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"Deserved It" - Liv Nicholson

"So when I was a senior, I was pretty fucking used to getting let down" is a great way to summarize how many of us felt during the final semesters of high school, as we crawled into a dark room of senioritis and couldn't see the roses bloom. That is especially the way how singer Liv Nicholson feels on her new single "Deserved It" where she displays tons of rebelliousness towards the classmates and dates who betrayed her. The song also goes into some of her previous trials and tribulations that shows lots of self-reflecting on her end.

The open honesty in this song is something we can all appreciate! The raw and realness oozing from Liv's vocals brings out so much aggression that coincides well with the punk-influenced guitar licks and the faint droplets of drums and synths popping in and out of different parts of the track. The blend of skater punk, pop and rock really brings out the concept of good riddance in a way that is uplifting yet shows tough love towards the ones who didn't have the right intentions in mind. We don't deserve the people who hurt us!

Liv Nicholson is a singer and songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee, though originally from New York. For about 6 years, Liv has been perfecting her craft with the goal of creating honest messages mixed with the eccentricity of the sonics themselves to pull in all of the variables for listeners to enjoy. Liv has much more planned out in the long run and is just getting started! Go give her a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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