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  • Vanessa Siebrass

Concert Review: Summer Storm Tour - Nita Strauss

Photo: Nita Strauss via Instagram

Nita Strauss' Summer Storm tour touched down in Nashville on June 14th, winding down and finally dispersing in New Orleans on July 14th. Featuring supporting acts Zack Adkins and Lions At The Gate, this tour followed a grueling schedule, packing a staggering twenty-six shows into a scant thirty-day window. And on June 26th, I was among a group of individuals fortunate enough to witness a natural phenomenon that is unheard of in land-locked Nebraska - Hurricane Nita. The artist graced Omaha with her presence at the Waiting Room Lounge. Nestled in Omaha's Benson neighborhood, the venue draws touring bands of every genre imaginable and showcases local talent. The Waiting Room is a modestly-sized venue, accommodating around 500 people. Despite the venue's seemingly diminutive capacity, it has boasted artists ranging from Bad Flower, Marissa Nadler, Imagine Dragons, Meg Myers, and Wiz Khalifa.

Photo: Section of a wall in The Waiting Room (author's collection).

The show kicked off as hometown shredder and music instructor Zachary Adkins took to the stage, setting the tone for the evening. Adkins delivered intense offerings such as a cover of Satriani's 'Crushing Day' and his own tune 'Eyes of the Mockingbird.' Next up was the incredibly versatile Los Angeles-based band Lions at the Gate. Musical chameleons in terms of stylistic approach both musically and vocally, this high-energy band did NOT disappoint. Effortlessly engaging with and amping up the crowd, Lions at the Gate gifted the audience with selections like 'Drain' from their new album, The Excuses We Cannot Make, and previous fan favorites such as 'Find My Way.' By the conclusion of Lions at the Gate's set, the crowd was absolutely psyched to witness the Hurricane Herself.

Video: Nita Strauss Summer Storm Tour 6.26.23 (author's footage).

At long last, the Summer Storm prepared to unleash itself on the eager crowd as Nita and her live band Christoper Dean (bass), Johnny Young (rhythm guitar), Josh Villalta (drums), and Katt Scarlett (keys) ascended the stage. The excitement was palpable as instrumental tunes, including 'Summer Storm,' 'Our Most Desperate Hour,' and 'Mariana Trench,' thundered and crescendoed throughout the venue. Deadlands' Kasey Karlsen joined around halfway through the set, adding her vocal talents to 'Dead Inside,' Victorious,' The Wolf You Feed,' and 'Through the Noise.' With its face-melting guitars and growling vocal performances, the magnitude of this Summer Storm's power indelibly etched itself into the audience's collective memory.

Video: Nita Strauss Summer Storm Tour 6.26.23 (author's footage).

Despite the grueling tour schedule, the artists were more than accommodating, taking the time to do a quick meet and greet, sign merch, and even take selfies. I was impressed with everyone's friendliness and willingness to give even more of themselves to the fans after such intense performances. If ever you want to witness a Goddess of Guitar in action, I highly recommend seeing Nita in action if at all possible. Fear not if you somehow found yourself outside of the Summer Storm's projected path. Nita is launching an autumn North America tour with the band Mammoth, fronted by Wolfgang Van Halen. The first show of this new tour is set for Milwaukee, WI, on 11.4.23.

Written By Vanessa Siebrass

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