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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Brave New World" - Emmrose

I am in love with your beautiful, yet haunting, new single “Brave New World”! What is the story behind this track and what inspired you to write it?

Emmrose: Aw thank you so much! I’ve been really inspired by dystopian worlds in novels recently, and wanted to create a song inspired by it! Brave New World was one of the first songs I’ve written on the guitar, and it started with an arpeggio, and kinda continued from there!

When did music become something you wanted to pursue? Was there someone or something that happened in your life that started your passion for music?

Emmrose: Oh yes, even when I was very young, I was always drawn to music. I would make up my own little melodies and attach stories to them. I thought of myself as a little composer, I could hear all the parts in my head. It was all original too! (Though maybe not very good haha)

You have such a great fashion sense! Who are your biggest style inspirations?

Emmrose: Ah! I love fashion so much. I love keeping up with trends and making them my own, especially using pieces I already have or buying second hand. Thrifting and wearing vintage is just such a blast for me. I love coordinating outfits with my mood as well as with what I’m doing that day. I probably spend too much of my day planning future outfits (but I’m always in a rush in the morning and never have time to make them happen!!) So yes, I love fashion. I’m especially drawn to the grunge fairy aesthetic, cottage core, and dark academia! (All Pinterest Aesthetics haha)

How have you liked living in NYC and studying at The New School?

Emmrose: Oh god I love NYC! I’ve lived here my whole life, and I honestly can’t picture living anywhere else. Right now i’m in a cute coffee shop a few blocks away from my next class, but I might go to a cute bookstore and record shop in the meantime. There’s just so much to do in NYC! Going to Uni here is also pretty cool. I’m meeting a lot of really great people at the New School and have never felt better about my social life. High school was a really isolating time for me, and I felt like I was always trying to be someone I’m not. At University I can really just be the fashion loving history nerd who also writes music version of myself, and not have to ‘fit’ in to have friends.

If you could be featured on an album by any artist, who would you pick and why?

Emmrose: Ooo, I’d love to be featured in a Taylor Swift album! I love the song she recently made with Phoebe Bridgers (as well as pretty much everything Taylor does haha) I also love Taylor’s new vibe, being more indie and introspective.

I am such a genuine fan of your music, and I can’t wait to see where your career leads you! Do you have any upcoming projects you can talk about?

Emmrose: Thank you so much! I have so many exciting things going on such as putting together some shows in NYC, as well as releasing new singles- which will then be an album!

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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