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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Interview: "Attention" - Emarosa

"Attention" is so incredibly catchy! Can you tell us the meaning behind the song?

Emarosa: Thank you, I think the song's intention is pretty clear. Good or bad, most of us just want attention. Want to be the center of attention, especially as an artist. In love, in life, one reason or another I’ve always wanted attention. I think a lot of people can relate to that but don’t want to be vulnerable enough to say it.

Originally you were a metalcore band. What was the transition to more of a pop sound like for you all? What pushed you in that direction?

Emarosa: To be honest this band made a metalcore EP & an album, roughly 15 years ago. I wouldn’t define the self titled as metalcore personally and anything once I joined the band was far from it. I think versus was a rock album, 131 was a rock/alternative album, Peach Club was a alternative/pop album and now our next endeavor is leaning much more pop/???. I think for those of us involved in the making of these albums and the most recent effort, the path has been pretty clear. I don't want to be making the same music I was making 15 years ago. I’m not the same person I was 15 years ago. I think a lot of people are stuck in their nostalgia and try to hold onto that past but time moves on and people grow/change. This band has evolved multiple times, I think what pushed us in this direction was just our musical tastes changing and wanting to do something different. I’m not scared to try something new.

How did the band name “Emarosa” come to be?

Emarosa: I wish I had a better answer for you but to my knowledge, its just a name that came up in conversation a long time ago that stuck.

What is the band's songwriting process like and how do you begin new projects?

Emarosa: The last two albums have really been a studio effort. ER and I send each other ideas back and forth but the album really usually takes shape in the studio writing with our producer. It’s a very eclectic writing style, we don't have just one way of doing things. Sometimes a 5 year old song might make the album and sometimes we write something on the spot and it ends up being one of the favorites.

What has been one of the band's favorite live performances?

Emarosa: Our last tour was completely sold out, I have memories on that tour that I will cherish forever. We’ve played to enormous festival crowds, we’ve played in front of 20 people on a hardcore tour we had no business on. It really all has its charm when you look back. I think we all love playing in front of family and knowing that they’re proud to watch us live out our passion.

What's in store for the band in the near future? Is "Attention" part of a larger project?

Emarosa: Attention is absolutely part of a larger project, we’ll have more singles this year and eventually we’ll let it all out but for now we just want to put out that music that represents where we’re headed. There’s a lot in store for the rest of this year and next.

Interviewed By Kaitlyn Nicole



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