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  • Maddy Mahady

"Feeling Nothing" - Reece Lemonius

I have a best friend who met this awesome guy when she went to college. They had so many similarities and quickly became friends. Everyone who knew them thought they should date, but for the longest time, the romantic feelings weren’t mutual between the two. Reece Lemonius is in a similar situation in his new song ‘Feeling Nothing’. Lemonius is close to someone, and he wants to take things from platonic to rom, but the other person is keeping him at arm’s length. All their friends think the match would be great, a clear chemistry flowing between the two. Yet, the other person refuses to acknowledge that the connection is something deeper. This song is Lemonius asking the other person: why do we act like there isn’t a connection here and instead choose to feel nothing?

With warmer weather quickly approaching, ‘Feeling Nothing’ is the perfect song to get you into the spring spirit. Fun electronic dance beats make the song impossible to sit still and listen to. This earworm is perfect for any playlist intended to get you up and moving. The chorus is infectious with the lyrics, “Why do we act like feeling nothing, nothing, nothing/When it’s the fact we’re onto something, something, something”. After a few listens I found myself humming these lyrics throughout my day. The lyrics paint an emotional story, one that’s easy to get sucked into, and easy to relate to. Whether it be yourself or a friend, the ‘will they, won’t they’ situation is one almost everyone has encountered. By the end of the song, the upbeat tempo mixed with the lyrics leaves you hopeful that maybe something more can happen between the two.

With millions of streams across all streaming platforms, Reece Lemonius is an artist who knows how to get people listening. In 2017, Lemonius collaborated with Swedish producer Mike Perry on the song ‘Talk About It’, which currently sits at over 83 million streams on Spotify. The following year Lemonius released his debut single ‘Love Me’, which has over 6 million streams. Over the last few years Lemonius has worked on crafting his sound, culminating in his new EP ‘Feeling Nothing’. The five tracks create stories of romance, each one highlighting a different type of relationship. ‘Feeling Nothing’, the song and EP, are out now on all streaming platforms.

Written By Maddy Mahady



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