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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Baggage" - Ali Diane

I am such a genuine fan of your new single “Baggage”! It is so catchy, and I can’t stop listening to it! I know this song means a lot to you, so would you mind sharing the story behind this new track?

Ali Diane: Yes, I would love to!! I decided to talk about the darker stuff in our inner selves, that ends up being known as “Baggage”. Everyone has SOMETHING they battle in their lives and gives them some insecurities. I was inspired to write this song because of my own health issues I had that made me feel different than everyone else, even, not being good enough. I have struggled with depression and I feel like this is such a common struggle for anyone in today’s world. I would really hope that by listening to this song, it helps people to just know that these feelings we have that sometimes take over for a bit, are what many people face and that you are NOT alone. It’s okay, and to be kind and patient with yourself. Take it one day at a time.

How did you get your start in music? Was it something you’ve loved since a young age?

Ali Diane: I always knew I wanted to be a singer, ever since I would blast Hilary Duff music and sing in my room with a brush in my hand, when I was supposed to be cleaning it. I was always in choir through school, and I decided to do a talent show in junior year in high school.. right then, was when I knew, I can do this. I started working on music with my friend from high school after we graduated. I have been working on songwriting and going hard on it, ever since.

If you could collab with any artist in the world, who would you pick and why?

Ali Diane: if I could collab with any artist, I would sing with Sia. I was always so inspired by her vocal range and songwriting. I would love to be able to write something tremendous with her.

On a side note, congrats on getting your song “Magic” featured on Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings!! I’m a Cast Member at WDW and Disney is a huge part of my life as well, so I’d love to hear more about this amazing opportunity you were given!!

Ali Diane: You’re a cast member too?! That’s AMAZING! I worked in Tomorrowland in the attractions. I met my friend Ciara at work and later, she got accepted to be on the Disney Fairy Tale wedding.. and asked me to be a bridesmaid! Since she knows im a singer, I asked if they had anyone singing for her to walk down to and she said no.. but would ask if I could!! They ended up loving my voice and because of royalty difficulties, I decided to write my very OWN song for her to walk down the aisle to.. called “Magic”. I wanted it to be as romantic and emotional as “Can't Help Falling In Love”, so I was inspired to make it as romantic and beautiful as that. When we got to Disneyland and did rehearsal, they made me feel like a STAR. Recording with them was one of the coolest feelings ive ever had. All of the cast were around watching me trying to get me hot water and lemon and whatever else I felt I needed. Haha! It was an insane feeling. The wedding takes took multiple shots and repeated a bunch of takes but they made their wedding look truly beautiful. This was one of my most proudest moments of my life as I am officially able to say, “I wrote a song for Disney and its on Disney plus”.

What are some of your biggest goals you hope to achieve in your career?

Ali Diane: I am hoping to get the chance to have a few songs get on the top 50 billboard charts! I hope I get the chance to sell out big arenas and be able to watch people in the crowds mouth the lyrics to my songs! That’s when I know, I did what I've done my part, and accomplished my dreams. My goal is to make enough money to support myself making music.

What can we expect next from you?! This new single was truly outstanding, I’m so excited to hear what else you release :)

Ali Diane: This song was only just the BEGINNING! I have so many new songs to be coming out in the months to come! These are my babies and each of them have different stories to tell, I cannot wait to be able to show you all

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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