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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Falling" by Dynasty Zero

If you're a fan of Green Day, Paramore or the Rock genre in general, I highly recommend ‘Falling’ by Dynasty Zero. Do you ever find yourself idolizing those around you? “You had me at your name on that summer night; it drives me kinda crazy when you flip your hair.” When it comes to crushes, the most minuscule details about them can make your heart pump out of your chest like a cartoon character. This song takes the essence of falling in love and turns it into a message of unwavering loyalty. When you love someone, leave no doubts in your mind before taking the next step!

What makes this song so compelling is the overall intensity that’s coming from all directions. Dueling guitars and live drums are quintessentially Rock, and their rhythmic changes are a remarkable display of momentum! Faith Sahagian’s edgy, well-crafted voice lends greatly to the killer beast strength of the chorus, while also showing intimate moments in her performance. “Pull me closer on this magic carpet ride; cuz every day without you feels like forever.” Coherent, polished lyrics are like a well-oiled machine ready to perform at its best. In this case, they allow the band’s members to fully express themselves through their unique instruments. It’s this tenacity and camaraderie that makes the song shine!

Dynasty Zero is an Ohio-based quintet committed to the resurgence of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The band’s members include lead singer Faith Sahagian, lead guitarist Michael Schisla, rhythm guitarist James Lamansky, bassist Keith Montenegro, and drummer Jake Spheeris. The group was raised on their parents’ record collections and music videos that had resurfaced on MySpace and YouTube. Taking inspiration from heavy metal rockstars like Mötley Crüe and pop legends like the Weeknd, Dynasty Zero has listeners enraptured by their massive energy! ‘Falling’ comes from the band’s debut EP ‘Under the Neon Lights’ which is available now wherever you stream music!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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