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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Day Off" - LiYON

Congratulations on the release of “Day Off”! What did the songwriting process look like for this amazing track?

LiYON: I wanted to capture the mood of a Saturday morning where I don’t have any plans. I went in the studio on a day like that, and came up with Day Off.

When did you develop your passion for music? Was it at a young age or not until later in life?

LiYON: I loved music since forever. I started out messing with hip hop in the 90’s and evolved from there to pure pop through punk rock.

What inspired you to take the leap from the behind the scenes of the industry to becoming an artist yourself?

LiYON: I just needed to create something without any brief of goal in mind.

Your Planetarium show was awesome! How did this opportunity come up to play in such a unique venue? And do you have a favorite moment from the show?

LiYON: Yeah, the setup was amazing, thanks. It was such a weird vibe but I was prepared for it. People couldn’t dance because of covid and so they would just sit there in silence. Some danced sitting down. Weird for me who is used to playing in loud venues or bars. I liked getting back up on stage though, it had been a while.

What are you most proud of in your career thus far?

LiYON: I think maybe winning a Gemini award. Having a 10 year career of full time music under my belt, I worked so hard for it, still am. Making a few people a little happier with my music.

What do you hope to one day achieve as an artist? We're so excited to follow your career and see where it takes you!

LiYON: I’d like to write a few hits. I’d like to make more people feel something positive with my music.

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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