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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Flannel" - Sydney Hancock

I am in love with your new single “Flannel”! As someone who recently moved away from home, your incredible lyrics and storytelling was so moving! What are you hoping people who listen to this new single take away from it?

Sydney: This song in a nutshell is about growing up - one of the most complicated, beautiful, exciting and heartbreaking things to do! This song is about recognizing that people (yourself included) can, will, and should change, and moving through the nostalgic emotions that come with that truth. One of the bigger life moments that can come with growing up is the decision to leave home, wherever that may be. For me, growing up in Maine I always felt a push to leave home and explore other people/places, but at the same time felt such a gravitational pull to the people, the way of life, and the version of myself that often felt most authentic "back home." My hope, always, is that people will hear my music and feel that a part of them is heard or understood. I hope Flannel wraps my listeners up in a warm hug and lets them know it's okay to stumble through all the emotions that come with growing up.

Can you take us through your songwriting process? And do you have any tips you’d like to pass on to aspiring musicians looking to start writing their own work?

Sydney: I would identify myself as a songwriter before anything else, meaning my music often starts with lyrics. I also don't typically designate time to songwriting, but rather when inspiration strikes, that becomes my designated time. My notes app is FULL of random lines and lyrics, as well as fully flushed out songs. I'm a big runner and find that my runs are often interrupted by a thought or line that I love so much that I have to stop and write it down! I would say to anyone writing music that the magic happens when you are honest and tell your own truth. That's when music becomes the most authentic in my opinion. It's a vulnerable thing to do but it is oh so freeing!

What is your current most played song? The song you belt while driving or sing in the shower!

Sydney: I can NOT stop listening to Kelsea Ballerini's EP 'Rolling up the Welcome Mat,' This collection of songs was so incredibly raw and honest which is all I aspire to be as a songwriter. Mountain with a View and Penthouse I particularly enjoy screaming in the car :)

I know you’re from New England and home means a lot to you, so what are your favorite things to do or places to visit when you’re home? Anywhere you’d recommend?

Sydney: I am so biased toward New England LOL - I absolutely adore the "simple" life that comes with backroads, local restaurants, knowing your neighbor and being surrounded by nature. I love hiking and camping; there's nothing like cracking a few local IPAs, getting away from technology and sleeping under the stars (I am definitely biased towards the craft beer scene in New England, too).

What do you hope to one day achieve in your music career? Hopefully one day you can look back at this knowing you accomplished just that :)

Sydney: I just really want to create music that resonates with people. It sounds simple but I know how much certain artists and songs have picked me up and moved me through both difficult and joyous times. I'd love to grow an audience base that knows I am going to give them something honest and hopefully validate emotions for them. And to Noah Kahan wherever you are, I'd love to write a song with you.

What can we expect from you next? Your music really does feel like a “warm and inviting” hug and I can’t wait for you to release more!

Sydney: Thank you!! I'm so glad you feel that way (and hope others do too)! I am releasing four songs over the first half of 2023, and I would describe them as an ode to your 20s. They cover themes of heartbreak, nostalgia, estrangement... all things I've encountered in this decade and I'm sure others have too. I didn't always have an outlet for hard times I went through, but I'm finding my own healing through revisiting these moments. And while I tend to write more "emotional" songs, my next song after Flannel is as happy as they come!! It's about finding the one, which I feel so lucky to have found. It has made all the hard times worth it. It's a party and I can't wait to release it!

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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