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  • Kendall Koval

Interview: "IDLYA" - Alexa Merrill

Q: This song is so catchy! What is the story behind it?

Artist: Thank you so much! "IDLYA" came about in an unconventional way. I had Covid in the earlier part of lockdown and was watching Charlie Puth and Jacob Collier on an Instagram live. They were passing killer jazz chords back and forth on a piano when Charlie mentioned his ex. He said he knew she was not great for him and yet, he took a while to end the relationship. I instantly related to that. I know myself and so many of my friends have been in relationships where nothing was necessarily wrong but then again…it wasn't right. So I went over to my piano and “IDLYA” sort of just flew out. Fun fact: I used the original demo vocals while I was still congested with Covid in the master. I love that I have that as a timestamp of such a crazy moment in history.

Q: What made you decide to have a yellow theme for the music video?

Artist: Dollar tree poster board! I wanted to make a video that let my personality be the focal point. I had a million ideas and nothing was coming together how I planned. So I took matters into my own hands—went to the dollar tree, grabbed some poster boards, smiley face balloons, set up a ring light in my bedroom, and VOILÀ. Music video set with no pressure. I was director/DP/camera operator/hair & makeup/editor and the whole thing cost $5. It’s probably my favorite video yet!

The dance remix for IDLYA is out now! Take a listen right here!

Q: What is your go-to song for getting over someone?

Artist: OOO. Great question! I always had 2 moods during a breakup. I would waffle between the cry in my car parked on Crescent Heights vibe or the fiery anger convincing myself I was better off vibe. So I’ll say 1) “Glass” by Gavin DeGraw and 2) “Just Don’t Care” by this random artist Alexa Merrill 😊

Q: What is your favorite song that you have written? You can only pick one!

Artist: I’d like to think that my favorite song is always going to be the one I haven’t written yet. I’m constantly learning, honing my craft as a songwriter, and pushing myself to be better. With each new song, I continue to surprise myself. But I won’t lie… the next few singles I’m about to release are favorites for sure!

Q: How has living in Los Angeles influenced your music career?

Artist: I tell people I grew up on the Sunset Strip. I grew up in live music quite literally. My Dad ran some of the most iconic venues in LA and my family and friends were always playing or recording music. If I wasn’t attending a show at the Roxy, or working one at the Wiltern, I was jumping on stage for a song at a friend’s gig at the Troubadour. I think the live music scene in LA made me the performer I am today. When you’re playing for empty bars or bowling alleys and then watching legends at the Hollywood Bowl in the same week it’s like a master class. I’m forever in research and development as an artist. Continually trying to make my show unique and memorable.

Q: Where do you plan on your music journey going next?

Artist: The moon? Honestly, I just want to relate to someone— to know that what I’m writing about is maybe the exact thing the person on the other end of the speaker is going through. I want people to consume my music the way I envelop myself in my favorite artists— to hear a song, put it on repeat, and never get sick of it. Hopefully that translates to multiple countries and cultures.

Interviewed By Kendall Koval



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