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  • Maddy Mahady

"Grocery Store" - Caroline Romano

No one likes to feel lonely. We all need people in our lives that make us feel cared for and loved. When this love comes from a romantic partner, you can feel like you’re on cloud nine. But what happens if you break up, and there’s suddenly this new emptiness in your life? You have to find a new normal; a new way to go on living even though it can feel like part of you is missing. Caroline Romano struggles with heartbreak in her new song ‘Grocery Store’. She hopes to feel less lonely in a place surrounded by people, but the memory of the person who made her feel whole still lingers.

“Where’d you go/ My empty soul still comes here all alone”. From these first lyrics you’re introduced to Romano’s heartbreaking and hypnotic vocals. Accompanied by only an acoustic guitar during the opening and closing of the song, Romano paints her feelings of loneliness. Her breathy tone adds an element of anguished longing, contributing to the song’s gut-wrenching portrayal of heartbreak. The final lyrics are sung as a desperate plea, one that leaves you with a lasting impression long after the final notes ring out.

Caroline Romano is a 20-year-old artist prepared to take on the world. At the young age of 17, Romano moved to Nashville, TN to pursue her dreams. A year later she found herself on the Billboard charts, and that was just the beginning. As a self-described ‘loudest sort of introvert’, Romano takes her personal experiences and turns them into honest tracks. After releasing multiple singles in 2021 Romano’s debut album, Oddities and Prodigies, was released in February 2022. 'Grocery Store' features on the album as well as other standouts 'Panic Attack', 'Ireland in 2009', and 'Dramatic'.

Written By Maddy Mahady



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