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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "Hold On" - Lobster

I am so in love with your new single “Hold On”!! It’s soooo vibey, as soon as it ends, I start it right over again!! Can you share the story behind this new track?

Lobster: Thanks a lot ! Hold On is a very particular song for us, Brice (singer) wrote it in a few minutes on a sunny, pretty happy day. Then we worked on it in as a band and started arranging it. Fun fact, the melody before the first verse was supposed to be played by an oboe but we gave up that idea and played it on a synth, to get some summer vibes. That’s what we wanted for this song

How did you all meet and start making music together? And where did the name ‘Lobster’ come from?

Lobster: We’ve all been making music for a long time. Brice (singer) and Ghislain (keys) started playing together about ten years ago, and played in the same band for 7-8 years. When Brice started Lobster, he naturally wanted him to join in !

Brice met the other two musicians of Lobster at concerts, he really liked the feels and skills of Greg on the bass and Tom’s on the drums. So he asked them to complete the band !

The name Lobster is bound at Brice’s musical story : he played with his first band on a lot of big stages and once this project ended, he created Lobster.

As you may know, the lobster shed his skin and rejuvenate as a result (kind of like Brice when he created Lobster, after his previous musical project ended).

Above all, we love the sound « Lobster ». Try it at home, say « Lobster » and listen how sweet it sounds!

What would you all say is your favorite thing about performing live? And what would be your dream location to perform?

Lobster: So many things, one among so many others is to be on stage together. There is so much love and so much respect between us, it always results in cool stuff on stage.

Also the communication and the sharing with the audience means a lot to us. It’s an unrivaled feeling to see people dancing or singing our songs.

Because we are dreamers, it will be so cool to perform on the moon 🌙

On a more serious note, it will be a big dream for us to play at the Olympia. It’s a legendary stage in France and it represents so much for us, it would be magic to play there.

The music video for “Hold On’ is absolutely incredible! What inspired you guys to take this direction for the video?

Lobster: This video was so cool and fun to make.

We are lucky to have a beautiful place in Besançon downtown that have an incredible and large view above all the city, this place is really inspiring. And we worked with this incredible dancer who is Mathilde Roy. It was amazing because we met her the day of the shooting video. We wanted to have a form of spontaneity and freshness during filming, and we asked her to improvise over the music. Hold On speaks about moon and sun, so we had this idea that Mathilde would symbolize the sun with her radiant dance skills, while Brice would incarnate the moon with his peaceful nature.

When it comes to your music and overall sound, who would you say are your biggest inspirations?

Lobster: We all come from different musical universes, thus this melting-pot that is Lobster has a singular sound. We are big fans of funk, pop, jazz and electro. On top of that, it was very important for us to have everyone singing in the band. We really like to work on 4-voices arrangements for our songs. We are inspired by bands like The Beatles, Parcels or Half Moon Run.

What can we expect next from you all?! I hope to hear some more new music real soon!!!!

Lobster: To perform near your place :) ? Our next EP « Find Myself » is coming soon and we’d love to hear your opinion. « Hold On » is out so for now we are working on our next tour.

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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