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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Bored" - Madison Olds

Your new single “Bored” is such an iconic pop punk anthem, I love it!!!! Can you share the story behind this track and what inspired you to write it?

Madison: To be honest ‘Bored’ came out of literally being bored. I was going into a write session and was tired of that mundane feeling of going around and around in circles and nothing ever changing. It almost felt like a Groundhog Day moment where I just kept coming up with an idea, going into a session and then nothing happening with the song. It totally took away my inspiration to create and put me in a weird lull. I was actually dreading the write because I had just totally worked myself up into not having any ideas. Moments before the session, the chorus ‘I’m so effing bored’ came to me. I wrote the verse chorus in just a few minutes before meeting up with Tonal Graffiti. I had played it for them and the rest just sort of happened. I feel like this song is an anthem for anybody else going through that feeling of being caught up in the scrolling machine and losing yourself.

Can you take us through your journey of falling in love with music and deciding to pursue it professionally?

Madison: Falling in love with music was super easy. Both my parents have always been very musical, in fact my dad studied jazz and opera professionally, so I had a lot of support to try things creatively right from the beginning. I was 12/13 when I wrote my first song and then 16 when I really started to care about music and start playing for little venues and on the streets of my hometown. I was always very inspired to perform and be creative. To be honest the harder part has been staying in love. I like to explain my relationship with the music industry as a toxic one. I love it so much and it hates everybody lol.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would you pick and why?

Madison: If I could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive I’d pick George Michael. I wish I could say it was for inspirational reasons or to ask him everything he knows about the industry but truthfully, I just have the biggest crush on him, and besides him being dead I know it’d never work, But I’d still love an obligatory date with him haha.

If you weren’t pursuing music right now, what do you think you’d be doing?

Madison: To be honest I’m not sure what I’d do other than music. For a while I’d thought about veterinary medicine, but I don’t think I was designed for structured education, hence me being a musician! I’d probably settle into a creative job helping people design their homes or event coordinate. It’d be a lot more stable than music, but would also scratch that artistic itch haha. But also, who are we kidding.. I’ll never quit.

You’ve had some incredible experiences in your career, which would you say you're most proud of thus far? And what is #1 on the bucket list you hope to achieve?

Madison: I feel like I’m constantly ragging on myself for not accomplishing enough but lately I’ve been trying to encourage myself to celebrate all the incredible things that have happened. Right now a few things I’m most proud of would be charting at Canadian radio at #21 on Billboard, only because everyone says radio is the hardest, and probably managing to keep going. I know that probably sounds silly, but I feel like things have shifted drastically in the industry and with all these platforms, it’s become almost harder to push through all the social hate and harassment. I’m pretty proud to still be doing what I love. And my #1 bucket list item would be to collab with maybe like Ed Sheeran or Julia Michaels. I feel like they have managed to stay authentic to themselves throughout the years and that’s super inspiring to me.

What do we have to look forward to next from you?! Any new releases or projects coming the remainder of the year you can discuss?! :)

Madison: I’ve actually got a few holiday tunes coming out this year that I’m super excited about! I’m a huge sucker for Christmas and I feel like a lot of artists avoid holiday music because it feels like a sell out move ….but not me haha. I’m actually hoping this will be a little teaser for a bigger and tinsel-ier album next year (that’s a word now by the way, I just decided ;)).

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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