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  • Andy Mockbee

"I Love You" - Max Edwards

Hardship can illuminate our fondest emotions, bringing us closer to those who got us through tough times. On "I Love you," Max Edwards' breathtaking, power pop ballad, the singer-songwriter pens intimate gratitude from the page of struggle. From the subtly pulsing synths opening the track to the somber chords of piano, the single layers shades of cloudy mood-setting that backdrop and contrast gorgeously off of the warmth in Edwards voice and lyricism. The verses are full of atmosphere, submerging listeners in a dense haze. The vaporous nature of the instrumentation forces you to grip onto the vocals like solid ground. The flourishes in production and vocal performance give the song dimension and nuance on repeated listens. When the chorus strikes, "I Love You" is at its most awe-striking: lurchingly passionate as the instrumental soars and vanishes to heart-stopping effect.

Edwards' lyricism is startlingly intimate, fashioning direct observations into intense confessions. "This city's never felt so small / and all it's done is break my heart." He wrote the song after moving to the city for the first time, an experience that left him feeling isolated and struggling ("this empty little feeling dug so deep"). In this time of uncertainty, his girlfriend was his strongest support system, leading Edwards to pen "I Love You." It's the contrast of vulnerable dejection and tender strength that transcend any traditional balladry. "If our time is spent together, can we stay right here forever?" It's not a declaration of stagnation, but the knowledge that these moments of unconditional love will stick with him forever.

Max Edwards is a Vancouver-based artist with big plans for 2023. "I Love You" is the first single of the year, but last single teasing towards his debut EP's release in April. The song was recorded and produced in LA with Simon Jay and Luke Shrestha. Edwards began releasing music in 2020 with his first single, "Can't Go Back." Since, he's released a slew of singles and collaborations. Just in 2022, he released five, excellent singles. His sound pulls from the wide corners of pop in sublime fashion. "I Love You" proves his capability in balladry, but his danceable records are equally as excellent. With the warmer season approaching, definitely check out "Malibu," a personal favorite of mine.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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