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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Concert Review: Maisie Peters - The Good Witch Tour

If you don't know who Maisie Peters is, you should. I desperately wanted to see this show ever since I listened to her latest album, "The Good Witch" (which I reviewed right here). Unfortunately, the closest show to me was over 3 hours away in Columbus, Ohio and was sold out for months. Then, the luckiest, craziest thing happened to me. I just happened to check on Ticketmaster the day before the show, and there were tickets available! So, of course, I bought them; and just like that I was going to go see Maisie Peters within the next 24 hours. The day of the show, me and my fiancé woke up early and drove almost 4 hours from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to The Bluestone in Columbus, Ohio.

The Bluestone is a gothic style church that was converted into an event venue; and lets just say, it matched the aesthetic of "The Good Witch" perfectly. When we first got there, we sat in the car for a while and across the lot was Maisie's 12 bed tour bus. When we were the only ones left in the lot, to our shock and surprise, we actually saw Maisie leaving the bus to walk into the venue; I could've totally said hi but honestly I didn't know if she knew we were there and I didn't want to scare her. We waited outside for about another 4 hours to make sure we could get close since the tickets were general admission. 1,000 people crammed into the venue; and I won't like, we were packed like sardines! I swear I've never sweat so much in my entire life, but it was worth it. If you love Taylor Swift, you'll love Maisie Peters and it's clear that the fanbases collide. While we were waiting for the show to begin, there were three Taylor Swift songs that had played over the speakers. Have you ever heard a room of 1,000 people all collectively do Karaoke together? Well I did, and it was such a cool experience.

The crowd singing "Anti Hero" by Taylor Swift.

The show started with Maisie's opener for her North America leg of the tour, Grace Enger.

It was just Grace and her guitar on that stage, but she made it her own. Like Maisie, Grace is also a lyric-driven artist who can use her words to make you feel all sorts of emotions. When you can fill an entire room with just your voice and an acoustic guitar, that means your talent level is out of this world.

GOOD WITCH in big, white and bold letters filled the background of the stage. The song, "The Good Witch" began to play as Maisie's band walked out onto the stage. Still me here, do you think I forgot about you? - which are the first words in the song are sung with Maisie out of sight, and the crowd goes absolutely wild. The song continues until Maisie sings "I guess when it kicks in" and she appeared on the stage. It was the perfect opening for this show.

"The Good Witch" opening


The Good Witch

Coming of Age

Body Better

Love Him I Don't


You're Just a Boy (and I'm Kinda the Man)


John Hughes Movie

Two Weeks Ago / Worst of You / Night Changes (One Direction cover) / You Signed Up For This Medley


The Band and I

Not Another Rockstar

I'm Trying (Not Friends)


There It Goes

Cate's Brother

ENCORE History of Man

Lost the Breakup

"Body Better"


There was only one song she didn't play from "The Good Witch" album, which was "Want You Back", but that's okay because I was so thrilled to hear Cate's Brother and John Hughes Movie which are personal favorites of mine! However, if you did want to hear "Want You Back" and a few other fan favorites, Maisie plays an acoustic set for VIPs before each show where she does play those songs.

I had a pretty awesome view and had so much eye-contact with Maisie throughout the show. I think she made it her mission to look into every single persons eyes as the night went on and it made me feel really connected to her. She is an absolute firecracker on stage and gave this performance her all. A lot of her songs are also crowd-interactive which is something else I've never experienced before until now, where there's moments in the song where you can sing back to Maisie like you're responding to her. Like in the songs "Watch" and "You're Just a Boy (and I'm Kinda the Man) which you can see the videos for below.


"You're Just a Boy (and I'm Kinda the Man)"

Another moment to note is just how fun it is to scream the lyrics to "BSC" (Bat Shit Crazy) and "Run" with Maisie in person.



Maisie is a superstar, and she deserves SO MUCH more recognition; not only for incredible music, but for her ability to put on an A-Grade concert and her kind-hearted personality. This is a night that I will never forget. Especially when she sang my all-time favorite song, "There It Goes" and at the end of the song she told everyone to think of someone or something that you want out of your life and sing with her "there it goes..." several times in a row. It was such an emotional and spiritual experience in that moment.

"There It Goes"

After Maisie sang "Cate's Brother", she and her band left the stage to make it seem like the show was over. For over the course of a minute (or maybe even longer) the crowd cheered and began to chant Maisie's name. Maisie and her band returned to the stage for two more songs. The first one being, "The History of Man" which if you haven't heard yet and you want a good cry, you should check it out. It was such a beautiful and highly emotional performance that it needed to be mentioned. Last, but of course not least, Maisie played her hit song "Lost the Breakup" to leave the show on a high-energy note. This is another song that is very interactive and fun. If you need an excuse to scream "OH SHIT" over and over again to blow off some steam, go see Maisie.

"History of Man"

"Lost the Breakup"

Don't miss out on Maisie's tour for "The Good Witch". You absolutely won't regret it.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole

*All video footage was taken by the writer at the actual event.

*copyright not intended. Fair use act, section 107.


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