan a moment she will never forget by interacting with the couple and dedicating the track to them. It was a sweet sentiment that shows the band truly loves and cherishes their fans. Later in the show, a similar yet more heart-wrenching moment happened. Right before singing their sweet track about fatherhood, “Little Bird,” another fan held up a sign requesting the song to be dedicated to her recently deceased father. After interacting with her, the boys dedicated the sentimental track to her and her late father. During the song, Nick became choked up with tears in his eyes, representing his empathy and love for his fans. It is moments like these that separate the Jonas Brothers from many of their peers, showcasing their immense desire to connect and support their fans.

Although I consider myself more of a casual fan, than a hardcore one, I am well aware that the Jonas Brothers love to provide nostalgic fan service. Rather than rejecting their Disney Channel days, they embrace it so their fans can relive their childhood. When I was in middle school, I was a hardcore fan and was absolutely obsessed with the final season of their show, which was entitled a separate name Jonas L.A. With this in mind, my best friend and I, as well as so many other fans, were hoping for at least one song from the soundtrack due to the show being in Los Angeles. After their intermission, the boys came out on stage, and I had assumed they were going to continue through the setlist that I had studied prior to going. Instead, they told the crowd they had a special surprise for the Los Angeles date. My friend and I looked at each other in shock, as the band began singing the lead track and theme song from the show, “L.A. Baby.” The song was followed up with another song from the soundtrack, “Feelin’ Alive.” These two songs were such a special addition for each fan in the audience, as this was something completely unique to the tour. Despite the fact that the Jonas Brothers official social media pages did tease it the morning of, we were still in absolute shock that it actually happened. This was just another example of how this band truly loves and cares for their fans and knows exactly what will make them happy.

Continuing with the nostalgia theme, the band has ensured that their biggest songs from our adolescents were not included in mashups but sang in their entirety. This includes tracks such as “S.O.S.”, “Lovebug”, “Year 3000”, and “Fly With Me.” And of course, their biggest track from their younger era, “Burnin’ Up.” This song is not only considered a fan-favorite, but perhaps even a favorite childhood track from people who have not even listened to the band in years. From the unforgettable music video starring Selena Gomez to the iconic red dress line, the song will be one that will always be remembered. In 2008, the band released the track with a rap feature by their then-bodyguard, Big Rob. This man became a legendary piece of Jonas Brothers-lore and a beloved member by fans. So, when the Jonas Brothers brought out their former bodyguard on stage as a special surprise, everyone in the crowd lost their minds. While it was not the first time this had happened on The Tour, it was still something unexpected as we never truly know when it might occur. While I lost my mind, my best friend next to me lost her voice. Below is a video of the iconic moment, but fortunately for your ears, her phone did not pick up her screaming as badly as my ears did.

Overall, the Jonas Brothers put on a phenomenal show. Every time I have seen them, they put in 110% effort. On The Tour, they surprised me even more with their tremendous amount of energy despite the 3+ hour long sets and multiple shows a week. They engage with the crowd and ensure that everyone is having a great time. Whether you are a long-time fan or a newly found listener, the setlist has something for everyone. As a Lines, Vines, and Trying Times enthusiast, I was excited to hear even just a snippet from every single song on the album. (Besides one—IYKYK). And the boys starting the set with the phrase, “if you supported this album, then you’re a real one,” made me even more thrilled. As previously mentioned, while I may not be as deep into the Jonas-lore as I once was, I still have a deep-rooted nostalgia with the band. As a casual listener to both their old and their new releases, I guarantee that even if you only know just one song from their extensive discography, you will have the absolute best time if you get tickets to their show. Check out their social media and website for dates near you!

Written By Karlee Skipper

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