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  • Hannah Conkin

Interview: "Like I Do" - Melanie Wehbe

Your new single, “Like I Do”, has a powerful message about self-love that is well done. What was your experience like writing this song?

Melanie: It was an emotional experience writing this song, almost like writing an apology to my younger self. I remember that Karl-Frederik and I started writing the song in Denmark and we just felt that it was a special song right away. We later finished it together with my close friend Patrik Jean back home in Sweden. "Like I Do" was the second song written for my EP so it was beautiful, in a way, to start writing about the relationship with myself and not just focus on my past lovers, for example. I’ve been longing for a couple of years to release the song!

What motivated you to pursue a music career? Who has been some of your biggest inspirations along the way?

Melanie: I’ve always had a gut feeling that I’m gonna work with music somehow. It became my language, my safe zone when I was 14 and since then music has been the easiest way for me to express myself. My biggest inspirations would be life itself, all the experiences I’ve had so far along with other people's experiences. Musically I’d say that my teenage years kind of shaped my way of writing, Paramore (sidenote who did not have a crush on Hayley Williams?!), Kelly Clarkson, Jessie J, Frank Sinatra, and in my later years, I’ve listened a lot to Shura and Niki & The Dove. Brilliant artists.

How has the Swedish music scene shaped your career so far?

Melanie: I’ve been a songwriter in the industry for over 10 years and I’ve learned that there are too many opinions regarding everything. That’s why it’s been so important for me to finalize my debut EP independently. I’ve learned so much about myself during this process and I think it’s super important to be confident in who you are as an artist when you throw yourself out there. It’s a journey and it’s important to stand on a good platform.

What kinds of challenges have you faced breaking into the music industry and how have those impacted your experience?

Melanie: I would totally call the TIKTOK era a challenge. How labels nowadays push their artists into being something they’re not. I totally get the whole PR thing and the importance of being out there, I just hope we find a way to be on social media and still be authentic. Another challenge is my own choice of releasing music without a label, it’s crazy how much work it is but I’ve learned so much during the process.

What can your listeners expect from your upcoming EP?

Melanie: If you’re doubting yourself, having a bad day, need some comfort, or just extra energy I would definitely recommend you listen to my upcoming EP. I would describe the EP as a musical journey to find self-acceptance, your inner strength, and to bloom as a person. The majority of the songs are mid-tempo. I’m a sucker for mid songs and the listener really gets to know me after hearing the EP, lyrically and melodically.

As you look toward the future, where do you hope your career will go? Any specific dream collaborations or locations you would like to perform at?

Melanie: I have my dreams and goals but I’m one of those who don't share it until it really happens I’m just glad to be in a place where I fully focus on my artistry. I’m still writing music for others but I’m learning how to prioritize and make room for my own project. I can’t wait to release this EP and then continue releasing more music. I’d love to perform in Iceland, from what I’ve seen it looks beautiful there.

Interviewed By Hannah Conkin

Photo Credit: Magnus Ragnvid



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