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  • Vanessa Siebrass

Interview: "Boy I Got U On My Mind" - theoneDNA

Boy I Got U On My Mind is insanely catchy and definitely a vibe, and it's a perfect song for summer! Can you share the story behind this song?

theoneDNA: Hello Pop Passion Blog and readers! My name is theoneDNA, an Orange County-based singer/songwriter. Thank you so much for featuring me on your platform! I’m so stoked to hear y’all dig the song! I would be more than happy to share the origins of how “Boy I Got U” came to be. In 2019, I started writing a bunch of new material, feeling I had reached a point where I wanted to manifest something I could really call my own. Specifically, I really wanted to write a lighthearted, quirky love song. I vividly remember being in the shower (sorry, TMI!) when I came up with its hook. I immediately hopped out, itching to jump into my home studio. Within less than an hour, I had the song’s skeleton down. It was such a special moment for me, as I could not stop smiling to myself while working on the demo. I told myself, “Yes, this is it.” And thus, “Boy I Got U” was born. Fast forward to today, I feel ecstatic to share the official record, and the music video is finally out! A labor of love, I feel it was certainly worth the wait for me. I hope y’all will enjoy it, too.

On one of your Insta posts, you share your struggles with OCD, anxiety, and depression. Do you find yourself channeling these emotions into your music as an outlet?

theoneDNA: I appreciate you giving me the platform to talk about mental health, and continuing to normalize its importance within our society. Being someone who was diagnosed with the aforementioned, I have found myself feeling incredibly isolated and disconnected from reality. A few years ago during one of the roughest periods of my life, I felt like I was barely existing, forced to muster whatever physical and mental capacity I had left to simply make it through the day. If there was a facet of my life that really played a significant part in my own healing, that would undoubtedly be music. Music in more ways than one really saved me from my own internal demons. Music has always been and will continue to be a cathartic release for me and a way for me to recalibrate my psyche. That said, I’ve since been in a much better place, and I couldn’t feel any more grateful. I would like to take this as an opportunity to remind others who are struggling that it does, and will, get better. You are never alone in your adversities.

What made you want to learn the guitar and the piano, and which do you prefer?

theoneDNA: Haha, total disclaimer. I don’t play the guitar! If you thought I did from one of my music videos, that was just a prop. I guess I played it off well… :) But the piano I do play. I’m not the greatest by any means, but definitely enough to get by and write my songs. Growing up, I always wanted to pick up an instrument. I was exposed to music at a very young age, and that was all I ever thought about. I’m blessed to say my parents have always been supportive of my career choice. I remember them taking me to my first-ever piano lesson, and that was pretty cool! I’m really glad I took on these lessons as they really helped shape a foundation for me as a musician.

Besides your own, what are some of your favorite songs to sing?

theoneDNA: Oh my goodness, I have so many! But if I had to choose songs I love to perform live (I’m a sucker for classics, by the way), then lately it’s been “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx. Every time I sing this song on stage, the audience never fails to take out their flashlights and sing their hearts out. It’s always such a beautiful moment when you get to really connect with people. And that’s really the beauty of music. My greatest idol is Mariah Carey (I’ve only seen her 7 times) and I could say she plays an influence in my work. One of my favorite records from her catalog I also love to do live is “Hero”. This song will always resonate closely with me as it helped me get through some trying times. Of course, I have so many more favorites but we’d be here all day!

What are some of the most memorable moments from your first studio recording session?

theoneDNA: You are certainly taking me on a trip down memory lane! I believe I was 11-12 when I had my first (of many!) studio recording sessions. I remember being completely fascinated and geeking out over the recording booth and the wide array of studio equipment the sound engineer had. I told myself, “Yup, I am certainly living the dream!” Hearing your voice being professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered for the first time was truly a surreal experience for me. In a way, it also helped solidify the belief that I am meant to do this for the rest of my life.

What do you feel is the key to success, both in the industry and in life overall?

theoneDNA: As someone who’s been navigating through the entertainment industry for almost their entire life, I can most definitely share that consistency, determination, and not being afraid of failing (it’s how you grow!) are some of the key ingredients to success, both in one’s career choice and personal endeavors. As a firm advocate for unapologetically embracing your individuality, staying true to yourself is imperative. Take control of your narrative. The road to success will not always be sunshine and rainbows. You will constantly be tested, and more than likely bump into certain situations that will try to steer you off course. However, it is certainly more than tangible if you have that self-belief that you can achieve whatever you set your mind and heart towards. The journey may seem grueling and never-ending at times, but trust me, it’ll be so worthwhile!

Interviewed By Vanessa Siebrass



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