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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "I'll Be Okay" - NYA

All too often we are told to hide our feelings when they aren’t the pinnacle of happiness, pushing them down deep within and dealing with the emotions alone. Especially in dealing with depression, this isolation can become so lonely to the point where you may feel that all hope is lost. NYA wrote “I’ll Be Okay” as a way of letting emotions out; first for herself and then hopefully for the listener as well. The song details her own experience with depression and her ability to stay as mentally strong as possible even on the darkest days. She builds upon her lyrics and musical interludes and undertones to tell her story not only through words but the power of rhythm as well.

At the beginning of her song, NYA leads into the first verse with a cool and echoey voice singing what appear to be the same words as the title. We then have the pleasure of hearing her voice take over the first verse, backed up with a crisp guitar melody. The same voice from the introduction is brought back in as the first verse leads into the chorus. It is layered with the established guitar rhythm and introduction of other instruments backing up NYA’s powerful vocals and lyrics. The second verse goes into more depth about how deep her depression ran and reiterates that one day she will be ok, which is also reflected in the slightly picked-up tempo of the song.

NYA was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, but she is now rotating her time spent in Los Angeles, Paris, and South America. She writes her own songs, and her style of music exists as a fusion between jazz and alternative pop. At just sixteen years old, NYA got into a prestigious summer camp with the Grammy Museum that was meant to build the most creative young musicians of the time into true performers and give them the ability to engage in musical discourse. It’s here that she began to discover her love for fused music genres such as jazz-pop that have stuck with her to this day. With so much success already as a single artist, we are excited for the release of NYA’s full album!

Written By Molly Schiff



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