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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Closer" by Jmbeats

Q: Congratulations on the release of ‘Closer’! Can you share what inspired you to make this track?

Jmbeats: Thank you so much, so I am currently in school still so there is still a lot of “drama” that happens around me and “closer” is actually about a girl in my form group liking me but me not feeling the same way. I like her best friend and I’m honestly dreading the day that the two girls hear the song and realise its about them.

Q: When did you know you wanted to start a career in music?

Jmbeats: Well, I have always been a fan of poetry and storytelling so I’ve written mini raps for about 5 years now but it wasn’t until the end of 2019 that I reconnected with some of my old school friends and saw that they do music too so I thought “I might enjoy producing some of my own music let's give it a go”

Q: How was it working with dylhutch?

Jmbeats: Honestly it was amazing, I’ve listened to dylhutch for a long time so when the opportunity came to make a song with him I couldn’t refuse it. I was so amazed at how he makes his music, his songwriting process is something I’ve never seen before. I was so over the moon with the result that there may be another one coming with him.

Q: If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would you pick and why?

Jmbeats: To be honest I would love to perform anywhere so I would be happy with my local pub but it would be amazing to perform at the O2. That would be cool.

Q: Who would be your dream feature on one of your songs?

Jmbeats: I have a lot of idols so this is a very hard one, my top 3 artists I would want to work with are: The kid laroi, polo g and ilyaugust

(honourable mention the juice wrld)

Q: What’s coming next for you?

Jmbeats: OOOO that’s a hard one, I don’t even know yet. Maybe an album or an ep maybe a music video I don’t know! I will definitely be releasing more music soon but I’m just going where my music takes me.

Written By Sarah Curry



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