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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

"Don't Care" by Amy Lensson

Let's face it, we've all tried to be someone we're not. We all want to look like this perfect person who has a perfect life. But behind our TikTok videos and filtered Instagram photos, we all have struggles to face. In Amy Lensson's 'Don't Care' is a realization that perfect is impossible, and we should just live our lives as who we are. "Wanted you to see inside my fabricated paradise, nothing's ever gonna be enough." 'Don't Care' is asking us what would life be like if we didn't care how other people see us? "What if we lived like we don't care?". Wouldn't it be a perfect world if what other's thought of us, didn't matter? The moral of this song is to be yourself! Everyone has issues, what's the point of hiding who you really are inside?

We push ourselves way too hard. What others may see as a success, we may see as a failure. The fact of matter is, no one is perfect and we shouldn't have to push ourselves to be something more. Amy's lyricism in this song couldn't get any more relatable. Not only that, but they are delivered so well with Amy's soft and smooth vocal tone. Amy really puts us in her shoes as someone who is battling themselves inside about the best way to live their life. Amy's vocals paired with an ear-pleasing guitar and incredibly catchy beat, this song is bound to captivate anyone who listens to it.

Amy is a pop singer/songwriter from Israel. She uses music as her outlet for her inner demons. She takes experiences she's had and turns them into a musical masterpiece. Just like her debut single 'Euphoria', 'Don't Care' has managed to pass over 100,000 total streams and has caught the attention of many young music lovers. We're looking forward to seeing what's next in her musical journey!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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