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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Interview: "Loose Lips" by Violet Lewis

Q: Your EP 'Loose Lips' just came out on January 7th! Can you tell us what your EP has in store for us?

Violet: “Loose Lips” is a collection of four songs I wrote and recorded over quarantine. When I began recording, I intended for the EP to be primarily acoustic. However throughout the process, I started getting back in touch with my rock & roll roots, and began adding elements of rock into my soft, acoustic ballads. You can hear the rock influence in the heavy distorted guitars during the bridge of “Fake Nails”, or throughout “Don’t Say Goodbye”.

Q: What would you say is your personal favorite song off of 'Loose Lips'?

Violet: This is a hard one. As a songwriter and a songwriting student, I am constantly writing songs, and out of all those songs I write, I chose these four for this project. In other words, all four songs are really special to me. However I can say that lately I’ve been feeling very close to the last track on the EP, “George Orwell.”

Q: What was one of your favorite moments during the process of creating 'Loose Lips'?

Violet: After I finished recording all of the songs, I wrote a new song called “Don’t Say Goodbye” and the second I wrote it I knew I wanted it on the EP. Within two days I was back at the studio recording it. I wrote the song about my boyfriend who ended up being a big collaborator on the track, recording some guitar parts and helping me arrange the bass and drums. He’s a musician as well in the LA rock band Urns & Argyles.

Q: . What is the music scene like in Los Angeles?

Violet: Super welcoming and super fun. Everyone just wants to meet new people and hang out and listen to good music. I’ve had a lot of great experiences both going to shows and playing shows in LA, and I’m always meeting new people that I end up working with down the line.

Q: You study songwriting at Berklee College of Music. What has been one of your favorite things you've learned so far?

Violet: Any songwriter’s biggest enemy is writer’s block. When you study songwriting, they teach you ways to get over that block, and different ways to draw inspiration, so that you can write about things other than your own life. I used to only be able to write songs when I had some sudden urge, but now I can sit down and write a song inspired by a work of art or literature.

Q: Is there anything you'd like to say to your supporters out there?

Violet: THANK YOU! “Loose Lips” has been met with open arms and so much love, and I’m grateful to everyone listening, sharing, and supporting me. To any young artists, I want to leave you with a quote. In his essay “The Creative Process”, James Baldwin describes artists as “a breed of men and women historically despised while living and acclaimed when safely dead.” Trust your gut and trust your art, even if people don’t understand it or don’t like it. You have a voice and a vision, never let it go to waste.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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