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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Heavy" by Soham

Burdens. Physical, emotional, invisible. There are times when we refuse to express certain worries and concerns to others. We often hide behind nonexistent curtains to mask the severity of our injuries. ‘Heavy’ by Soham reveals the weights that the universe seems to place on us. “I keep telling myself it gets better, but the weight’s too heavy to carry.” As an ode to mental health, this song is a green light to open up about our struggles. Our loved ones may not understand everything we’re going through, but even if all we ask them to do is simply listen to our soliloquy, they’ll no doubt understand and want to help!

The soft strums of acoustic guitar blend well with Soham’s vulnerable, soft-spoken vocals. They create a sort of safe space where you can let your guard down and express yourself honestly. It’s clear that Soham wants people to feel comfortable speaking their minds! A somber orchestra ascends above the lyrics to encourage us to hold on to the hope of a better tomorrow! We’re not going to stay trapped in a swirling vortex forever. It’s a beautiful reminder that others out there are confronting similar circumstances and that you don’t have to fight back alone!

Soham is a proud queer indie artist who’s self-taught, candid writing style creates a safe space for him and his audience. He started composing music as an expression of his feelings, conversations, and experiences. Focusing on mental health and the youth, his soothing voice brings a soulful relatability to his work. ‘Heavy’ is Soham’s debut single, and it’s filled with comforting gestures that really speak to your emotions. His awe-inspiring passion for his creations truly goes above and beyond!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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