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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "HAPPY" - BLOODHONEY feat. Kellin Quinn

What an incredible way to make your debut with your new single “Happy”, congratulations! What inspired you all to write this amazing track?

BLOODHONEY: Thank you so much! It has been quite a debut, the feedback we have received is just amazing and so humbling. This song is about toxic relationships and how sometimes you just can’t help but going back for more no matter how detrimental it may be to your well-being. We wanted to have an aggressive and big sound to help convey the emotions behind the lyrics and we feel we really achieved that sound. Luckily our producer John Espy (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) was able to help draw out that raw aggressive tone.

How did you all meet? And what made you start making music together?

BLOODHONEY: Davey and Anthony have actually worked in music together for the last 10 years or so. When we met with our lead singer Monday for the first time in December of 2021 it was just magic. Ideas flowed and it really felt like this was the right step.

What was it like working with Kellin Quinn? I am a HUGE Sleeping With Sirens fan, so that is amazing!!

BLOODHONEY: Kellin is such a stand-up guy, very professional and humble. It was incredible getting to hear one of our favorite vocalists on our track. We are so grateful to him for helping bring this track to life.

How was your debut show earlier this year in Sacramento? That must have been a surreal experience in front of a live audience!

BLOODHONEY: Our first show was fantastic! The energy was electric, and the crowd loved it. It’s always nerve-wracking debuting your art to the world but the reception was just so warm and welcome.

Do you have any other artists you’d love to collaborate with?

BLOODHONEY: Honestly, we really love everything Yungblud is currently doing, maybe Remington Leith from Palaye Royale! We all have such a wide variety of influences, but we’ll keep it short this time haha!

Over 2,000 streams of “Happy” in just two days is incredible! What is your next big goal as a band?

BLOODHONEY: We plan to continue to play shows throughout the states, but our next big goal is a tour! We are releasing two more singles pretty shortly so keep an eye out for those. After the two songs are out, we hope to be out on the road!

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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