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  • Hannah Conkin

Interview: "DLM" - Rora Wilde

Your new single "DLM" is a dynamic pop/R&B mix! It's a vibrant song with great energy. What was your process like creating this song?

Rora: Thank you! My friends Bill & John sent over this R&B pop track and I instantly started writing lyrics about this deep desire for someone I couldn't stop thinking of. I sent back a voice note of me singing the song and they were like, "we gotta cut this now!!". Lots of my subject matter before has been about heartbreak or cutting people off but in this song, I'm kinda over being so tough all the time.

On your website, you mention growing up loving music. Who were some of your biggest influences at a young age?

Rora: Honestly Judy Garland and the Spice Girls.

You mention you've explored quite a few different genres of music. What was your experience like finding your sound? Do you intend to continue dabbling in multiple genres?

Rora: It was so necessary for me to go through all of that sonic exploration. I truly don't think I'll ever stop exploring my sound and trying new things, I might do a country record one day because I still really love it so much. For a long time, I thought I made alt-pop music. My friend and I went to an alt-pop show recently and she looked at me and said "You don't make alt-pop music, literally stop saying that".

What has your transition from Austin, Texas to Los Angeles been like? How are the music scenes different and/or similar?

Rora: So different. Lots of my time in Austin was facilitating the atmosphere at a bar-centered music venue and one of my first shows in LA was a full-blown listening room with 75 people who sat in complete silence for all 3 acts billed. So wild.

You had a residency at the Historic Scoot Inn in Austin, Texas in 2019. What was this experience like for you? Would you ever do another residency?

Rora: I miss it all the time. Playing that baby grand piano at that charming saloon on East 4th was my favorite thing about being alive at the time. I would fill 3 hours of the show with my songs, jazz renditions of hip hop bangers like Mo Bamba, and my friend Cinco Barnes (the best singer in the whole world) would play a set while I took a breather and lots of Jameson. With lemon. I would love to do another residency and go on tour soon!

What live performance has been your favorite and why?

Rora: Definitely my next show. I and my new five-piece band play Hunnypot Live @ The Mint on May 30th at 10 PM. You should come!

Interviewed By Hannah Conkin



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