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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Good Feeling" - DUVALL x Sam Gray

For these past few months, I’ve often felt unmotivated to get out of bed. I’m either dreading what today has in store for me or I’m simply a night owl with sleep deprivation. Either way, it’s time to switch up my routine! GRWM with a new energetic bop from DUVALL and Sam Gray! Entitled ‘Good Feeling’, this song is guaranteed to get your brain chemistry back in alignment. “I've been hiding from myself, M.I.A; but when I woke up today, I got a good feeling.” It’s like a revitalizing stroll that gives you a chance to recharge. Give yourself an excuse to take a dance break and unleash those SICK moves of yours! (Unless you’re like me and suck at, I take that back. DO IT ANYWAY!)

I personally LOVE the dance-pop production for this song. You get Calvin Harris vibes from the percussive beats and radio-quality sound. Swept into the rhythm, you’ll be stunned by catchy lyrics that elicit optimism and help you find hidden gems of pleasure in your toughest times. “Think I’m ready this time, got a new state of mind.” DUVALL and Sam Gray ask you to reframe your thinking so you’ll never back down from a challenge! One of my favorite parts in this song is the striking baritone vocals that Gray blesses us with. He puts his whole soul into this carefree attitude and you're quickly ushered into party central!

From their collaboration on ‘Good Feeling,’ DUVALL steps into his newfound creative freedom from his group Disciples, while Sam Gray continues to demonstrate versatility in his music range. The two artist-producers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating hit records. It’s no surprise then that their work is so engaging! They excel at both laying the foundation for great lyrics and nailing the bells and whistles in their evocative melodies. Needless to say, these two insanely talented individuals do NOT disappoint!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez




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