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  • Sophia Henry

Interview: "Delora" - New Divide

Delora is about toxic relationships, control, and dependency. Why is it called “Delora” over other names?

New Divide: Delora is the amalgamation of the toxic people in a relationship that manipulate their partner, controlling them through guilt and conditional love until they become the only one you rely upon. The name just came to me, I kept coming back to re-write the lyrics, but something about Delora stayed with me.

You have a live stream of this song on Youtube from 10 months ago, but recently just released it on Spotify. How does it feel to have a project you have worked on for this long finally reach its spotlight? What challenges arose within that time?

New Divide: This was one of the earliest songs in our set, we’ve played it live for about a year now. It is the song that has evolved the most for us, morphing from the rudimentary grunge track you heard in that early performance, into the finished piece that we just released. It feels like that track has matured and grown alongside us, we have only been a band for a year, and Delora feels like the first track that truly captures Our Sound.

Why did you choose the way you composed this song to tell this story?

New Divide: Delora went through so many iterations over the last year. The final version feels like it captures the story within the lyrics, mirroring the slow burning angst that we feel, morphing and evolving as it grows into something dark and twisted.

I see you have a show coming up on February 25th at Aatma in Manchester, United Kingdom. How long have you guys been performing? How do you guys try to improve each performance?

New Divide: Our first show was on December 11th 2021, headlining Gullivers in Manchester. Once we got a taste for it we were hooked, since then everything has seemed to escalate. We are always looking ahead to the next big thing we want to try. We have always been a band that strived to be something more than the typical “rock band”, the synthesis of sonic and visual art that bands such as Wolf Alice, Pale Waves and The 1975 achieve has always inspired us, trying to re-create the aesthetic and atmosphere of a music video on stage.

If you could give listeners any advice whether it be musical or general life advice, what would it be?

New Divide: Be willing to change your mind. I find it easy to grow attached to songs and ideas, they are all so deeply personal and I invest so much time into their creation that it can be heartbreaking to let them go. It took over a year of creating and throwing out version after version of Delora to finally reach the final iteration.

On your Instagram, you show some behind-the-scenes of the music video to Delora, what can viewers expect? Any surprises or things you wish for viewers to notice?

New Divide: We always strive to create something bigger than the song. We are so heavily inspired by film that we have been dreaming up music videos for each song from the moment they were created. The clips we shared were just the start, we have something big planned for the final video for Delora.

Interviewed By Sophia E. Henry



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