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  • Tessa Brainard

Interview: "Far From Home" - CIAN

"Far From Home" is a great song! Can you explain what inspired you to write it?

CIAN: Thanks so much, I appreciate it. At the moment of writing the song I was going through a tough breakup and was feeling pretty down. I felt lost and that's when I decided to grab a pen and express my feelings as best I could. It all started with the first line "Feeling cold and lost walking on my own."

You were born in Bogota, Colombia, and grew up in Florida before moving back. How do you feel that growing up in both cultures affected your approach to music?

CIAN: It has definitely made me more flexible in terms of making music. I can write a song in Spanish one day and another song in English the next so it's pretty cool. I get to express myself in two languages and reach two huge audiences which is something most artists never get the privilege of having.

For you, what is the best part about creating music?

CIAN: The feeling of getting lost in the moment. It's amazing. I don't know if words can describe it but when you're making music nothing else matters. Its really something and I hope I get to do it the rest of my life.

I love the music video for this track! What is a fun, behind-the-scenes moment you can share with us?

CIAN: Thanks! I have a crazy behind-the-scenes story. We recorded the video on a railroad and there weren't supposed to be any trains going through that morning. WELL.... As it turns out there were. We had a big cart on the track with all the cameras and everything and were shooting when all of a sudden out of the darkness this huge train started heading our way. Some people started running while me and others started lifting the cart to get it out of the track ... it was very very heavy .. Everyone was screaming .. pure chaos. In the end between eight of us we managed to pull it aside at the last moment before the train passed by horns full blast. Crazy.

What would you like your fans to take away from your work?

CIAN: That I give 100% of myself in my work. I write my songs, produce, record vocals .. and do pretty much everything else. I dont have a manager, label, record company, PR, promoter, Creative Director, community manager etc.

What is the best advice you've ever received?

CIAN: This too shall pass.

Interviewed By Tessa Brainard



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