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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Hide and Seek" - LIAS

I am genuinely obsessed with your new single, “Hide and Seek”! What is the story behind this new track?

LIAS: Thank you! It’s the third track on my EP Run Boy Run that deals a lot with the pain of separation and my fight for mental health. The songs tell stories of deep sadness, losing sight and broken relationships, but also paving my way back to a more resilient and confident self. Musically, Hide and Seek is exactly that escape. With spherical melancholy and an empowering drive, I want the song to pull us into a space of hope, light and ease.

What made you finally decide to take the big step into making your own music and performing?

LIAS: From early on, music was already a part of my life. I received classical vocal training as a boy soloist and already had the opportunity to perform with great singers and musicians on the world's biggest stages.

But as I grew older, however, I felt the desire to break out of the conservatism of this classical world and my upbringing. The first liberating steps led me to songwriting. But becoming a musician was never really on the agenda until I moved further and further away from that idea. It was only through detours via investment banking, music management and the Berlin start-up scene that I realized: music is my life.

Your music taps into such important topics, such as mental health and the fear of failure, and I really admire that! Why do you choose to feature these topics?

LIAS: Thank you for saying that. I personally think these topics get way less focus than they need to. Especially mental health. Admitting that you are not well mentally – or even that you didn’t succeed at something – is still very stigmatized, especially in Germany where I grew up. But the second you open up about what bothers you and talk about it, you help yourself and also offer something to other people to connect to. That’s what I try to do with my songs. To know that you are not alone already offers relief. After all, the fear of vulnerability is outweighed by the beauty of connection.

I know you’ve performed in some amazing places with some incredible people, but what has been your favorite performance you’ve had so far? And which are you most proud of?

LIAS: What a mean question haha, it’s like picking your favorite child…:P All in all, I feel very lucky and humbled to have been able to experience such great musical moments. One of the most memorable ones was definitely when the audience at one of my first gigs ever in Munich started singing my song “Home” with me. That had never happened before and it really hit me by surprise. It was very emotional for me

What is one of your bucket list items when it comes to your career? Any artists you hope to collaborate with or places you’d love to perform?

LIAS: What I want most is to be able to continue to make music with amazing people and create moments of connection. Right now one of my favorite artists to listen to is LEÓN because she embraces the feeling of melancholy like no other. It would be amazing to work with her some day.

What do we have to look forward to from you the rest of the year? Can’t wait to hear more :)

LIAS: There is one more single coming out on the 20th of May called “Need Me Now” wrapping up the release of my first studio EP. I’m very much looking forward to that. I also can’t wait to play these songs from the EP in concerts and go back to the studio to record some new ones as well. One thing is sure: it will definitely be a very musical 2022! :)

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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